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Spike was an amazing character, brought to life by James.

As I said yesterday, without Spike being such a strong character I would never have become hooked. He was designed as a throw-away villain, yet having such a wonderful actor portray him, he became so much more than could ever be imagined.

One link that I saw yesterday to celebrate James 50th birthday was this .... the top 50 scenes of Spike in BtVS (great for them not to use Angel, as I have yet to watch!) ... This list brought back some wonderful memories. (I must get back to my re-watch)

As you all (probably) know I am a James fan - I love his ongoing projects, music and pray that he will have a wonderful life.  Yet, I still love the character of Spike ... I read Spuffy, and when I write it is Spike or Spuffy.  They are 2 separate people, yet you couldn't have one without the other.

Thank you James for doing such a great job.

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