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London Trip 2012 - Part 7 - Museum of London

And so to the last day of my holiday ... that sounds grand, but when I think I only had 2 nights stay in London, yet how much I managed to see, it did seem a true holiday.

I took my suitcase to Victoria and left it there, so that I could spend the day without that weight to cart around.

Once I had dropped it off I made my way to The Museum Of London - a museum I rememebered fondly, and found that it had been updated, but was still as "full" as ever.  The paid display was on nursing care, etc, through the ages and decided that I saw enough at work to not see while I was on holiday!

Anyway - a lovely trip.

The first part was, obviously, pre-history ... and I actually took a photo of some of the dinasaur bones. These actually come from the farm of the people who ran the Chapel that I attended as a child. They had a lot of clay and it was dug up, making land-fill ... that is until the bones were discovered, then things got very slow. So it was fun to actully see them labelled, and realised that I knew the farm in question!


Next came the Romans ... and there was even a glass wall area so that you could actually see the Roman Wall of London with the rest of the displays.



The museum is chronological and well laid out ... as far as the 1960's ... with the final display in the cafe being that of the Woodentops ... a favourite programme of mine as a kid. here is an episode, if you don't know what I'm talking about -

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