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London Trip 2012 - Part 1

Yes, I had a great trip - but totally exhausted last night - so no time on the computer!

Although I only travelled up on Tuesday and back on Thursday I saw a few museuems, walked a few miles ... and took loads of photos.  Didn't get to see James this time (pointing to icon) .... he so needs to return next year for a day.

I didn't stay at the previous hostel as I found one that was cheeper, and breakfast was also part of the price.  However when I got there the facilities were better, and it was a lot quieter - so anyone wanting a hostel I would rec it. It is off Russel Square (near Great Ormond Street Hospital and Kings Cross) ....


One thing that I love about cities like London is that the history is all around - The actual "square" is still here - and still being used as a small park.


I went to a lot of museums and they will all get their individual scribbles and a few pictures uploaded ... but one place I went to is -Photobucket

.... Just an ordinary road in London.  It is actually the start of Blackfriars Underpass for anyone who knows the city.  I have only been here twice in my life.  Once on Thursday, and the other time 30 years ago - where I was on a bike and a car came through red lights and ran me over.  I have scars on my ankle and a back problem, but "Praise God" that is all.

So it was good to go back on a sunny day (like "that" day) and see it.

Well, as it's Saturday, Jiffy is waiting for his walk, so sorry folks more scribble must wait till later!

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