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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
4th-Dec-2020 02:28 pm - Time To Play
Christmas Tree + James
Thanks manoah I have snagged this mini quiz ... nice to have something small and silly to post in the middle of everything else that's happening ....

* Favorite pie: Any ... but this time of year it has to be a Mince Pie
* Christmas song: I'll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams), or Favourite Carol - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
* Thanksgiving side dish: I'm English! Sorry, don't have Thanksgiving, but do like Roast Parsnips, that I only do at Christmas
* Pepsi or Coke: Coke (if that is the choice)
* Christmas movie: White Christmas ... of course
* Christmas cookie: Nothing special ... I do like Ginger Biscuits, though
* Netflix or Hulu: Neither!
* Favorite Reindeer: Rudolph
* Favorite Holiday: Christmas
* Turkey or Ham: Turkey
* Real tree or Artificial: Artificial
* Favorite color: Green
* Snow or Sand: Sand
* Early morning person: Not unless I have a plane or train booked!
* Eggnog or Cider: Cider ... Egg-Nog sounds so vile I have never tried it!
* Smooth or crunchy peanut butter: Crunchy
* Waffles or pancakes: Pancakes
* Tree up before or after Turkey day: Well it goes up about 10 days before Christmas
* Clark Griswold or Buddy the Elf: Neither (I'd rather have Danny Kaye!)
* Who will play: ???
4th-Dec-2020 12:10 pm - Yes, Things Happen In Threes!
Yesterday I had work cancelled due to the fact there was no one to actually run the clinic ... pretty good reason I suppose!  Although it was annoying to lose the 3 hours pay, I decided that the time off would be good for me health wise.

I then decided that for some of that spare morning I would start to write some Christmas letters as there always seem to be no real time.  I have a few friends I just contact at Christmas, and have inherited some of Mum & Dad's friends as well.  So, great, my day had a plan!

I turned on the PC ... and, needn't have bothered!  Yes the intermittant problems had added together to leave me with a useless box of electronic bits!  Oh well, annoying, and expensive, but something I had been semi expecting!  So, I picked up the car keys to drive to the shop ... to find that the battery had gone in the car-key, so had no alarm/automatic locking.  So, #2

Anyway I spent yesterday beginning to set up the new pc, and continued this morning.  I wrote a letter to USA, and one to Australia ... only to find that my printer has also died!


So, frustrating ... although, at least I have been off work so I can get the things repaired/replaced.  Although off work means no money, so thanks Mum & Dad for the new computer.

Oh well .. off printer shopping later.

Hope eveyone else is having a better day than me!
2nd-Dec-2020 02:40 pm - It Must Be Christmas!
Christmas Tree + James
Over the years I always used to go Christmas shopping with Mum & Dad, together in the past years, but in the last couple of years Mum was alive I used to go with them seperately ... however it was always a standing joke that the first time I heard Slade playing in a shop then Christmas had arrived.  It was released in 1973, when I was 12, so a rtue tradition.

Well, this morning, my radio turned on and the first song that played ....

So, Christmas has arrived ... maybe that means I need to do some shopping, or at the very least, write some cards!

Hope everyone else is also beginning to get organised ... the scary thing is that I have already received my first card.

Happy Tuesday everyone.
25th-Nov-2020 03:43 pm - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Just a fly-by post (seeing as I spammed you yesterday!) ... but had to wish petzipellepingo a very Happy Birthday ... and best wishes for the coming year x
24th-Nov-2020 02:57 pm - Seasonal Spuffy #3
Spuffy - season 7 B&W
With a combination of my ill health, and the Covid lockdowns I have learnt to appreciate crossword puzzles, etc.  So I thought for my third entry in seasonal_spuffy this time I would make a wordsearch.  All the words/names come from BtVS

Good luckCollapse )
24th-Nov-2020 02:49 pm - Seasonal Spuffy #2
For this session of seasonal_spuffy I have also written a BtVS Season 7 story - but I warn you all now. It is totally un beta's, so if there are any mistakes please let me know ... sorry, in advance!

Chosen To Give ThanksCollapse )
24th-Nov-2020 02:44 pm - Seasonal Spuffy #1
Spuffy - season 7 B&W
It's my day for seasonal_spuffy ... and I actually have 3 entries

This first one is that of Spuffy icons .... here are the 3 teasers,

21   10(1)   2(2)

And there are others here (although some are just variations on the same image)Collapse )
21st-Nov-2020 03:11 pm - There Just Aren't Enough Words
Jiffy - painting
Thank you seems such a small phrase, doesn't it ... there needs to be something larger!

A few weeks ago I contacted kazzy_cee as she works with glass (having a shop here on Etsy) as I had broken both the hummingbird glass mobiles that Mum & I were given as gifts by our friend George in Colorado.  She repaired them rapidly ... but also made me this beautiful gift in memory of Jiffy.  As I saw the colour I just thought of how much he loved rolling in the grass as I was cutting it ... he used to end up that colour ... and leave footprints all over the place.  Thank you kazzy_cee - it means more than I can say

20th-Nov-2020 11:01 am - Three Times Is The Charm!
Well that's the USA version, and makes more sense as a title than my English version of "Third time lucky".  But after a week MIA this is my third post in an hour!!

