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I Have Scared Myself

I have just looked at the time!

10.20 am ... washing on line, bread rolls made and a fruit cake in the oven ... I better not tell Mum (after her health scare over the weekend) as the shock might kill her ... or maybe she would just presume I was fibbing!

While working I have had my Marilyn Monroe CD on ... just thought I would share a favourite of mine -

I woke up all domesticated - after a tough couple of days.  I have done 2 shifts of 8 hour bed making ... that's it for the week, but I needed the money. Now I am paying for it.  The leg is, at long last, showing some signs of bruising.  Weirdly I have no problems walking upstaries ... but coming down, or any slope is still a killer.  I do still hope to get the hoovering done today, but in a 3 story house, not so much fun.  But while the housework fairy has invaded my brain (I don't have Harry Dresden's helpers) I ought to get on!

Tags: cooking, housework, injury, work, you tube

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