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100 Meme - Film # 21

I said I would do my next set of 10 films starring Cary Grant. It has been hard to narrow down to 10 ... but whichever ones make the list, the first has to be   Arsenic & Old Lace. If you have never seen it - why not? It is totally brilliant, and hugely funny. Cary Grant has 2 aunts who he loves .... they just happen to be murderers. Add in a mad brother ... and a psychotic brother ... this is one truly happy family (of course it helps that the film starts with him marrying the vicar's daughter!)

One of the many great scenes (that sums up the main underlying story line) -

The trailer -

PS - my icon comes from the film, btw!

Tags: 100 meme, cary grant, comedy film, you tube

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