More Icons

See - I told you I am making quite a few icons.  These 2 sets were both done for itsabattlefield

These are for Big Battle #21

Avon Buffy Chakotay Dr Quinn Eeyore
Avon Buffy Chakotay Dr_Quinn(1) Eeyore
Farscape Gandalf the Grey Hawkeye Iolus Jack O'Neill
Farscape Gandalf_the_Grey Hawkeye Iolus Jack_O'Neill(1)

The winning one was

These ones are for Small Battle #44 … Magnification was the theme on this one, and I chose to do them all from one Sta Trek Voyager screencap

3(4) 2(3) 1(6) 5(3) 4(4)

Wtih the last one being the winner

As ever, all icon credits etc can be found over at my icon journal - d4s_icons
Gone with the Wind - Tomorrow is another

Doing OK

... in fact the wather has been better than forecast as I was able to walk to & from work, as well as have an afternoon walk.  So good news, although it's still cold, which isn't as good!

On another good point, my breathing is certainly settling now.  So, yes, I am really glad I have been able to stop the treatment (ironical - but as a couple of friends have said, typical, of me!!)

Work went OK ... we had one no-show, but the others were OK, just it was a very slow morning.  Still, better that than some of the patients we have seen over the last few months.

Now I am going to sort out some icons, before phoning my Aunt (I usually try to phone her every 3 weeks or so).  This is Mum's best friend, and we always have a laugh.  I do also need to phone my other Aunt, Dad's sister, but think I will put that off till next week 😉

So, before I go -

5. Is there someone you absolutely cannot stand but have to tolerate?
No, fortunately

Happy Star Wars Day

Yes, today is Star Wars Day, so hope you are all polishing your light sabres!


I hadn't photographed anything for the prompt over at photo_scavenger until this morning.  And for breakfast I, as always, had a couple of mugs of tea.  (And as it's Star Wars Day today I used my Star Wars mug, of course)


It was actually a good clinic this morning - 5 relatively normal people ... so does that mean I have to worry about what tomorrow's patients will be like!

It is still a very cold wind, but at least the sun is out.  I have had a short walk this afternoon before turning on the pc.  And, before I turn off again -

4. How would you describe your last disappointment?
I suppose having to cancel meeting up with Brenda on Saturday ... chance to see her, and to do some sight-seeing wold have been lovely, so was upset that had to be cancelled

Well that's me up to date - now I'm going to make some icons as I am signd up on a couple of comms (wish me luck!)

Enjoy your day

Bank Holiday Monday ... So ...

Of course the weather is terrible!  Actually it's not as bad as forecast as we were told it would be cold, wind & rain ... so 2 out of 3 so far!

This morning started annoyingly early!  I had a lazy morning planned, but at just before 8am, the neighbours garden contractors started hammering!  Good to get an early start - but on a Bank Holiday!!  I managed a walk this morning, but it was cold.  Then once back I hung washing on the line, which has mostly dried already as it's so windy.  I have also cleaned my bedroom & bathroom and hoovered the rest of the house.  So although it was annoying that the bad weather meant I yet again had to cancel plans, yet overall I have had a good productive morning.  I actually got the ironing done and everything is on my airer indoors now (Don't want to get caught by a shower of rain as I type this)

Now I am here to scribble this and do some artwork.  If not for icon competitions then I need to sort some seasonal_spuffy ones, as my posting date will arrive faster than I want!

I will try to catch up with all your postings soon (but forgive me if I somehow miss you).

Oh a random note I have, at long last, got on with doing some re-watching of my favourite TV series from the 90's (and one from the 80's).  I have seen season 1 of the ones I am watching, and now am almost finished season 2 of Star Trek Voyager (having already seen it on Stargate SG1).  My next one is going to be BtVS and then it will be Blakes 7's turn.  So mostly Sci Fi, other than BtVS, of course.  I love these series although it has been some time since I have watched them in order - having occasionally caught an episisode on TV.  I read fan-fic from them all, so it's also good to get the original story straight in my mind again.

Well that's me up to date again - Hope you are all having  a good day (whether it's a Bank Holiday, or not).  But, before I go -

3. Ever stolen a street sign?
Umm, why would I?

Happy Saturday Everyone

Well I have only been off the inhaler a day, yet I am actually feeling quite a lot better. So much so, I actually did a 5 mile walk today. (And I have a couple of photos to share) -





I walked to Topsham, which is on the Exe Estuary (about 4 miles from where I live, so yes, I caught the bus home as I didn't want to push things too much)

I had aimed to meet Brenda for the day today, but with the weather forecast we changed our plans. As you can see it was lovely this morning, but as I type this it is very heavy rain,

Now it's time to turn off the pc until Monday. Hope you all have a good weekend - but, as ever, -

1. Has a random person ever asked you for your phone number?

2. Do you have freckles?
As a child I did, but not now

Exeter Colour

Yes, more PhotoFriday images!  I only walked round the short block this morning, but spotted some lovely colour, so am sharing them with you here.  It was a walk that Jiffy and I did at least every other day, so nice to re-trace those steps, but with another purpose.

