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Odds and .....................

........... Ends (well what other word did you expect!!)

Just a fly-past update as there is not much to say, but feel I have neglected my scribble again ... sorry folks, skip, or suffer!

          #  Went to Bible Study last night - I find it fascinating to both study more of God's Word, but also to learn something of Filipino heritage.  I was learning that traditionally spaghetti is served at a birthday party, and the birthday girl/guy must not cut or bite the long strands, but suck it up ... otherwise their life is cut short.  Great to learn of other superstitians etc.

          #  Sadly, also heard from one of the girls (who is 39 weeks pregnant) that her cousin died in child-birth last week (along with the child) ... seems sad to think this still happens in the 21st century.

          #  Was doing some more icons and found that my main BtVS source had been taken down.  I contacted the "owner" of the site, who looked into it and was told no-one used them, so they had been removed.  So either I am a nobody ... or just need to drool over.... ummmm study Spike more.

          #  Had a weird dream (twice) last night - I was being given a tattoo on my left hip ... and told it would disappear in 2 years, as I wouldn't need it then.  Still tatt free, and no thoughts or plans - where does my subconsciou go?

          #   Mum sees the eye specialist again today to know, finally, whether he will be able to return any of her sight to her.  It has been a  long 18 months.

          #  Well 30 day photo meme is up, now I have to decide on a Cary Grant film.  I am enjoying watching and thinking about this set.  I love him as an actor ... so it has made the choice hard to decide on just 10 ... maybe some of the missing films will end up in another section later.

Well, that's me - must get on and then hopefully will have time for a walk before ironing and then work.  Hope you are all having a fun day.
Tags: bible study group, cary grant, dreams, rl

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