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2012 - That was The Year That Was!!

LJ seems down - so have had to post here, and cross-post!

What a year – Wish I could focus more on writing this, but sadly the bugs are still fighting!

Anyway – 2012 has been an amazing year. Internationally we had the Olympics, and Nationally the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee … and for our family, it was Mum & Dad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.

It was wonderful to see Annemarie again after a gap of 18years. Her trip in May was super, both to see her again, but also in the boost it gave Mum & Dad. Other than that my time off was my mini trip to London, with a few local day trips thrown in.

I have now been living in my house for a year and have just over 1/3rd decorated … and I plan to do my kitchen and lounge before Easter! I got very lazy with writing; craft and art work … so I really want to get that back into focus next year.

Health wise it has been more about Mum & Dad’s slowly declining health. They are doing well, really, but it is still sad to see what this year has brought them. For me, a torn calf muscle ruined the summer, and now this viral chest infection has wiped out December.

But when I look at others I realise that life is good – so much to thankful for.

Mostly, my friends here that have continued to support me – Thank you so much … you are amazing.

I hope and pray that 2013 will be wonderful and that you will see your dreams coming true – I have a few wishes, but like with the blowing out of birthday candles, I don’t want to say, as I know they won’t come true!!

Happy New Year – Thanks for being there in 2012 – Looking forward to spending time with you in 2013.
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