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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
My Life 
23rd-Mar-2018 07:29 pm - Icons
I am doing this set of icons for fandom10in30 ... the challenge is that of "Dress Up". There was no theme, so I chose 10 different outfits where the characters are dressed completely different from there "normal"

1.  photo sg1_819_215_zpss3cyofft.jpg 2.  photo sg1_221_485_zps4f3ko0to.jpg 3.  photo q_thegray_190_zps4r0o4onz.jpg 4.  photo killinggameone029_zpsxa5luibu.jpg

5.  photo 4ea67afccfb570297bc0d0845578074f_zpst2iiupuq.jpg 6.  photo 6a00d8341c5d3b53ef01b7c866f96a970b-800wi_zpsdouarhve.jpg 7.  photo 111hells-bells-willow-and-tara_zpsewbpubrc.jpg 8.  photo btvs112_422_zps83wyumxt.jpg

9.  photo 119VampireDiaries1160_zpsf1ektivu.jpg 10.  photo 6225633_orig_zpstbr5apva.jpg

As with all my icons they are all snaggable, and credit can be found in my icon journal -  d4s_icons, over at LiveJournal This was originally post on Dreamwidth
19th-Mar-2018 03:55 pm - To All The Ladies ... Especially 50+
LOL - James
Don't panic

I have just had a blood test, and the nurse was telling me a great joke she had just seen ...

2 women were talking, and the elder told the younger that she had just had her mammagram.
The younger asked as to if it hurt!
And the reply was .... "I went in with 2 cups and came out with 2 saucers"!!
17th-Mar-2018 06:09 pm - More Of The 100
How did I do that? I am a week behind, so will catch up quickly ....

10. If you could have any hair colour what would it be?
I have always wanted to be brave enough to have a really lurid hair colour, but have never been brave enough.

11. Do you like nature documentaries?
No!  I know animals eat to survive, but I don't want to see it.  And I am phobic about insects ... so another reason.  However do like watching the protection programmes, etc.

12. What is your aesthetic?
Oooops, I had to look up the word - but am still no neaer.  I think the answer is that I like real life, but an assortment - I do not enjoy impressionism, or cubism, or whatever.  If I have the wrong answer, sorry.

13. When did you last pet a dog?
Just called Jiffy over!!

14. Whose friend’s parents do you like the most?
I have always got on with most of my friends parents ... although now they are gradually loosing them.  But have never had a favourite.

15. Have you ever been on a road trip?
When we were teens, as a family, we toured a lot of Europe.  I love travelling, and seeing new places (or some place again).

16. Tell me about someone you know called emma
I don't know an Emma

17. Are you reading a book in english class, what is it?
Too old for school (I left in 1979!), and stopped English in '77. The books I read for my O levels were Emma, by Jane Austin & 1984 by George Orwell. I also had to study early 20th century poetry, as well as "A Man For All Seasons" and "Henry IV, part I"
16th-Mar-2018 07:21 pm - Iolus Icons
I managed to get another set of icons finished ... so I may be MIA for some things, but am still getting a few icons made.  This set is for Round 103 of character20n20 ... this month I chose Iolus from Hercules.

Here are the 3 teasers-

 photo AC 4_zpsuno6vsth.jpg    photo Cat 2_zpso9zgns0n.jpg    photo Sexy_zpsl8kjvct2.jpg

The full set is hereCollapse )

12th-Mar-2018 03:54 pm - Ooooops
James - Shhh Genius at work
Guess who has missed a few (more) days!! So am doing a couple of days catch up.

I have been doing a bit more sorting of my spare room. No, I won't get to finish it by Easter, as I had hoped, but at least I have made some progress.

Well ... here we go -

6. What’s your favourite cartoon now?
I still like Whacky Races, and it's sequel, Catch the pigeon. 

7. Do you read the newspaper?
I buy a Saturday paper, so I get the TV magasine, but otherwiseno, it's history by the time it's printed!!

