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Just A Wednesday

Work went well this morning - even if we did have one patient who assured me that drinking water would give him a headache.  One of our other patients, a 4 year old boy, was so quiet that his mum said that next time she wanted some peace she would invite me arround for a cuppa!!!  We also had a teenager who failed to turn up.  So, overall a mixed selection of men!

I have actually written a couple of letters this afternoon, and when I have done this I may even write another one.  I owe someone a letter who wrote at Christmas decrying Covid ... saying it just didn't exist.  Her other comment was that all vaccinations were only to add trackers into us ... mind you this is the same person who is "home schooling"  By that I mean her 3 kids have talks about a favourite topic of the day.  When I have asked her about basic subjects, including maths, in the past, she has just said that these things get "picked up" as you go along.  In many ways I wonder why I keep the connection, but I do hope that she will actually see some sense about a few things (although I doubt it!)

Oh well - at least I have an easy question today -

24. What would be the ultimate travel experience for you?

Two years, minimum, on a world tour.  Staying in hotels, and getting a combination of guided tours, and time to explore.  Well, I can dream, can't I??
James - looking down

2 Questions ... Same Answer

Not doing too badly now ... but not doing too well either! So it's a brief visit, to catch up with questions -

22. What would you change if you knew you could not fail?
I suppose the obvious answer is I would get rid of Covid19 ... that has caused so much sadness, so many changes. So let's back time and stop that from ever happening.

23. If you could get rid of anything on the planet what would it be?

LOL - same answer again! let's get rid of Covid ... and pollution. Well, I got rid of Covid in the previous answer!

And for those who know - yes, I am still a James Marsters fan. Sad to hear that his wife has left him. So hope he will be at peace with that decision.

I Reversed My Morning!

Normally on a Saturday I go for a short walk to the shops then do "jobs around the house", before heading up too my computer!

However it's heavy rain here, so looks like I won't be off to the shops, not that I need anything anyway (I have tea-bags and milk ... what else do I need in my kitchen?)

So as they are re-running Sharpe on TV later this morning, thought I would do ironing, and baking while that is on in the background ... Sean Bean as Sharpe certainly makes housework easier!

So, before I finish off some icons I will post this with the double weekend questions -

20. What is sure to make you cry?
Thinking of Jiffy.
Ironically I have never really cried for Mum & Dad, which in itself I find hard. However I have shed, and still do, many a tear for my little man.

21. How does the weather effect your mood?

I suppose on a very hot muggy day (I love dry heat on holidays), I catch myself getting more short tempered, but that is only occasionally. Other than that, it's only on a day like today when I don't need to go out, and the weather doesn't prompt me to be pro-active.
Mum really got affected by grey days, whether raining or not, so I know people can really struggle.
Jiffy - sleepy

Trust Brenda .......

.... Yes, Covid numbers are coming down, Claire & I have both had our injections #1, and Nick "was" booked for today for his, and ....

Yes, Brenda has Covid!

She didn't have classic symptoms, just a bit of a cough, and spoke to her GP about getting a blood test as she is still stuggling with menopause problems.  Her GP hearrd her cough and said she needed testing, and it's come back positive!  Hopefully she will continue with the mild "non" symptoms.  I spoke to her and she sounded as Brenda, as normal.  Her real worry is Nick, as he has quite a few health problems (and is sadly a smoker)

Oh, well, at least everyone will be on alert for him, or my nephews.

On further "bad" news is that I have decided to delay my May holiday to France till next year (as I had to last year).  I am not nervous of travelling, but as I am going to a specific small museum, so want it to be open when I go, as that is the main reason I have booked this trip - to see the Deborah tank So, decided that I want to be sure I get to see this I need to delay things.  All the cemeteries etc will be open, if we can travel, but didn't know about this museum and didn't want to risk it.

As it's raining and I have had a rough week, health-wise I decided not to go for a walk, however still doing the PhotoFriday thingy. I got the inspiration from a question I did yesterday from earlier in the week. ie
        15. When I have a look around my home, it’s very obvious that I…
            ... love giraffes, and never throw any ornament away. Also, that I owned a Westie

So I have taken a few photos in my lounge to prove the point!

My nest of tables (a friend bought me the frame for Jiffy's picture)
Part of my ornament display
My friend Toni bought me Portious the Christmas that Jaykub died.  He used to sit on my bed at Mum & Dad's, now sits in my lounge.
A friend drew this for me as a Christmas present ... and, yes, I burst into tears as I opened the gift.  That is my Little Man

So, not many pictures, but at least I didn't ignore the challenge this week.

So, that's me up to date, and I do hope to catch up with you all later.  But before I disappear I shall do my question -

19. What are the three most dominant emotions in your life right now?

Worry (about N&B)
Frustration (at not being able to get out & about)

Hope everyone is keeping well & safe

Have You Missed Me?

