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Just A Quickie!

Well that was the weekend without James - but because of it I got a lot achieved.  I cleaned (hoovered then "washed") all of Mum & Dad's 4 bedroom bungelow. 

I got some thoughts put together for a fic ... one I had originally started a couple of years ago.  I also began towork out another story line for another fic ... both Spike related, of course.

I typed up a couple of letters for Mum that she wanted sent ... although in doing that I had a toffee to chew ... and, yes, the top came off my damaged tooth.  So looks as if Monday will see me on the phone organising the surgery to remove that root (as that is all that's left in!)

So a busy weekend to keep my mind occupied proved productive.

On a non-James note, I had a "fun" dream last night ... Damon came for a "visit" ... but not just him, he had an identical twin!

Hope your weekend was as good!!
Tags: damon, fan fic, housework, james

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