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Just Wondering ..................

How many people are still there.  It has been quite in LJ land and I miss you.

Anyway, busy plans today.   I am unpacking (at long last) all my photo albums, and hoping to finally sort my spare room to look like a bedroom rather than a dumping ground.  I am waiting for a new mattress to be delivered, which was promised last week, but they got the time wrong and I had a shift.  So today I am off work, but am determined to use the day positively.

So, now I have a question for you all.

What photo would you like to see?  I have photo albums from pre-birth(yes I have a few of family) dating up to 2007.  So, ask for a picture I will find it.  I do warn you that it will take some time, as I still have no index worked and have just under 2000 pictures!

So - ask away - anything, more than one, silly, weird ... and I will post, I promise.  Good Luck, with your choices!

Tags: house sale, lj, meme, photos
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