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Update .... And, (Shock, Horror) A Drabble

My leg is slowly getting better - I can now "run" (slowly) upstaires ... so good to know.  Trouble is still slopes and it's a short hill up to work ... but I have my crutch which is helping immensly.  The office have been great at finding me easy shifts, so a good week work wise (at least it will help some of the bills)

And, I wrote a drabble today - totally un-beta'd, and not great ... but I do want to get back to scribbling.

Anyway - here it is ... feel free to ignore.

Chosen, for one good day?

Chosen as a cheerleader.
Chosen as a May Queen.
Chosen to be "The One".

Why me?

The outfits used to be cute, and all that I had to worry about was when the next shoe sale was.  Now I have to choose which outfit wont show blood stains, and what shoes are comfortable to run across graveyards in.

Will I ever get to choose a boyfriend who just wants to be with me?  One who I want to be with?

Or will I choose to tell Mom one final lie and let one random vampire have his "one good day"?

Tags: buffy, drabble, injury, work
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