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7 Things MEME

I think I have already done this - my brain has obviously disappeared along with my hand!!  But I got tagged by re_animating so said that I would do it.  

I am not going to tag anyone - so don't panic and I have tried to find 7 really obscure things about me!!

7 Obscure Facts 

1 - One of the few things I am obsessive about is time - I would prefer to be an hour early rather than one minute late.

2 - I love visiting cemeteries - especially Commonwealth War Cemeteries ... but also always take a photograph of every War Memorial I see.

3 - I fell down every single section of staires that my college possessed ... also 15 steps of the Spanish Steps in Rome ... and down the 4 steps off the stage after James signed my autograph in November ... all without any injury at all.  And that is to name but a few of my fantastic falls - all injury free!!

4 - James is the only celeb that I have ever had sign an autograph, let alone be photographed with.

5 - My first love was Scott on Thunderbirds.

6 - I have learnt judo, archery and fencing (in that order) ... and all done both right and left handed!

7 - I think you all know I am colour-blind and that I have 2 silicon clips in my right eye.
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