Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

30 Day Photo Meme - Day 2

Way back at the beginning of the year kudagirl  gave me a link to a 30 day photo meme and I posted my first, totally scary picture, here

I had forgotten about it until I saw a similar one on xheartrockx LJ ... so thought I would dig it out again.

1. Self-portrait
2. What you wore
3. Clouds
4. Something green
5. From a high angle
6. From a low angle
7. Fruit
8. A bad habit
9. Someone you love
10. Childhood memory
11. Something blue
12. Sunset
13. Yourself with 13 things
14. Eyes
15. Silhouette
16. Long exposure
17. Technology
18. Your shoes
19. Something orange
20. Broken
21. Faceless self-portrait
22. Hands
23. Sunflare
24. Animal
25. Something pink
26. Close-up
27. From a distance
28. Flowers
29. Black and white
30. Self-portrait

So, as you know what I look like I am not going to bother to do Day 1 again ... as it comes at the end as well. I am going straight to -

Day 2 ...."What You Wore"

Well, here is my washing line with uniforms, my Sunday dress, and the skirt and top I wore on Friday ... as well as other bits & pieces (including undies)


Tags: 30 day meme, camera, washing

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