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Life Rushes On

No exciting news here - I am taking today off to try to fight my viral bugs (2 months ... and counting) .. and, yes, I am going to see my doctor today, before you all nag. I also want to get some decorating done, as that seems to be dragging.

A weekend of news wasn't it? ... England found a missing King (buried in a car park, if you missed that) ... and I lost a friend, Pete, suddenly. A musician from Bude who was visiting the Andes for a month had a stroke and died. Having spoken to his family it is hard to know when his body will be returned here.  And Steve (James Marster's agent) lost his partner of 25+ years - Craig was not someone I met, but I know that Steve (and their daughter) will have a tough time ahead.  For both Pete and Craig's families and friends, my heart goes out to them - in the hope that they can focus on the years of love and laughter in the past.

And in honour of Reg Presley, lead singer, who died -

This is one of those songs that you know exactly what will be playing as you hear that first note, isn't it?

Well this isn't getting my breakfast eaten, is it? I know I planned a slower day - but this is taking things a bit too far.

Hope your day is going well.

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