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My Holiday - Day 6

I know that I am out of order with the pictures, but thought I would put up these few, so I get another day ticked off.

Saturday morning I went into Torquay to see how much my camera would cost to be mended, and as they were talking a minimum of £180 I decided (after a walk and a chat with Annemarie) to buy the new one ... so I now have a Nikon 3100 ... and in the afternoon had to go out to play!

Well, actually it was nice and we all decided to have a bit of a walk, although Mum & Dad didn't walk as far, it still seemed a long way to Mum.

Annemarie & Jiffy waiting to go -


This is part of Torre Abbey and was used to house POW's .... from The Spanish Amada (in  1588)Photobucket

Exploring along the edge of the marina (looks a bit like a typical pier)





We were "on holiday" - photos and icecreams!!



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