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Day Off

Not working today as I had an appointment at the hospital about my damaged tooth.  I have come to Mum & Dad's afterwards and am now catching up with emails etc.

The hospital have told me that I will be able to have the root removed with a local anasthaetic, rather than a general like my dentist thought.  She said it would be 3 stitches that will desolve, and hopefully done before Christmas.

I then went shopping (for new bras!) ... and now, as M&D are shopping I am playing on Dad's pc ... and being nostalgic while doing it.  When I was a kid there used to be a quarter of an hour slot after the lunchtime news called Watch With Mother, and when we got a TV it was the rule to watch it.  My favourite programme as a kid was Camblewick Green -

It was always fun to guess which character would have the starring role.  I do like a man in a uniform!

Tags: dentist, you tube

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