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Hope You All Had A Fun Weekend!

My weekend was pretty good - actually managed to get quite a lot of gardening done for Mum & Dad, so that's great.  Jiffy potters around with me when I am in the back garden, but in the front, he still comes, but is attached to me via 3 leads joined together.  So, I can work, and he can supervise!

Mum, Dad & I watched the opening ceremony of The Olympics.  I will admit I wasn't going to, but got drawn into it.  Mum & Dad were very sleepy, but also wanted to stay to the end.  As a great friend pointed out, it is events like that you remember over the years!  The show was "different, and some of the history confused me, as a Brit, so I do wonder how the rest of the world coped.  I also realised that there are a lot of countries around that I have never even heard of!

I did enjoy the lighting of the cauldron.  Old Olympiads passing the torch to the new, who lit 6 of the 204 "petals" that each country had come in with.  I did think that the concept did try to capture some of the reason that even people like me watch some of the games over the 4 weeks.

Poor Jiffy, though.  As M&D go to bed about 10.30 normally, he got very fed up and kept coming and looking at us all.  The following morning, I stripped my bed, and before I could tidy and re-make ... up he got, and slept a bit more.


Life is just tooooooooo tough for Jiffy.
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