Also, a short walk, a I am walking into the city later as I have a bra fitting.  That's the disadvantage of being "well endowered" can't just pick up a cheepo bra, and the fitting changes from time to time.

i have also spoken to my GP (again) this morning.  He put me on a new treatment for my asthma as it was not great when I last saw him.  However this is the fourth time I have tried assorted long term treatments and it failed.  However I was a good girl and went on the new medication.  But, 2 weeks in and I am really struggling, so I needed to check with him before I stopped the inhaler.  So hopefully that is the answer for the worsening symptoms ... if not ... "panic"  Anyway, that was also the reason that I didn't catch up with you all yesterday as I am super-tired again.  So, let's "watch this space"!!

Anyway - here's some local colour.  Although the first is of a pot plant that I have had for years & years and this is the first time that it has flowered -

And, so local colours -












And - I thought I would spy on a neighbour, as well -

And, of course -

30. Have you ever been on an island?
Corfu, Kos, Rhodes, Madeira, Minorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria ... and in Britain - Anglesea, Isle of White, Brownsea Island & Canvey Island
(Think that's all)
ETA - I realise I forgot some - St Mary's, Guernsey & Herm
The advantage of loving to travel
Jiffy - painting

I Have Ordered The Stone ...

Yes, I got a couple of quotes over the last couple of weeks, and now have ordered Jiffy's tombstone.  It won't be there in time for his birthday in May, but probably will be there for mine.  So, when it arrives I will post photos for those who want to see them.

It's been an odd week at work - a couple of patients who I could have gladly throttled!  Yesterday we actually had one patient who told me that he had been bored, and he had wasted 2 hours of his life ... I did point out that the consultant wanted results to help him ... however ... !!!!  Sometimes I just don't understand people!

Yesterday I wasn't online as I had a long awaited sports massage, and was a good girl in resting, drinking water & tea ... and a may have had some chocolate to help with the healing of the muscles!

I had actually made a plan to meet up with Brenda for a walk on saturday, as it's a Bank Holiday, however the weather doesn't look as if it's going to be helpful.  typical English Bank Holiday weekend, then!

So I am going to do some artwork now ... and will try and catch up with you all later.

As ever, before we go -

28. Would you consider yourself to be in shape?
Yes - round!
Well, that's a shape, isn't it?  (LOL)

29. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Not me driving - however the day before my 21st I was on a bike that was hit by a car doing 40+mph.  I have also been a passenger when we had a car drive into the back of us while we were stationary.
So - yes & no!
Essex Girl

Sorry -

Yes, I know, I wasn't around yesterday!  I was very tired, although not so tired that I had to sleep, but enough that my focus on anything wasn't brilliant, so decided not to turn on the pc.  But still managed to have a short walk so my daily trips are still continuing.

Today was yet another busy clinic, so yes I am tired agaain, but not as bad as yesterday so am catching up.  I have had a short walk today as well - I had to get some milk so walked the long way there.  I also picked up a grow bag so that I will be able to grow some tomatoes soon (I adore them)

I don't really have much news, as the clinics were full on and the tiredness is frustrating!!  But, before I go -

26. What physical traits have you inherited from your mother?
My grey hair, which is thick like Mum's (although the curl comes form both my granddads.
My large bust ... all the females on Mum/Grandma's side of the family are "well endowed"

27. Where were you raised for most of your life?
Essex ... if you are English you will have heard of "Essex girls" ... and yes, I am one.  Born there are lived from the age of 6 - 25 (3 months to 6 was in North Wales)
Avon & Cally

Icons To Share ... Again!

This set of 13 icons is made for somein30 .... for Round 08: Relationships being the theme.

I did them under the basic mode and opted to make (mostly) 2 icons from some of my truly favourite pairings.

Buffy & Spike - BtVS
Captain Janeway & Chakotay - Star Trek Voyager
Avon & Cally - Blakes 7
Hawkeye & Margaret - M*A*S*H* (the series)
Jack & Sam - Stargate SG1
Dr Mike & Sully - Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
Hercules & Zena - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

1 2 3 4 5
Spuffy_(2) Spuffy_(1) Voyager_(2) Voyager_(1) Blakes_7_(2)
6 7 8 9 10
Blakes_7_(1) MASH(1) MASH Stargate_(1) Stargate_(2)
11 12 13
Dr_Quinn_(1) Dr_Quinn_(2) Hercules

As ever, all are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated. The credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons

How Can It Be Saturday, Already?

Yesterday was another good day - I think it helps with the good weather.

I ended up having a chat with my new neighbours (well, technically the second chat). One way is a rental property and the new tenants are 2 Italian girls who work at the hospital. The first evening they moved in I actually went and asked them to turn music down. No windows open on either house, I am wathing TV, and suddenly I couldn't actually hear it! I have never moaned before but decided I would ask as it was day 1 and didn't want to set a pressident. The girl who answered (eventually) the door was apologetic. Yesterday I heard her in the garden and asked her about the problem they had with internet ... the supplier had actually asked me if there was a problem for me). So it gave me the ideal excuse to speak to her. Anyway, we chatted for quite a time, and she finished with yet another apology and a gift of some rosemary as we had talked about various herbs etc. So, as I said, a good day!

This morning I walked to the supermarket, shopped and came home via the bus. I have prepared lunch, now just here to catch up before cooking and eating. However, must get caught up for the weekend -

24. How do you find new music?
I don't!
I have so many CD's that I love I don't look for others, although do have the radio on first thing in the morning - so hear some bits & pieces!

25. What physical traits have you inherited from your father?
My poor posture.
My short-sightedness and colour-blindness.

Hope it's as sunny for you, as me. Although it is quite breezy here - but nice weather when you have a day off. I shall probably have another walk later.

See you Monday x