8. Who was the last text you sent to?
Ceri - one of the secreteries at work.

9. What does the last text you sent say?
She was teasing me about extra shifts, and as I had laughed, she suggested Jiffy.  So I replied that he was now hiding under my bed rather than do more work!!  Just a silly chat, with someone who has been a good friend.
7th-Mar-2018 05:46 pm - Meme-ing, That's All
So much for starting a meme to help me to keep posting!! I am a couple of days out, so thought I would do three, to catch up.

3. Do you still talk to the first person you kissed?
N/A ... unless Jiffy (& Perry, & Misty) counts

4. Do you get on with your grandpa?
My Dad's father died when I was 14, but I didn't know him as he had a stroke that affected his brain when I was 4. He had been in the army for a few years, and apparantly as the years went along he loved working in Sunday School teaching, etc ... but sadly I was his oldest grandchild so he never had a chance to get to know the 3 of us.

My Mum's Father died when I was 17 ... he was a real gentleman. I loved him, and although he was Victorian, we got on very well. He was a very genuine person, and I wish I had been able to get to know him that bit better; although I do remember some of the chats I had with him, especially about WWI. He actually died on a Christmas Day, so that means we never forget the date!

5. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?
Many of the shows I loved were not true cartoons ... yes, I am old enough to remember The Woodentops -

But my favourite cartoon is Whacky Races (here is the intro for those who don't know it) -
4th-Mar-2018 05:27 pm - 100 Meme
Deborah - Portrait of Corage
Aren't I a good girl ... 2 questions, in 2 days!

Day 2. What’s your middle name?

Jacqueline ... the female equivalent of James, which was Dad's middle name.
3rd-Mar-2018 07:36 pm - Saturday's Scribble
Groucho Marx, Writing
Just to show we did have snow - even if it only lasted a couple of days-
 photo DSC_0294_zpsad8ixpjn.jpg

I have spent some time this afternoon trying to both talk myself into a new camera, and then to talk myself out of it ... I will let you know which side wins!!

Now to try and keep posting I have snagged a 100 meme from kazzy_cee ....So, here is the listCollapse )

100 Meme, question 1 - Do you have a favourite sweater?
I have a couple I like. One of which is a cheapo one I bought last November, but wear it a lot as it's beige and orange, it goes with most things. I also have a maroon coloured one, that was a favourite of mum's, and I liked her in it ... and now love wearing it myself!!

And now back to watching my DVD - Marx Brothers, Duck Soup
Snowy cottage
We still have snow here (although it did only arrive yesterday). It is as deep as Jiffy's legs, but today is frozen on top. I can't get to the gym, as you can guess, but there again a walk into work, and then home, and then taking Jiffy for a short patrol .... my legs have had a superb workout!! (And this time I get paid for it!!).

I don't normally work on a Friday but the hospital declared an incident, and all local staff were asked to do some more work. Thy were so glad I phoned in they were happy for me to only do 4 hours. It was actually nice to be back on the wards ... and was actually recognised by the senior matron, so after 5 years that was nice.

Hoping everyone else is keeping safe & warm
Snowy cottage
Yet again I must apologise for being MIA ... and more importantly for missing a load of birthdays. I have been able to catch up with comments, and will try to keep up, again.

Today we have at long last got snow ... only a few flakes this morning, but now steadily snowing, so, as I have no plans to travel things should be OK ... just hope I manage to get a few photos before it all goes again. Jiffy can't understand why the floor is so cold, but at long last he has settled down again (although probably sulking at his lack of 2nd walk today).

Well, as I said, I somehow got way behind with the February meme, so will be a good girl and finish it ... read if you wish, up to you.

8 days of questions ... and answersCollapse )

Hope everyone keeps safe ... and warm.
27th-Feb-2018 07:47 pm - 20 Icons
Deborah - Portrait of Corage
We had more than 20 days to complete round 11 of monthlyinspo , which was good, because although it sounded a relatively easy challenge ... it wasn't!!  And some of you may have noticed that I have been missing ... well I have been keeping busy-ish, but sadly my CFS has kicked in.  So I have spent a lot of time sleeping, and therefore am way behind with things ... but at least I got 20 icons done.

