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And The News Is ... There Is No News!

Just letting you know that I went back to the hospital today.

My hand is slowly getting better - although it is still bleeding, but not bad enough to worry the specialist I am now under ... She runs the Fracture clinic, and has also spent time in Plastic Surgery ... so really just the person I need.  She was quite positive - but now wants to see me each week.  

Until the skin is healed the finger still has to be in a sling as much as possible and must be splinted so I can't move it at all.  

Today she asked me to slightly move the next joint down and the finger is stiff - but no extra pain to move it - so that was good.

Apparently the increasing pain is just the nerves returning to life ... just wish they would do that quietly!!

On a different note

I am back at Mum and Dads as it is hard to live one-handed ... and so I am getting looked after.

Anyway - we sat down to tea - they put the TV on to watch the news and 


Yes - it wad the trailer for Torchwood - James .... squeeeeee!!  

It took me some time to settle enough for M&D to find out what I was leaping around about ... Their comment ... "Oh, we should have guessed it was him"
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