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They Say Things Happen In Threes ....

Well, first it was dad's computer dying ... then my friend jaded_jamie ... now my one has switched itself off a few times ... I need to make sure everything is backed up - just in case.  Mind you my Kindle also cleared the memory and the re-filled itself ... so maybe Jamie's was nothing to do with me, and the others are reacting to my "sparkling" personality!!

Last Friday I went to Physio, and was annoyed with her explanation of the injury ... it isn't often (now) that my past training comes up ... but that was surely it!  She said the injury was because I had high arches - and was nothing to do with the patient falling "onto" me ... in other words, that's what goes on the notes if I sue (which I am not going to anyway!)   Still I now have a crutch to help with walking, and will admit that makes life easier. (I worked for the first time yesterday - just bed making) ... and the bruising is, at long last, beginning to seep out.

Saturday saw me back at Torquay hospital - this time with mum. Her breathing got really bad and I took her in. They say she has started to build up the fluid on her lungs again. I played it down to her, but it is worrying. We didn'tget back till 1am .... she was very upset to muck up the evening - but I just teased and said I had never had a chance to take her out on a Sat eve, so it was good!!!

I am working again, making beds, later - and will admit I have dug out the "nasty" pain killers to get through.  Then 2 days off before I go back to physio (boooooo, hisssssss)

Well I had better go and rest my leg if I want to stand on it later.

Hope you are all well.

PS -

Any James fans .... over on marsters_daily they are doing a countdown to his birthday and showing a lot of great, previously shown, pics .... but still fun!  He is in recording studios, doing another book narration this week ... Carnival of Souls

Some of you noted in my meme thingy that I was sad not to see James this year - yet he will be over at a Con. Sadly, even for James, I know I would never cope. Just the thought of it, as I type screws up my breathing. If he were to do a concert that I could get to, yes I'll be there ... otherwise, sad to say, no James. Thought I should explain that a bit more.

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