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Did You Miss Me - I Wonder

Thank you so much colored_leaves for the message - both in that it really cheered me up but reminded me that I had just dropped off LJ for "no reason"

Actually - there's a great reason.  The sore throat I had on Friday eased as the day went on - but by Saturday lunchtime I started to get tired ... and have slept since then.  I did go to the doc again but he said it was just a virus and I would have to sleep it out!

So 11 days till Christmas Eve and this is my first time up again!  No cards written, not all my pressies bought ... and today I have to be running errands for M&D as thery have hospital appointments.

So if I have missed anything vital, let me know ... if not, I will try and catch up with messages and eventually with the meme ... but normal service is not yet restored!

Hope you are all avoiding the bugs - this is horrid!

Tags: christmas, ill
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