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I Said I Was Alive - And Here I Am Again


I don't want to avoid one of my New Year aims and skip my scribbles that you all have to put up with - so here goes.

I am loving the LJ friending meme that is going round, although I am not taking part as I think I need to just get back on track with my friends (*hugs*) and get more organised.  But it is good to see LJers fighting back - here is home, and here I stay.

As I siad life has been busy.

Over the last 2 weekends I have shampooed all of Mum & Dad's carpets ... including moving a lot of furniture ... Jiffy, of course, has supervised.  He found a few of his miss-laid toys, and even a chewy-stick ... which seemed to then "disappear"!!!

Then in the evenings I finished off my latest jigsaw -Photobucket
Dad has never done and never liked jigsaws but he picks mine - he knows I like unusual ones, and this wa very hard ... so much colour, no real blocking

Last week I was busy at work, and still tired, but have decided to start decorating my kitchen anyway.  Any internal decorators would have a fit, as I am doing it in bits.  I decided to do about 3/4 - 1 hour a day ... that way to avoid the exhaustion.  It is slowly working.  I forgot to take the before pics, but this morning I painted the 2nd half of the ceiling, and touched up the first half's skirting boards.  As I am alone here it means I can live in the shambles for "as long as it takes"




See what I mean!! Still it will get done over the next 10 days, so by the time it is mid-February it will be "new", cleaned and re-organised ... so I can have M&D round for a meal to celebrate Mum's birthday.

Well I had better get on and answer some long-awaited replies to comments. Then off to the post office, before work this afternoon.

Hope you are all well - and safe.

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