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My parents bought me a great book for Christmas called "I Never Knew That About England" (by Christopher Winn).  It goes through each of the 39 counties with points of history that most of us, even the English, never knew.

So I thought I would share some of the points with you as I get to each county.  Just ignore if you want - but I am hoping that the typing will mean that I remember what I have learnt!! 

So I shall go through, as the book does, alphabetically - Starting with Bedfordshire.


In 1902 the world's first practical tractor was invented by Genial Dan Albone.  He was, at the time, 42 and also invented the first ladies bicycle, a practical tandem, a motor bike and a car.  He died at the age of 46.  There is still a sign on the actual field which was where he held his demonstration!

In 4th October 1930 the R101 slipped her moorings on her way to India.  On the following morning, in Northern France the 54 passengers became the first people to be killed (or in the case of 6 of them, only injured) in an air disaster.  The 48 lay in State in Westminster Hall before having a funeral service at St Paul's Cathedral and then were buried at Cardingham.

This is the airfield that Glenn Millar took off from on his fated flight in 1944

Here in the 12th Century Geoffrey de Gorham  wrote and directed the first ever play seen in England.  He also established a school in the town.
The priory at Dunstable was the scene of the trial and subsequent divorce of Catherine of Aragon from King Henry 8th.

Include -
Sir Joseph Paxton - 1801-1865.
         Born in Milton Bryan, near Woborn.
         Designer of The Crystal Palace
Margaret Beaufort - 1443-1509
          Born in Bletsoe, near Bedford.
          Mother of Henry 7th ... and therefor the forbear of every monarch in Europe.
John Bunyan - 1628-1688
         Born in Elstow, near Bedford.
         Wrote Pilgrim's Progress.

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