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2013 Day 1

So much for keeping up to date with you all, again. 

The last month has been annoying with my chest virus so that spare time (which hasn'r been much) has been spent resting.  Now as I begin to pick up and want to get back to what my friends are up to I am being stopped by LJ!! 

So I am typing this in the hope I can get it posted on LJ, or as I did yesterday a crosspost from DW.  If the LJ works I will even try to see what else friends are up to - those who are able to post anyway!

I do hope that LJ gets sorted again - how can I cope without my friends ... group hugs.

I am determined, this year to get back to writing, art and handcraft ... but my main house aim is to get the kitchen (and hopefully the lounge) decorated before Easter.

Hoping this will get to you across the waves ... LJ permitting!

Best wishes for 2013.
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