I have been at work this week again - just mornings, and yes, have had to rest each afternoon ... just for about 30minutes, so that's better than it has been.  In actual fact the hospital is very busy with over twice as many patients with Covid than in the main lockdown in the Spring.  Add to that the fact that the small departemt I work in actually has a third of the staff off with confirmed cases it really brings it home ... and really frustrated when the first patient on Monday couln't see why he had to wear his mask ... sometimes I want to "shake people until their teeth rattle"!!!  However on a positive note, we were all tested this week, and the option to be tested at any time, day or night, is available to all staff.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note I bring a photo .... I took the unopened tins etc that I had got for Jiffy to a RSPCA dog's home, but due to Covid, they didn't want any clothes/toys etc.  So I have kept the jumpers to either give to a Charity Shop, or to send to a home once the crisis is fully over.  But some of the toys I gave to a friend from work who had bought a puppy in the summer.  Buddy, the Sprocker, also gained the opened boxes of biscuits ... but this photo was one Ana sent me of Buddy playing with the goose toy.  Jiffy loved the noise it made, but it was a bit too big for him ... BUddy loves it


Well, that's me up to date - I must get going, as I want to go shopping.  Only supermarkets are open, but, that's good as it's food I need!

Hope that you are all keeping well & safe.
20th-Nov-2020 10:43 am - Congratulations Ma'am
HRH The Queen

This new image has been released to mark the 73rd wedding anniversary of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh tomorrow.
In the photograph Her Majesty and His Royal Highness are seen looking at an anniversary card made by Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, alongside other cards and letters sent by well-wishers.
20th-Nov-2020 10:31 am - It Doesn't Inspire Confidence!
Yes, it's a slight worry when you think about it.

I have just had a phone call from the Pharmacy where I get my repeat prescriptions ... yes, great they are checking all is OK!  True

However, they want to know how I am getting on with my new medication ... so I asked what new medication (and wondering if I hadn't actually read the labels on the latest collection) ... so the pharmasist said "Your inhaler".  I didn't answer as I was wondering whether I had my prescription changed ... so in the gap she said "The Salbutamol".

So I answered, yes I was getting on OK with the treatment - and had for the last 30 years as that was when it was first prescribed to me!!!

She just went on to say that it was noted as new ... so don't know who is going mad - but in this case I can honestly say, it isn't me.

So 30 years on I get the phone call ... maybe a bit too late, really!!
13th-Nov-2020 03:26 pm - 14 Icons
I have made some icons for Round 3 of somein30, with the theme being VIBRANT VS MUTED. I decided to make 14 icons this time from the TV series Hercules, The Legendary Journeys

Here are the teasers -

br2   4(1)   br3

The full set is hereCollapse )
11th-Nov-2020 12:09 pm - 100 Years On
WW1 Grave
There is one advantage to being at home this morning - I was able to watch the Anniversary Service of the Burial of the Unknown Warrior 100 years ago this morning. Due to restrictions there were so few there (the Queen had been asked not to attend, and did her own private ceremony last week) - but despite everything, the day was not forgotten.

For those who don't know the history of the grave, then here is a link at the National Army Museum link

And, here is actual news footage -

Now for me there is a true possibility of an actual link.

The Grenediar Guards escorted the coffin from the coast, to London; and the Coldstream Guards escorted him from the station to the Abbey. However the Commander in charge of this stage noted that the coffin needed more than its flag on it (there was a replica sword incorperated on the actual coffin itself. But he wanted a tin helmet and a webbing belt - something all of the soldiers had worn. Now, this is where it becomes family ... my dad told me, that his dad had told him that it was his kit on the coffin. There is no mention of name in the archives, which is as it should be, but maybe it was Granddad's (I never knew him, as he was mentally seriously ill by the time I was 4).

So, whoever the soldier was I knew my Grandfathers ... but I do know of distant relatives lost. Claire's great-grandfather was lost with no known grave ... so maybe it was him?!

Whoever he warrior was, people who are lost in war, leave family & friends ... and should never be forgotten.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
We will remember them.
9th-Nov-2020 04:43 pm - Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Harry Dresden
I had to have my car serviced this morning.  Normally I would leave the car and get the bus into the city and potter ... however with Lockdown that wasn't going to work!  So I dropped the car off, took a seat and waited ... 4 hours!

Still, it gave me a chance to read "Battle Ground", which is the latest Dresdon Files book.  I had read "Peace Talks" really quickly, but although I had started BG I hadn't been able to sit and read ... so today was the classic excuse.

Anyway I had water, a comfy seat, and a book ... a nice Monday morning (although Mum wouldn't have approved, as Monday is washing day!!)

Anyway there were a couple of others sitting in the waiting area ... I got about half way through the book when I hit the shock (no spoiler though), and it took me all my strength not to yell "No" out loud. 

I remember when I read, and later heard, "Changes" for the first time ... I did scream out loud then, as I was by myself.  I Am looking forward to hearing how James reads it, at some point.  "Changes" is actually one of my favourite of the series, but "Battle Ground"  is not going to be on that list.

Anyway, I have a couple more chapters to read, so I am going to make myself a cuppa and finish the book.
8th-Nov-2020 12:17 pm - Pause And Remember
Poppy Wreath
Over the last few years I have been at The Cenotaph in Whitehall, but this year I can't be there in person .... But am there in spirit.

As ever, remembering Dad's service in The Home Guard, as well as friend's service during WWII. I was 21 when The Falkland's War occured, and since a teenager have supported SASRA (a Christian Army/Airforce charity)

But as ever I think of my Granddad and my Great Uncle who fought in Flanders Fields in The War To End All Wars. They were both amazing men who I remember with fondness.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them.
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