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They Don't Want Me!!

.... The hospital don't want me to go and see them any more .... they hope!!

And the actual translation :-

The finger is healing!!

In actual fact it is still bleeding from 2 separate areas, but the rest is doing well.  The bruising and the pain are just as things are settling .... I thought it was only a Mum that could say that if it hurts it is because it is getting better!  But, apparently a hospital consultant can say the same!   So now I have to have the wound re-dressed every 4 - 5 days until it stops bleeding and then I have to see the physiotherapists.  

So things are sounding positive - 

Which is good because I have had to not work, not ride and pull out of an orchestral concert ... where we were due to play my favourite symphony (Beethoven's 5th).  However when those things have come to mind, all I have focused on is how close I came to loosing the finger.

But now - things are on the mend ....Yay!

And - in case any of you have forgotten ....

TORCHWOOD - Tomorrow ..... Yay and Squeeeeeeeeee .... James!!
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