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My Holiday - Day 1

I am going to try to slowly catch you up with my holiday that I had while Annemarie was over.

Sunday I picked her up from Exeter Bus Garage, and within the space of that first hug I couldn't believe that it was 18 years since we had said goodbye in Colorado.

And so, back to Mum & Dad's ... witht he same reaction from them ... and a bouncy hello from Jiffy.

Needless to say, even with jet-lag we still all sat and chatted, till about 10, when it was Mum who started to flag!.


A lazy Monday morning (in the rain) and then in the afternoon I took her to Trago Mills.  One of those big stores that sells everything, and even an American was stunned with the range!  We went really to look round the garden centre, as it was landscaped a couple of years ago, and even a non-gardener like me is impressed.  Although overcast it was lovely to stroll round.



We didn't spend any money, but it was interesting for Annemarie to see what is "normal" for English gardens ... not counting the weeds she saw at our place!

And so back for tea ... and more chatting, before bedtime.

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