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Looking for John Wayne

The weather was again kind to us - as Toni and Smudge; Ros and Rags; DJ and myself set out for aride. Poor DJ had already been told off for rolling in the mud, and I did wonder how fit ... or should I say fat he was feeling. Put it this way - he had enjoyed going into a new field - and attempted to mow the lot in the day!!

Still - it was in a good mood - and looking forward to our travels we set off

 We headed down the road and down one of the lovely steep tracks and up into a farmyard (where we met up with the cows a couple of weeks ago). This time all the cattle were the other side of the gates - so we could all see and smell them - but didn't have to negotiate round them.

So - on we went - and went to the edge of Hartland Moor. Like most moorland in England it is open to cross - providing you follow the rules and are aware of other users.

We went on the road for a while, until we came to a T-junction - that we then crossed - only to have 4 cattle cantering towards us ... yes ... 4 LONG HORNED CATTLE!! I don't know who was the most suprised - but as they decided to follow us up the track and DJ and I were at the back ... well .. !! I know its trendy to have a body peircing - but we weren't all that happy with the idea! As we carried on the cattle got bored and headed off in the other direction!

So we only had a short canter to the gate onto the road - from there we headed into the forestry region that we had gone to last week in the horse box.

As the weather had been so lovely the verge of the road through the forest was a lovely texture - so we had a long (and fairly fast!) canter back home.

We were out about 2 hours - but certainly felt like we had been part of some epic Western!!

It took poor DJ some time to cool down, before I could re-rug him and he could go bak out to the field and tell Conrad all about his morning.  I bet he will have explained that he saw off the stampede all by himself ...

Well maybe he deserves his moment of glory - He was a good boy, so it is only a white lie!


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