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Music Meme

I have snagged, and adapted this meme from bangel_4e

She did her answers using gifs .... but I have decided to do it uing shuffle on my Media Player (which is on as am typing this anyway)

So - it's a list of questions, and the answer is (in my case) the next song to play ... without cheating!

1) Your parents' reaction when you were born:
"(You're) Finer Than Gold" - James ... LOL, I was a much wanted baby!

2) How you felt on your first day of school:

"Only The Lonely" - Roy Orbison ... yes, true for my first day at senior school, but my first ever day I actually remember with fondness.

3) Your reaction when you learned to ride a bike:
"Seven Seas of Rhye" - Queen ... not a well known song, but fun.  I don't like riding, never did, even before my accident.  One line in the song that repeats is "I'll survive" ... so that certainly fits!

4) Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend:
"Fall of Night" - James ... my second favourite song from him ... so that is great to have a popular song as a gift from my friend.  She has had to break organised things with me to fit in with her husband, so in that way, the song fits!

5) How you felt when you got your first crush:
"You Send Me" - Sam Cooke ... at 8, maybe I didn't realise what this song would have meant, but Chris Clark (yes, that was his name!!) made going to school fun!

6) How your first crush felt when you told them
"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" - Rod Stewart  .... Great choice of song, at 8, Chris was lovely ... and really sweet, so would probably have been suprised!

7) Your reaction when your parents sat you down to have 'the talk':
"Falling Down " - James - I think I did "fall down" ... more to think that mummy and daddy did "that"

8) How you felt after your first kiss:
"You've Lost That Loving Feeling" - Righteous Brothers ... Oh well, not worth having a kiss then!

9) How you felt after your very first hangover:
"Long Time " - James .... I actually have never had a hangover as I have a truly high alcohol tolerence.  So, it is a "long time" ... and still not had one!

10) How you felt after having sex for the first time:
"Radetsky March"  ... so, if it ever happens, I will get to hear bells ring then! 

11) Your reaction to failing an exam:
"How Soon Is Now" - The Smiths ... quite a depressing beat ... great line though "I am human and I need to be loved" ... so guess that works with the promt!

12) Your reaction to passing an exam:
"Chocolate Jesus" - James ... I may go to Church myself, but really can sing the line "I know that Jesus loves me"!  So Yay for faith, passing exams, chocolate ... and James!

13) How you felt after getting into your chosen university:
"Lady Madonna" - The Beatles .... certainly talks about trying to get money ... I didn't go this route, I got a job for my spare time!  I love this song though, and loved that I got into college ... and not the traditional way, either!  So, maybe the song is more appropriate than I thought!

14) Your reaction to finding your true love:
"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke ...  No comment!!!!!

15) Your reaction to graduating:
"It's Nothing" - Ghost of the Robot .... No, it truly was brilliant to get there and pass my 4 year training course.  The day itself is still very alive in my memory (even though it was 1983)

16) The song that describes the rest of your life:
"The Show Must Go On" - Queen .... True.  I have re-discovered a lot about myself and my life in the last couple of years.  Getting to, and past 50, yet I have pulled myself back up agin.  Yes, "my heart does break"... "but the smile is still there"

17) Your family's reaction when you pass away:
"Moonshot" - James ... Well, they know I will be in Heaven, so there is a link there!

I will admit I had to drop a couple of questions as they were totally N/A ... sex, smoking pot, being dumped, wedding night, etc ...

The weird thing is how much my pc loves James ... I have his tracks on there only once, with about 500 other songs.  No wonder I like spending time on my computer.

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