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7 Thing Meme

I decided to ask someone elas for 7 words to talk about in this meme thingy.  edenskye gave me -

1. Faith (religious beliefs not vampire slayer LOL)
2. James Marsters
3. Jiffy
4. family
5. Queen Lizzie 2.0 (as Jamie calls her)
6. Classic Movies
7. Clarinet

1. Faith

I know that I was very lucky to grow up in the family I did.  My parents and grandparents have a deep  faith and we were brought up knowing the Bible, going to Church and learning about God.

However as an early teen I realised I had to "know" it was me, not the family who believed.  I was old enough to decide that what I knew and had heard I believed.  I made a true commitment to God.

My faith is 100% ... the only thing I do is question "why" ... Why do certain things happen (or not) to me.  I do believe that God has a great plan for me, I just get impatient when things don't happen as I expect. 

As to what my faith is - I am a member of the Plymouth Brethren ... but can sum up my belief in the words of the CofE Prayer Book of 1662, as said in The Apostles Creed -  
I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth: And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, Born of the Virgin Mary, Suffered under Pontius Pilate, Was crucified, dead, and buried: He descended into hell; The third day he rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, And sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost; The holy Catholick Church; The Communion of Saints; The Forgiveness of sins; The Resurrection of the body, And the Life everlasting. Amen.
I went to an Anglican Church for a few years and that was said at each morning service.  It sums up my beliefs.

However anyone who wants to know more, ask more or question me, can do so.  I just don't want tto ramble forever.

2. James Marsters

Speaking of talking forever!  Another subject that I could talk about for a very long time.

You have all read some of my many rambles about James ... so what can I say here!

As you know, the actor literally stopped me in my tracks as I saw Spike turn into William in series 7 (my first episode I bumped into).  His ability to change accents and demeaner is stunning.  He is the first person that made me look at the technicality involved.

Through the storyline I got to LJ (long story) ... and realised that he visited England.  For the first time ever, at the age of 46 I decided to go to a gig!  And then travel further just to get his autograph ... and also his picture.  As he stepped onto the stage he had my attention 100%.  Not just in wanting to listen to the songs, but he drew me into the event, and I could believe he was singing just to me.  When I saw him the following day I don't remember getting my photo taken ... JamesFog at it's worst, however at the autographs I was stunned that a random comment I managed to make he took up, and chatted to me.  For tthose seconds his focus was on me.  That stunned me both in that it's never something I had been "given" before by anyone other than family, but that he had the time to actually listeen to what I said to him, and not just give a throw away answer.

Yes, james is one very special man, who I totally admire.  He has given me, and many others, so much .... from friendships across LJ-land (and in RL), to attempting art and writing ... to travel etc.

The JamesFog remains.  When I have pictures taken my mind goes blank to speak.  Although it's easier when getting an autograph, I still feel a twit that has nothing to say!

Wish I could wish him a Happy 50th in person ... Wish I could get to see himagain this year (but looks as if I won't get that chance).

Oh well, hopefully he will get more acting roles so I can see him on TV again.  Or, one better, my last visit to the cinema was to see Dragonball ... and wasn't it great to see his name there on the big screen.

3. Jiffy

When Mum & Dad said they were going to get a puppy I was horrified ... They were either side of 80 and I thought mad, however I supported them.  And in bounced Jiffy.

He is one bundle of fun, who spends time with whoever he can ... he is a people doggy.  His word base is immense (although he still finds the word NO had to comprehend sometimes!).  He tries very hard to work out what people are syaing, you can watch him looking from person to person.

Sadly he has delicate skin, so ends up on steroids regularily and has a bath every week - but other than that he is fit & healthy.  He certainly has healthy vocal cords!

How can I sum him up?  For the last 6 years he has brought life to the householdd ... Mum & Dad would be lost without him.  He has "character with a capital K"

We just all love him.

4. Family

My family mean a lot - being bullied meant I didn't have friends, so they became friends, as well.

I am very proud of all my immediate family.  My Dad left school at 14 worked on the London Docks during the war, and paid to go to Bibl College.  He eventually retired as a lecturer, having achieved a PhD.  He has since writtene a book on The Revelation (in the Bible) and is trying to work on another, even though he is 87 and now suffers from Alzheimer's.  Mum laft school at 15 having had a nervous breakdown, but until these last couple of years it wouldd have been easier to list the hobbies she couldn't do.  She was a "mum" and a "housewife".  sadly the nerves have come back, which make life that bit harder.

Tim left school at 117 and had to be tricked into going to his college exams at 19 ... exam nerves were horrific for him.  He went to Uni and was so ill he came home and got a job in a solicitors as a clerk.  He is now a qualified Legal Exec, who has specialised in the hard job of child custody, and is well known within the area as "the best" in the field.  Nicck went to Uni and did 2 years of Medicine before having Meningitis.  He then did a Maths degree (taking the finals in hospital with Glandular Fever)  He is now head of Maths and Sociology at a boarding school.  He preaches every Sunday at present as their pastor has a brain tumour, and he gained a DD some years ago.

They are very special people.  As are the girls they married ... and the kidss Nick had.

5. Queen Lizzie 2.0

Like jaded_jamieI love the Queen.

I am a true Royalist, who loves the history of the whole family, and the heritage that they bring with them.

The Queen, herself, is a strong lady.  She is the same age as my parents, and the changes they have gone through is amazing ... starting with a World War.  It is brilliant that she has celebrated her Diamond Wedding Anniversary, and now her Diamond Jubilee.  In an era where things are "throw away" she shows us that you can dedicate yourself to someone in a relationship, or to a service of country.

She has put her country ahead of everything ... which is something never seen by Presidents and Prime Ministers, and not always by Royals.  She has poise, and apparantly can talk to anyone about anything.  I would love to meet her, but doubt I will (in this life.  Although like me she has a deap faith, so I will get to meet her in Heaven)

6. Classic Movies

I love old films - before computers got so good, the actors had to "act" and before colour techniques got so good then the image had to be more balanced.  That is why B&W films work so well.

Most of the films that are now "classics" come under those catagories (not all, I know).  They have become classic, not because of good marketing, but because they have that "something" that means you can watch them over & over again.  The characters are strong people, that you can love or hate; the stories are stories that have a happy ending, or even a twist, but you know where the journey took you.

How many people have seen a film on TV, on at the cinema, yet the following day can't remember the story.  Those films are not destined for honour.  Love or hate a film with passion, and the chances are that others are doing similar.  Those are the ones that future generations will still be watching.

7. Clarinet

I wish I practiced more!  Since leaving Bude orchestra I haven't practiced much.  Although a couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of clarinet concertos and dug out my Mozart one and am going to parctice. 

I am self-taught ... and I don't want to lose 25 years of work, through not having the challenge I had.

It is a very adaptable instrument ... and a random fact is that all other instrumentss talk about octave jumps (8 notes .... A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A) .... clarinets work in 12 .... must prove we are brainer ... or just madder!

Well, congratulations if you read even half of those! Thank you, Tommy, they were some great subjects.

Happy weekend everyone.

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