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How Has Your Week Been?

Mine has been pretty good - but very cold!

I have (at long last) begun to feel better - actually staying awake till 10, rather than falling asleep at 7 as I had done for weeks now.

Did 3 shifts at work (in the same department) - a clinic, so no patient continuity.  On Tuesday I had my annual update training day ... 2 years on, which was hard to realise that I had been at the hospital that long.  So a busy 4 days - then today I took the day off to meet my friend form Church as it's her birthday today.  She came over on the bus and we drove into Sidmouth, had lunch and a walk.  It was freezing cold, but we were both glad we had made the effort rather than just waste the day.  (Photos to follow)

I also heard yesterday that I had got a ticket to attend the 175th Anniversary Services of the Christian charity SASRA (Soldiers and Airmen Scripture Readers Association)  - I have supported the charity since being a teenager so was nice to know that I was offered the chance of a place at the service, which is in The Guards Chapel in London ... and, the Queen will be attending!)  So I am excited about that event - it is wonderful to think of the charity working that long, but the event will be something special - I now have to work out what to wear!!  (Sad thing is that I am not allowed to even have my camera near the event ... but the memories will be special)

Well Friday evening and so a chance to get some icons made ... so I had better get busy!
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