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10 Farscape Icons

This set of icons was for Big Battle #15 of itsabattlefield ... and the theme is of TV shows that were cancelled too soon. So I chose Farscape, although cheated and took the images from the final episodes that were filmed so that the story could be completed -

 photo cap0314_zpsrysaajtc.jpg  photo cap0472_zps86b7ik77.jpg  photo cap0456_zpsz6jp7ezs.jpg  photo cap0126_zps6et9ynaq.jpg  photo cap1475_zps0ovyomhm.jpg

 photo cap0142_zpscnnynkwi.jpg  photo cap0223_zpsvdjsrjdl.jpg  photo cap0777_zpsyny11k1r.jpg  photo cap0175_zpsozv5f1cw.jpg  photo cap1417_zpszf8v0xfe.jpg

As ever all are snaggable - and credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons

The winning icon was
 photo cap1475_zps0ovyomhm.jpg
Stargate - Jack & Sam

Stargate SG1 Icons

This set of icons from season 8 was made for the Big Battle #16 of itsabattlefield ... with the theme being colours & techniques ....

 photo Purple and Duplicate_zpsxkmrg6dt.jpg    photo Black and One Eye_zps4p6kiyja.jpg    photo Red and Close-crop_zpsl2o40ann.jpg    photo Yellow and Centre-crop_zpskiunihvq.jpg    photo Brown and Decorative Elements_zpsuxdykmc5.jpg

 photo Blue and Full Body_zpswu4jdlhm.jpg    photo Pink and levels_zpse7llgohk.jpg    photo Silver and Negative Space_zpstgc5ejil.jpg    photo Orange and Profile_zpstn9cj9kw.jpg    photo Green and Upside-down_zps5sc5igp0.jpg

Black & One Eye
Blue & Full Body
Brown & Decorative
Green & Upside-down
Orange & Profile
Pink & Levels
Purple & Duplicate
Red & Close-up
Silver & Negative Space
Yellow & Centre crop

The winning icon was -  photo Yellow and Centre-crop_zpskiunihvq.jpg

As ever all are snaggable - and credits are avai;lable over a my icon journal - d4s_icons
Harry Dresden

Is It Just Me?

Over the years Mum & I shared a love of jigsaw puzzles ... Dad was great at buying us ones that we (individually loved).  One of Mum's loves were the Thomas Kincaid pictures, which I find that bit harder due to the colourblindness.  However as I am busy doing puzzles to get the brain functioning better (!!), I have just completed one of these 1,000 piece jigsaws.

 photo IMG_20200403_121514_zpsvz6ol5ey.jpg

As you can see they are lovely pictures (in fact I saw a whole shop of prints when I was in Carmel, California)

However, as I have been working on it, all I could think of was the painter's surname ... KINCAID ... no wonder was lots of ivy in the picture.  Presumably this is where Father Forthill will spend his "retirement".  
Gym quote

Tiredness Is Still Winning!

I am not getting any better (booo), or worse (hurrah!).  I feel guilty that as a nurse I am not working in this pandemic.  Everyone I know reminds me that I have worked shifts over the years when I could ... and the best thing i.s to continue to avoid risk, and thus avoid becoming worse, or even ill with Corona.  I poke to my GP today and he reminded me that I had similar 4 years ago, which I thought was because I had lost Mum & Dad  ... but maybe I still haven't fully come to terms with that.  Overall it is stll the combination of the double-flu, CFS ... and maybe the stress of Mum & Dad, and certainly the stress of work-guilt

So overall, my doctor has signed me off for another month.  And the reminder that my body will take it's own time ... like 4 years ago (he also pointed out that I wasn't as ill on the inital infection then)

So I must learn patience!

Hope evryone else is keeping well and safe ... I will try and be a better girl at being around
Group *hugs * (with a 2m gap as requested by the UK goverment!)
Spike - with white frame

Have Computer ... Sort Of!!

I collected my computer a couple of days ago before the shop closed for ... (however long)

However as it is an intermittent fault they hadn't been able to sort it out, but think it's something to do with the fan.  So I can only use it for short times here & there.  Still I can keep in touch with people so that's the main thing ... but may not be around much

Hope you are all keeping safe.  I am still off work after the virus that floored me at Christmas ... so the rest of the world is worried about Corona ... I am still recovering from the previous one!  Much of Exeter is "behaving" and keeping off the streets, but there are still people around who think they are off work/school for a holiday.

