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So Far It Has Been An "Interesting Day"

Actually overall I must say there are a lot of positives ... It started by me paying some bills, so now the bank account is absolutely empty.  One of those was I decided to pay for a years prescription charges in advance ... thus saving money, but the £104 was not a nice amount to spend.

Yes, I took today off work, for a couple of reasons.

The first of which was to get my decorating done - so my bedroom is finished and things packed away.  I ampleased to have got it done (must take some pics at some point!)

I also wanted to "do" something for my birthday, so went to Torquay early, had a walk along the harbour and went to the museum.  Yes, I took pics, but when I got to M&D's it was to find Dad's pc had died so I am using Mum's laptop, which I hate.  So I will put the pics up on Monday.  I know I still owe you somefrom Annemaries trip/holiday ... so I must get on and SPAM you then.  Good afternoon, although I got back to find a parking ticket on my car ... the Traffic Warden was obviously blind, so I now have that to sort out!

So, I shall be on-line a bit, but not as much as I hoped as I don't like using Mum's laptop.  The keyboard feels wrong ... and no mouse.

Hope you all had a fun Friday - and are looking foreward to a funner weekend!
Tags: decorating, money, rl, torquay

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