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Hi - Day Off, So A Meme

I am having a "me" day today. No work, as 3 of my shifts are an hour longer ... although I had to change Thursdays times as they had me on 2 clinic shifts, opposite ends of the hospital ... one ending at 1pm, the other starting at 1pm ... teleport has yet to arrive in the hospital, so thought I needed help with that!

Mind you, I also have a shift on A&E this week ... so that is quite stressful, as every nurse whether qualified (or not) gets allocated patients, when they are busy. however, will admit it is one ward that has truly wonderful team spirit.

I went into Exeter earlier and wandered round the shops ... and had a Big Mac at McD's ... didn't even have a diet drink woth it (see, I told you it was a fun day!)

Anyway, while doing some updating on my Kindle, and some icons, I have snagged, and adapted this meme from bangel_4e... A couple of weeks ago I did another similar one, and this is a new set of thoughts ... and music. She did her answers using gifs .... but I have decided to do it uing shuffle on my Media Player (which is on as am typing this anyway)

So - it's a list of statements, and the answer is (in my case) the next song to play ... without cheating!

1) Represents who you are:
"Wonderful World" - Sam Cooke

Yes, basically life is good.

2) Is how you feel:
"Under Pressure" - Queen

MMMMmmmm - sometimes I feel that I have to fit into Mum & Dad's idea of who I am!

3) Is your taste in music:
"All She Wanted" - James

Honest, next song ... and yes, I do love his music (just in case you didn't know that!!

4) Is your relationship with your friends:
"Paranoid Android" - Radiohead

LOL - it has always been impossible to have casual friends as I am paranoid that I will get hurt ... that means friends are very few!

5) Is you and your best friend:
"A Kind of Magic" - Queen

Yes, we do have a great friendship and it is certainly lovely to know that, even though we no longer live near each other. Our friendship survived a lot ... including working together for 7 years.

6) Is your love life:
"The British Grenadiers" - Central Airforce Band

Well, who doesn't like a soldier in uniform???

7) Is how you feel about your last relationship:
"Papa was a Rolling Stone" - The Temptations

Is that why I have never had a relationship - they always roll away!

8) Is how you feel about your job:
"Eight days a week" - The Beatles

Well it does sometimes feel like that!

9) Is something secret about you:
"That Lady" - Isely Brothers.

No secret I'm female ... although the words are about a "sexy" lady ;)

10) Is how you act when you’re alone:
"Bye Bye Love" - Everly Brothers

Very lonely song - and (sadly) does sum up "me" from time to time.

11) Is how the week will go for you:
"Stand" - Sly & The Family Stone

Well I do have to stand at work ... and even my day off I have wandered round shops ... as well as doing some ironing!

12) Is how life will go for you:
"Dream" - Everly Brothers

Well I do fill the hours by day dreaming!

13) Is how your family see you:
"Don't Worry Baby" - The Beach Boys

As we all have a strong faith we know that "everything will turn out all right" ... makes life easy for them!

14)  Is how you will spend your last day on Earth:
"I feel fine" - The Beatles

Whether or not I know it's my last day I know that the following day I will be in Heaven.  Mind you, it would be better to both not know, and to die suddenly (a shock to those left behind, I know!)

15) Is how you act around a person you are attracted to:
"Baby Blue" - James

Well babies are not something I have to worry about at my age!  But like any kid I want to curl up and "hide away"

16) Is how boys see you:
"Bad" - James

No comment ... if they think that, maybe that's why they keep away!!

17) Is how girls see you:
"Falling Down" - James

Well, most people, male and female have seen me fall over ... witht he classic being all the (mostly) girls who saw me fall off the stage in Cardiff after speaking to James.

18) Is you at your happiest:
"You Send Me" - Sam Cooke

I am easily pleased!

19) Is your style:
"I Want To Hold Your Hand" - The Beatles

Wouldn't that be great - I would love to have someone for that - having always worked with my hands, I am a very tactile person (if I could!!)

20) Is your final thoughts:
"Who Want's To live Forever" - Queen

LOL - I shall live forever!

Well, I must get organised and head off to Bible Study. Hope you all have a good evening.

PS - I didn't fix this list, my computer must like James as much as I do!.

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