We were given a theme of doing 20 icons to tell the story of a book.  I chose to summarise The Bible, yes, all 66 books.  Anyway, here are the 3 teasers -

 photo 17 - Easter_zpsma1fnubq.jpg    photo 11 - Jesus heals_zpsmgan1p11.jpg    photo 6 - Psalms_zps08rxtaoc.jpg

20 steps through The Bible ....Collapse )
20th-Feb-2018 03:27 pm - Jack O'Neill Icons
Stargate - Jack/Sam
Well here is my set of 20 icons for round 102 of character20n20 ... and they weren't hard to make, in some ways. I mean, looking at Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG1 is easy on the eyes!!

Here are the 3 teasers -
   photo Cat 2_zpsg1gvzsk4.jpg    photo AC3_zpsd6ybzbim.jpg  photo Simple_zpsew1ux3ee.jpg

The full set is hereCollapse )
Stone sculpture
It was constructed for Sir Thomas Tresham, a fervent Roman Catholic, and is thought to have been designed by Robert Stickells. The exact date is unknown but can be estimated to circa 1604–05, the year of Tresham's death. It wasn't finished by this time, and as Robert Catesby was a cousin, the family lost everything after the Gunpowder Plot was discovered.

Lyveden New Build is built in a cross shape, with a lot of religious images carved in place.

A century later stone had been attempted to remove, but due to the amazing workmanship, that proved impossible, so the building was preserved to this day.

A slice of religous historyCollapse )
On the same day that we went to Stanwick, we also went to Raunds, to see the Church, and hopefully the cemetery to see my other set of great-grandparents (however there was absolutely no parking there, so we just went to The Church) ....

My grandfather was born here in 1896, and christened in St Peter's Church .. so worth a visit!

Visiting Raunds ChurchCollapse )

I grew up knowing about RAF Chelveston, as an American base during the war. Mum actually saw Glenn Miller there and it gave her a love of band music, that she passed on.

During the Second World War the airfield was occupied by both the Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces. It was given the USAAF designation Station 105.

In early 1942, Chelveston was turned over to the American Eighth Air Force. The first USAAF unit to occupy Chelveston was the 60th Troop Carrier Group. The 60th consisted of the 10th, 11th, 12th and 26th squadrons, equipped with 53 C-47 aircraft. On 9 August 1942, the 301st Bombardment Group (Heavy) took up residence on the station. The 301st was assigned to the 1st Combat Wing at Brampton Grange. Its operational squadrons were the 32d, 352d, 353d, 354th and 415th Bomb Squadrons, each equipped with Boeing B-17F Flying Fortresses. USAAF Station Units assigned to RAF Chelveston were:
442d Sub-Depot[2]
18th Weather Squadron
2d Station Complement Squadron
1059th Military Police Company
1632nd Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company
876th Chemical Company (Air Operations)
2030th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
5th Mobile Training Unit
309th Medical Dispensary

During the war this, and 2 other airfields would circle over Stanwick, while getting into formation ... sadly 2 planes miss-timed on one occasion while Mum was outside, and almost killed by having her lungs collapsed by the force of the explosion. Someone saw her fall down, and came and thumped her on the back, which meant she took a deap breath in.

In 2007 a memorial was made to celebrate the American heritageIn memory of the USAAFCollapse )
I had 2 reasons for going to Northants this weekend. Firstly to visit Auntie Mary but also to visit as it would have been Mum's 90th birthday. So I wanted to do some sight-seeing of the village of Stanwick I knew as a kid. Until I was 18/19 we used to go up every 6 weeks, or so.

StanwickCollapse )

When Mum was a kid, and in fact as I remember it, the village was surrounded by fields. However they have made a nature reserve there ... and Jiffy and I visited it in the afternoon -

Walking around Stanwick LakesCollapse )
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