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A debris4spike Ramble

That 5 thingy meme is going around again. Having read a couple of entries, one of which was from a friend who I had never got to ask me 5 subjects to ramble about. So, I decided to volunteer ... here is what deborahw37  gave me

What does home mean to you
Your favourite memory
David Tennant
The Internet.

So they are a great, and new selection.

What does home mean to you

Home means safety .... that comes from being bullied.  Home was the haven of love and security.  That was aided by the fact that Mum and/or Dad were always there - we didn't have baby-sitters, we weren't "latch-key" kids ... there was always that family love.  We knew that we were loved and wanted.  That stability was there when we were kids, and for me, that is always what I think of ... peace and safety.

Your favourite memory

I can't really pick between 2 ... they are both my first personal sight of someone special ... both men, both having names beginning with J!  Well, I have no doubt you have guessed one os James ... but as I always ramble about him, I shall tell you of my first sight of the very special man in my life ... Jaykub.

I learrnt to ride in my mid 30's and was a slow, nervous learner.  I was just getting to grips with trotting and learning the basics of grooming when Toni said I might like to meet a new pony arriving to work at the stables ... so I watched my first ever horsebox onloading ... and fell in love.  Jaykub, as he was called the next day was one special boy.  Too much for me to ride, at that point.  Yet the lovely thing is that however much of a handful he was for everyone else, if he wanted, he never ever pushed me more than I could take.  That was a wonderful thing to know, that he loved me in return ... whether it was love at first sight for him, I don't know, but it certainly was for me that day.


I am self-taught! However over the years I had the advantage of being in a small music group that slowly grew and turned into an orchestra ... and the conductor really pushed our repetoire. So much so that I have played many of the orchestral classic, and as the orchestra has had clarinet soloists over those years, I have had to lear the solos ... to play at rehearsals, and just in case the soloists doean't turn up on the day!!

Whetehr you like Gershwin or Mozart - it is a very adaptable instrument.

David Tennant

As a kid I watched William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davidson and Colin Baker save the world (watching from behind a sofa, of course). I saw some of what Sylvestor McCoy got up to, but sadly Paul McGann lost me ... I thought I was just too old. That thought was confirmed as I watched Christopher Eccleston return to fight across the universe ... then the 10th doctor arrived.

David Tennant is now "my" doctor. Totally mad, totally unstoppable - yet with emotion enough to love his daughter, and a French "madam" .... as well as Rose. His accent is great, when you hear him interviewed it is hard to realise he is the same guy.

I have seen him in very little else, but he is a great actor in the things I have seen, so wuld watch something if I saw his name on the credits.

The Internet.

What a brilliant invention! If it didn't exist, I wouldn't know Deb, wouldn't be answering this question, and you wouldn't be reading it.

I have gained so many friends .... genuine people who I care about, and worry about, and wish I could spend real-life time with.

Yes, it's a source of information, and I have been known to go n eBay to shop ... it is great ... and I can admit to a bit of lost time through it. For some people they have virtual lives out in the ethers ... but for me it is a way to have met my friends ... and keep n touch with you

*group hugs*

Hope you weren't too bored! If you want to ramble, just comment and I will give you 5 topics.

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