Sorry, but I sort of "crashed". I have managed to keep going at work, but ended up sleeping most of each afternoon this week ... so haven't been on-line at all. It's been weird - don't know if I crashed, or picked up some bug, but whichever it is, I am beginning to feel better. So, I will catch up with the meme and then turn off the pc again ... so won't be catching up with you all. Sorry. Hope to catch up soon

Hope you all noticed that it was the 50th anniversary of D-Day on Monday!! For those looking at their calendars and thinking I am going mad as it's not June. In 1971 England went decimal in it's currency. I do remember that morning walk to school, spotting all the new signs in the shops.

Well let's do the Daily-Meme and turn off the pc again .......

15. When I have a look around my home, it’s very obvious that I…
... love giraffes, and never throw any ornament away. Also, that I owned a Westie

16. Within the next month I will…
... hope to meet up with friends for walks, again.

17. 5 years ago I never thought…
... I would feel as rough as I do now.

18. What are you most fascinated by at the moment?
wow, can't think of anything that is really pulling my focus especially. A few things seem to be taking my interest at present.

Well, sorry it's short, but I don't want to push things today.
Breast Cancer

A Positive Friday

I know, I missed yesterday ... I can blame Claire for that.

For the last 6 years she and I have met up, usually for a shopping day, but mainly to celebrate another anniversary of her being Cancer free.  7 years ago she had a total mastectomy, but it turned out that she didn't need any chemo/radio ... so I made a point of saying we will celebrate that day.  Sometimes we talk about the cancer, but sometimes not, I always bring up an open-ended thought and leave it for her to decide.  Yesterday, we didn't.  But it is still a day of celebration, whichever she decides.

Yesterday I had a lazy morning, doing some shopping and a bit more spring-cleaning before wrapping up and walking over to her ... spotting some colours etc for my PhotoFriday challenge, which are here -





While I was spying on coloured plants, I realised someone was watching me ... so I took his photo as well!

One of the disadvantages of living where I do is that I see helicopters coming into land at the hospital, sadly too often ... here was the latest -

However one of the advantages of living in Exeter is that it's an old city.  Devon's popular houses are called "long houses" and this is one, although like many they are divided into 2 - 3 properties.

I also took this photo of a couple of items that were Mum & Dad's and that Tim has on display in their front garden

Anyway, when I got there we had a walk and then cam back here for a chat (in the garden again due to lockdown).  I didn't feel too cold then (tea and a liqueur) helped there!  However by the time she left and I came in I realised I had got cold, and even though I wrapped up with more layers it was ages before I was fully thawed out ... so didn't go up to the computer.

However, I wouldn't have not done that afternoon, both the spending time with Claire, and the getting cold for a chance to celebrate her being cancer free.

I have just been to get some extra bits and pieces from the shops, but it is still cold, so plan to spend the rest of the day pottering in the house.  This morning I watched an episode of Sharpe on the TV while doing some more spring-cleaning.

After I have answered the 3 questions I owe you/me then I plan to do some artwork, but not much as it is colder up here, then downstaires to read the paper I bought and attempt the crossword puzzles.

Hope you all are managing to keep safe and well .... and warm!

So -

12. How would a stranger that met you at a dinner party describe you?

So shy ... that they wouldn't be able to say anything else about me!

13. How old do you feel?

Some day 95, other days 25 ... really depends on the day. A lot of the time I'm not really aware of my age at all.

14. How has getting older helped you deal with challenges in life?

I don't think it has. I have always seen something positive, or humorous, in circumstances that challenge.
Snowy cottage

We Had Snow ....

Well, sort of!

LOL - I had a slight panic when snow was the prompt in photo_scavenger this month, as I am trying to be a good girl and actually take photos for each prompt - but I woke this morning to snow ...


Suprise, suprise, it's all gone now!

Had a bit of a dip yesterday, so missed a day -

10. What is your take on making mistakes?
Mistakes are part of life.
It's just to be hoped that we learn from them

11. Who would you like to trade lives with for a day and why?
A tour guide ... then I get to do sight-seeing, and get paid for it!

Well, no real news, so a short post.  Hpe you are all keeping well & safe ... and warm!
Frosty path

Boy, It's Chilly Today

We haven't had any snow, but that wind is biting, and cutting through the layers!  (Whether that's layers of clothes, or fat, I will let you guess)

On Friday I had collected a new phone, same number, new contract etc, that was due to start yesterday.  So, the old phone cut out ... and ... nothing!  So I walked bak to the shop (that's how I know how cold it is) to complain.  It turned out that the person who served me last week had forgotten to put a SIM card in.  So am glad it wasn't something I had, or hadn't done.  So now I have a SIM and waiting for the number to transfer.  Apparently the number transfer had gone through ... but, how, I don't know.  Anyway it will go through later, I hope.

Well the room is warm but I still need thawing out, so am going to do the daily-meme, and then go downstaires and get a pot of tea made.  So ...

9. Do you believe things happen for a reason?


Just A Brief "Hi"

Well another cold and dry day ... no snow, but a biting wind, s although I have been a good girl this afternoon and had a short walk, it was only a short walk!

Frustratingly we had a 4 out of 5 no-show again this morning ... so the Kindle came in useful again!

Hope that you are all keeping well ... and, before I switch off ...

8. What does it mean to you to be spiritual?

It's not a phrase I use at all. People (in my thoughts) only have faith, or they don't. So sorry I can't answer.