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Just A Drabble

I had a day working in clinic today and had an hour at lunch when it was quiet, but I had to sit at the desk - so thought i would use my time creatively. In the end I don't know whether I am happy with how it turned out - What do you think.

Joyce POV, as she watches Spike comforting Buffy in "Fool for Love."
100 words.
Un beta'd - so any mistakes, please forgive ... and let me know!

Life, A Changing Path

Everything was simple.

I was a wife and mother. Then somewhere along the line, things changed.

Simple became hard.

My cheating husband left and we moved house. My daughter made some strange friends and she left for a time.

Finally life became easy again, although I realised that my daughter’s life was impossible.

Yet again life is getting hard.

One of my daughters isn’t quite mine and the other girl is finding college life tough. And, now I may have a “something”.

Maybe we just have to remember that the hardest thing in this world is to just keep living.

Tags: btvs, drabble, fan fic, joyce, season 4

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