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CSI = Conservation Scene Investigation

Today Christine and I went to Cotehele - a Tudor House near Plymouth.

It is normally closed Fridays, but as it was open today we took the chance to have a look round.

However we found that it is normally cleaning day, so half the house was still blacked out (we were provided with low-light torches) .... and before our visit we were given a talk about the damage to our heritage ... caused by -
Wear & Tear
Pests (insects etc)

It was fascinating.  After our talk we walked round that half of the house where they had a few things on display showing the horrors of the years.  The other half of the house was open, but only under low light and less staff available.  It was an eye-opener, and I think the low light made me look at the hangings etc more.  Some of which are 500 years old, and would have looked truly exceptional when first made.

After lunch and a walk through the grounds, and to the mill, we went back to the house to take photos (without flash, of course).

A great day - photos to follow on Monday.

Tags: cornwall, heritage
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