I actually took Jiffy to have a haircut today ... vetinary care is still happening, and for an almost 14 year old dog who has had a skin problem for 10 years  I felt it needed to go ahead.  While he was being pampered I did some shopping, and then had my walk (in a cemetery), and will post photos when I can upload them.  Poor Jiffy has slept since we got home ... it's what he does a lot of the time anyway.

So now for the next few days (or even more), other than short strolls with Jiffy I can stay in.

On one point of good news it was announced that we get 2 Dresden books this year ... after such a long wait, that is brilliant news.

Everyone keep safe xx
No time


Just signing on briefly "elsewhere" to say as of yesterday I am off-line as my computer has died.  I am having it looked at, but it will be some time for that, and if not, will have to buy a new one.

So will return ... when I return

Bye!  See you on the flip side
Hardest thing - live in the world

Things Seem Quiet Here, Don't They?

Or maybe it's just me

I have, until today been working a couple of hours a day in admin at the hospital ... but as we are patient linked, and a biggish department they have told me to keep away for a week or so until I feel better, and we know what is really happening with this pandemic.

So I am going to try to catch up with some art work, and as I feel a bit stronger I may even do a bit more sorting in my spare room!!

Jiffy is really slowing down now, which is hard to see, but he seems happy and still loves his dinner, and a couple of treats, so all OK really.

Well I have managed to post in photo_scavenger, so again am sharing the post here, just to spread the love -

This doll sits on the back of my settee.  Back in 1990 Mum was really ill for a couple of months, and her first few days back on her feet this pattern was in her weekly magazine, so she decided this was a project she could slowly do ... and it seemed meant to be as her name was Sylvia .... so here we are, a doll with a bonnet
 photo DSC_0410_zps11xgzuhw.jpg

This is today's hairstyle ... must admit, Jiffy doesn't spend hours in front of the mirror!
 photo 19th March 1_zpsct7nily3.jpg
Gone with the Wind - Tomorrow is another

How Did That Happen?

I was keeping up pretty well ... and then ... OOOOOPPPs

I supose part of the problem is in making sure I can keep doing the 2 hours a day at work. However on a couple of days (including Saturday, at home) I did more ... and regretted it. However I did 2.5 hours this morning, and other than doing a load of shopping I am not going to do anything else other than type this up, and catch up with the meme.

Tomorrow I shall be doing another 2 hours as I have a dental appt as well (which is a 25 min drive away), so need to be a good girl. The advantage of my zero-hours contract is that I arrive when I can, and leave when I need to. So it's been a good stepping stone. However next week I need to start setting the alarm earlier to get into work at the proper time.

Jiffy's ears & skin is much better (thanks to those who asked), but it is hard to watch him really slowing up. I know he will be 14 in May, but still hard to see the reality of this.

Well, I had better catch up ....

8 It’s International Women’s Day. Who is a woman you greatly admire and why do you admire her?
Someone who left school at almost 15, yet never stopped learning. If you want to read the eulogy I wrote for her when she died it is here

9 What’s your favorite movie quote?
I don't tink I have one ... although the Gone with the Wind one of "Tomorrow is another day" is pretty good

10 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fear?
Loosing family and friends ... especially if someone is hurt near me, and I can't help them

11 What’s your first and middle name(s), if you’re comfortable saying? Do you think the meanings of your names matches who you are?
Deborah Jacqueline
We did the bit about meaning, didn't we? However Deborah is a Bible name (Mum & Dad wanted us all to have names from the Bible, which we do). Deborah was first mentioned in Genesis as a nurse, which is what I am now! And secondly as the only female Judge in the book of the same name. I am not a femenist, and her other description was that she sang a song on the victory of the army (I can't sing!!). Jacqueline is actually the feminine of James, my Dad's middle name.
I almost had Victoria, as well. And in fact that would have been good as it's the middle name of both my grandmothers, and I was the only girl in the family.

12 What’s your birth order in your family? Do you think it affected who you are as an adult?
I am the oldest, then Nick, then Tim
I was often blamed for chaos ... but maybe it was my fault some times!!
James - eyes

Eye Op

7 What is the worst medical procedure you’ve ever had?
... And is also the best!

I tore, and detatched the retina of my right eye. From first symptoms to op it was literally a week, but in managing that I maintained most of my sight. I was actually blind in the eye for a few hours, but since then have been able to see again.

It was a 3 hour op, and has left me with visible scars on my eye ... although I don't suppose those who have met me have seen them. But on a couple of times I have had people notice them.

So a long and major op ... but saving my sight.