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Explaining 7 Interests MEME

I read this post on re_animating's recent post and said that she could tag me.

"Reply to this post and I'll pick 7 of your interests listed on your profile for you to explain.  Post this with your explanations so others can enjoy the fun"

Okay, I don't mind if you want to just make a comment and don't want to play ... but if you want to have a go let me know and I will choose 7 subjects.

re_animatingchose :- Farscape, Marx Brothers, The Monkees, Thunderbirds, Star Trek Voyager, riding and Spuffy


I do like my sci-fi ... and to me this was just such a great idea as it was set in the era that it was filmed - not in some future time.  A normal astronaut hurtled intoo a world way beyond what he had ever thought about.  Will admit the 3rd series got a bit over the top - but they found themselves again ... John found his family only to loose everything ... what a stunning end to the series.  However I was glad that they did the final "Peacekeepers Wars" ... even though i was sad to say Goodbye to Dargo ... although that in itself made it more believable.

To me it was a believable story of how a normal person can cope with the abnormal if they have to ... and want to.   A story of love, friendship and a hope of peace.

Marx Brothers

When I was a kid we watched a lot of these films - Dad loves them (in fact I watched one with him last weekend).  As kids my brothers and I just loved the slap-stick humour of the brothers.  It was just fun.

As I grew up I learnt to actually listen to the dialogue - the wit and word puns are amazing - in the film I watched last week there is the classic line -
"Don't worry acout that clause.  It is in all legal contracts, its the sanity clause"
"Don't be silly.  We all know there is no sanity clause"
Silly - I know, but you still have to laugh.

And then there is Harpo - how many other harpists have become famous?  He plays something in each film, as Chico does on the piano - and it is obvious they were great musicians.

As brothers the 4 (of7) looked like they were having fun - I do hope that was so.

The Monkees

A lot of people think that the age of manafactured boy bands is new ... No ... The Monkees were a successful band of the 60's.  However, unlike some of the bands today, their music is still selling.  

I was born in the early 60's, grew up with their music on the radio - and still love them.

They also had a great TV show with mad things happening that they always managed to get out of!


Well, I did say I love Sci-Fi!  Scott was my first love.

People laugh about the strings and the large heads - but take that away, the designs and the story lines still stand up.  They are still in the future.

And, I suppose we would all love to think that if we were in a disaster then the Tracey family would be there to save us.

And - that tune!!

Star Trek - Voyager

I wasn't going to watch this as I hadn't got into Deep Space 9.  But had to record a couple of episodes when my friends video broke on the re-run of the 1st series.

I just loved the idea that a crew would be thrown that far from help - like Farscape they had to make huge decisions in a world they didn't know.  The great thing also was that you couldn't have crew coming and going as in DS9 or the other Star Treks.  

A woman leader, a bad-boy trying to be good (wow - does that sound like Buffy and Spike) to name but a few.  I liked that not all the stories had happy endings - most of the main characters had stories that made them vulnerable - and made us love or hate them more.  The characters were real people - dealing with life - and a longing for home.


I grew up in Greater London - so even if I had wanted to ride, my parents weren't millionaires!  I injured my pelvis very badly the day before my 21st and I am not a brave person - 

But in my mid 30's I was asked to look at a horse woith a bad back and was asked if I would like a pony trek in payment.  It was good fun.

2 years later I met Toni and had a similar thing happen - I then made the mistake of asking if she could teach me ... the rest is history.

I love being with horses - they are truly very tolerent, loving animals.  Watching them work together is great.  Riding is a great exercise - and I do still gat scared ... not a fan of gallopping unless it is up hill and I know I have plenty of time to apply the brakes ... but it is great.  Working with them and riding regularily means you have to get out whatever the weatehr - and however you feel - But it does you good when you get there!


Well - Spike is the reason for my user-name and the reason I started watching BTVS in the first place ... as I said in my profile I caught a glimpse of a character on a TV show and fell in love!

And - Buffy.  She was positive, strong but very human.

Their story ran through 6 of the 7 series of BTVS ... and they went from enemies to allies to associates to comrades to lovers to avoidance to friends.  

They both had their faults, they both ahd problems, both together and apart - but in both cases (Spike more than Buffy) they spent time trying to be what the other wanted.  Spike was better than Buffy at that - but in his words he was love's bitch.

I genuinely believe that they have ended up together ... and would have ended up together earlier without the interference of Buffy's friends.  Maybe that is one lesson I have learnt - try not to interefere with friends lives - especially their love-life.  They are the ones living it - not me.

So, I read and re-read Spuffy.  And - maybe I always hope that one day I will find My Spike - the guy who will be there for me, whatever I do ... I just hope if I meet him, then I will do the same for him!

WOW - I did ramble ... If you decide to do this, you won't have to say so much!!
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