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Miracles Do happen!

I told you about 10 days ago that my Aunt's emergency hyseterectomy went well.  I spoke to her yesterday and she had just heard from the hospital with startling nesw.

Anyway, to back-track.

Three weeks ago she saw her doctor with a bladder infection that had been around a couple of weeks, so he organised an Xray that showed a mass on her ovary ... so she was rushed in ... had the op, and is now back home with family.

Anyway, the mass turned out to be puss - the ovary was twice it's size, and had really fragile walls.  So another day (maybe just a few hours) and it would have burst - which would have been fatal.

She still has the bladder infection, although that's getting better.  But so marvelous, that she went when she did, the doctor did the test he did, and the hospital operated so fast.

So, nice to have a happy ending to that story - a lovely way to finish a weekend.
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