80th Anniversary - Battle Of Britain

This morning they had the anniversay service at Westminster Abbey for the Battle of Britain.  So thought I would share this picture that Dad drew at the time.  It is one of a dozen that I have that he did - mostly of WWII sights ...


Dad lived in the East of London, and worked on the docks in Barking ... so for him The Battle of Britain was something he lived in.

Well as I am here, I cam meme, as well -

20 What’s your favorite kind of bread?
Sorry, but I just like white, or wholemeal, bread ... boring, but yummy
James - Rock On!

Solitaire Made Me Do It!!

... although I realise I have also lost a day!

I turned on the pc yesterday to post (but now know I had lost the previous day as well).  However I made some icons, and then was going to meme when I decided to play a game of Spider ... and saw there was a solitaire I hadn't tried, and somehow lost an hour playing "40 Thieves" ... and then it was lunchtime!! So it wasn't really my fault, was it???

Anyway, as I have now found out I have 3 days here

17 If you were given $1M, with the stipulation that you must spend it on yourself within one year, how would you spend it?
I would travel - having bought a new car, new clothes, have the house decorated etc.
I would also take my family & friends anywhere they want on my travels ... as that would still be spending the money on me!

18 What do you daydream about?
Travel - places to visit

19 What was the first song you ever memorized?
I think it was Lily The Pink by The Scaffold, released in 1968 when I was 7 (not at all PC, btw)

James - buzz cut & name.

2 For The Price Of 1

OOopps, I had a dip yesterday, so slept in the afternoon and didn't turn on the pc. So I have 2 days to share today

15 Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants?
The only things I plan are my holidays/day-trips etc. Everything else, I react as I go along

16 How did you make a difference for someone else today?
Worked this morning and did do some filing and sorted the post that was needed while waiting for the next patient.

Sorry - A Weekend Off-Line

Had a good weekend - hope you all did so, as well.

Met up with a friend from Church on the Saturday morning in her garden, so it was good to spend some time with a friend.  Something we used to take for granted, now it is special ... but maybe that's good, as well.  It makes me appreciate people, and "events" more.

Anyway - here's the meme catch-up

12 Do you experiment with your hairstyle often, or do you have a classic style you stick with?
LOL - On my graduation Day, in 1983, I was just 22, and other than the colour, the style is the same as it is now!!

13 What’s your favorite childhood story or fairy tale?
I have such fond memories of Rupert Bear ... as Granddad used to cut them out of the paper, and Grandma would read them to the 3 of us.  So it was not so much a favourite story, as opposed to a family memory.

But also look at the last book on my list.

14 What are your Top Ten favorite books?

  • The Bible

  • Rilla of Ingleside (slightly my favourite of the Anne series by LM Montgomery)

  • Changes (my favourite of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher)

  • Mary of Carisbroke (by Margaret Campbell Barnes)

  • The Following of The Star (by Florence L Barclay)

  • When We Were Very Young (by AA Milne)

  • Just So Stories (by Rudjard Kipling)

  • I never Knew That About England (by Christopher Winn)

  • Selection of WWI poetry (I have a couple, but one if my go-to of them)

  • Noddy at the Seaside (by Enid Blighton) ... that was my favourite book as a child, and in fact I could actually quote the whole book as a 5 year old!!

Worked this morning, now I have letters to write!!

With James

No Thanks

11 Do you like having your picture taken? Why or why not?

Another easy one - no I don't!

Easy answer as well, it's for the same reason I don't look in mirrors, I don't think there anything special about me (and yes I dare say people will want to comment at that ... but please don't). I was bullied from 10 - 18, and sadly it has left me not liking what I look like. Terrible to say, and it used to break Mum's heart, I know, but "friends" can cause long-term pain.

Anyway, that's my problem, not yours! (And, yes, you guessed it, I am putting a no comment link on this)


On another note, I don't work Fridays ... even in the past when I was fully fit & well. However this evening (yes I have to be in by 6pm) I have a 2 hour training course as we are having a new computer system ... it's been a 2 year project for the hospital, but now down to the last month, so all training has to be done by then for all the 9,000 members of staff
Chocolate + Earth

More Sight-Seeing!

