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December Photo Meme - Day 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 22

I am on a major catch-up post for my holiday photo meme and here are the following days -

Day 16 - Outside Lights
I don't have lights outside in the garden ... very few do on my road, but it's nice to see lights shining outside, showing that I do celebrate Christmas.

Day 17 - Pressies
As you can see, I sit on the floor to do the basic wrapping ... although will add bows and ribbons as I place them under the tree tomorrow evening.

Day 18 - Stockings
We don't do stockings - only as decoration, as you can see here ... this is on our lounge door, in the hallway ... cards are on the door on the lounge side.

Day 19 - Candy Cane

Something we don't "do" at all ... so no pic!

Day 20 - Tree Topper
This, as you see is hanging on the curtain ... we have 3 extra angels ... and they are the "Heavenly Host".  This is special, as I  was given this on my first Christmas, and it went on that tree ... 51 years ago!

Day 22 - Tradition
Our whole Christmas is traditional ... but maybe this is our biggest decoration tradition .... Mum was given this on her first Christmas and it has hung on her tree ever since ... it's 84th outing!

And - here is one extra for luck! .... The Christmas Angel


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