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The Baddies Make Me Think Of James (but for a good reason) - Honest!

I don't have TV as such - in my longe is a TV and DVD player ... in my bedroom an older TV and an even older video player.

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly going through some of my old videos - bringing good memories of old loves, old films ... and some weird bits.

This morning the film I was watching finished, and a new thing started ... the old style Battlestar Galactica.  Great series  ... and this is the basic feature length start ... good story!

However as soon as I heard the Cylon noise, for some "unknown" reason, my mind went to James (in Caprica ... see there is a link!)

So now the film will be even better ... the goodies win, and the baddies remind me of James!
Tags: battlestar, caprica, james

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