10 Would you sign up to be a colonist on another planet if it meant you would never be able to return to earth?

Well if I have visited all the places I want to see on this planet ... and I can be teleported there, yes ... more places to visit!!

However, as the icon states, hopefully Cadbury will have opened a factory already!
Blue Tit

No, Never

9 Are you a worrier? What’s something you’re worried about right now. Can you do something constructive about the situation?


I tend to think of a truly stupid answer ... and then put it out of my mind.
Buffy - dark image

Wow, I'm Back Quickly This Time

I know, I was absent yesterday! However after work I had an appointment with my Sports Masseur ... and I was really tired afterwards (that doesn't usually happen, but that was my yesterday)

So, work again this morning, and now I have a couple of questions to catch up on -

7 Have you ever called in sick to work when you weren't actually ill but didn't want to give the real reason?
I have always been self-employed (now I work for the NHS but on a zero-hours contract) ... so, no, I have never taken a sickie ... lack of pay is not the best of things for me

8 Have you ever talked to yourself out loud in public?
I talk to myself all the time, so I suppose so!!!

Well I need to get on and get some ironing done ... I did the washing yesterday, but it got wet during the day in a showeer, but all OK now.
James - Moonshot, Moonshot

Only Me

I am going to try to do better, allthough as I have said that a few times, I really hope I will stick to it this time.

Last week I actually managed a week of mornings at work ... and(insert cheer here) I managed to not sleep any afternoon.  That is the first time that I have managed that since mid December ... that has been a long time coming, and I am trying to not push thingsas I don't want to fall back again.

Anyway, while I was cooking Sunday lunch, Jiffy asked to sit on his/mum's seat.  Back where it used to be he & mum used to sit in it ... first come, first served!!!!  You can probably see that he has lost weight - yes, he is eating, but sadly still not putting the weight back on.  However he still loves a short potter around, and enjoys dinner!


Well I thought that maybe if I copied out the meme this month I might make it back to LJ more often ... well, let's hope!  So, I have some catching up to do -

1. What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
Sorry, but although I have seen the first 3 films, that's as far as my Hogwarts knowledge goes!!

2. What is the first historical event you clearly remember?
I was taken to see the first regular hovercraft crossing from North Wales to Liverpool (we lived locally).  I was 2 ... and yes, I remember watching this building (the hovercraft) suddenly lift up, and we got sprayed with flying sand!!  I remember the basics of the Aberfan disaster as I was 5 and in a Welsh village school ... but I suppose the one I can really remember best was the Apollo 11 moon landings, which has given me a love of all thing space travel.

3 What part of elementary/primary school would you like to incorporate into your adult life?
Regular history lessons ... I love visiting and travel, but would love to be updated as to the history

4 If you could eliminate one thing that you did every day, what would it be?

5 Your rescue team in the coming zombie apocalypse is the cast of the last tv show you watched. How screwed are you?
I watched part of "Songs of Prasie" as I was getting Jiffy organised for his stroll.  So, not good, although with my singing, maybe I could just scare away the baddies!!

6 What is something you do to indulge yourself?
Reading in bed in a morning when I don't have to get up at a specific time.

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So if I don't post this now another day will have gone by.  I don't really "do" anything on a Sunday so won't be catching up with you all, but hope to tomorrow (fingers crossed)
Ocean Waves

Bank Holiday Trip

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday and I actually did a day trip ... complete with picnic lunch (chased by wasps while we ate!!).

I caught a bus and met Christine at Teignmouth ... it was a favoutite outing of Mum & Dad, and we used to walk along the front ... and yesterday Christine and I had a great walk, lunch, tea & cake ... before heading home again.  And, yes, I had a paddle, as well!!

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And today, it was a case of back to work - just the 3 1/2 hours, but at least I am not tooooooo tired, so far!!

Hope everyone is keeping well - will try and catch up with my f-list later