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It's Raining Yet Again

..... So I must put into action the song I was listening to last night while ironing ... (from Till The Clouds Roll By, 1946)

Judy Garland, like Marilyn Monroe, who I shared yesterday, had sad lives ... I love their singing styles. I do wonder if that tension increased their performance.

Anyway I must focus and look for the silver lining - it means I can get some more of the spare room sorted (I know it seems to go on, but in a restricted space you end up re-stacking things a few times ... well, I do, anyway.)

As you can see by my new icon I have already been playing ... thank you jaded_jamie  for the suggestion.  I love these screen relationships, and run out of icon space fast.  This way I get to use some of the icons I've made for competitions ... yet only use one space ... Genius!

Off to make a cuppa , after posting another film ... I think I may have "got" you all this time!

Tags: housework, icons, rl, you tube

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