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10 Great Characters!

Last week after reading something in the journal of oldgraymare I promised her I would work on two lists ... 10 characters and 10 people that I would love to .... well how "X" rated do you want me to be? Then yesterday I saw that xevildeadgirlx had done her list of 10 characters - so here is my list ....

1 SPIKE ... of course!

2 Charlamagne (from Andromeda)

3 Captain Jack Sparrow

4 Chakotey (From Star Trek Voyager)

5 John Crighton (From Farscape)

6 Avon (From Blakes 7)

7 Sully (From Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman)

8 Riggs (From Lethal Weapon)

9 James Bond (Providing I don't end up the one that dies!)

10 Captain Jack Hartness (From Torchwood - I know he is gay - but that is 'cos he hasn't met me)

The list (well other than number 1 is not in any real order) - and I am sure I have forgotten one or two ... or maybe they are in my 10 - 20 list! Oh well -still workiing on the actual person list - Although can tell you that James is NUMBER 1 !!

Tags: dreams, f-list

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