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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
My Life 
10th-Dec-2018 08:24 pm - December Meme ... Again
December 10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago

This was taken in 2004, on Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, with Mum
 photo Playa del Ingles 9_zpsock8lmh1.jpg

And if that isn't early enough, just look at my icon, or this one taken when I was 3 (and, yes, the dress was red velvet)
 photo c07a7e6e-bbda-47ca-b1eb-73d6216d9469_zpssjxyk0ir.jpg
9th-Dec-2018 04:57 pm - Day Out With Brenda
With James - Christmas
I did say I had met up with Brenda, yesterday ... and managed to avoid the rain.  We went to Dyrham Park, near Bath.

They had the upstairs closed for maintenance, but the ground floor was interesting as it was decorated for a 17th century Christmas ... the man who had the house built was a Dutch nobleman, and a friend of William of Orange.

A fun day with BrendaCollapse )

While there we also went to a Carol concert in the Church, which made the trip even more special.
9th-Dec-2018 03:08 pm - December Meme ... Again
James - Discovery Channel
December 09 → talk about art this year

Hee, I went to the Uffizi in Florence this summer. I am not a huge art gallery fan, yet have also been to The National Gallery when I was in London.

However my 100% favourite would be The Sistine Chapel (and some of the rooms just befreo you get there!)

So, yep, have seen quite a lot of interesting art this year.
8th-Dec-2018 07:11 pm - 2 Days In A Row ....
Gym quote
... actually posted twice in 2 days! Hope to post again tomorrow with photos, as I have met up with Brenda today and gone to another National Trust property. We were able to avoid the rain while there, but driving home was terrible.

So, watching Strictly Come Dancing now, and typing here ... and will try and do some LJ catch-up, as well.

December 08 → talk about games this year


Does it means games I have been to, or have been involved in ... well the answer to both is none. And has been since birth (other than having to play at school, which was not fun, as I was in a bitchy class and so the bruises from a hockey stick had to be seen to be believed)

However I do still go to the gym, so maybe not too bad, after all
7th-Dec-2018 06:22 pm - December Meme ... Again
Star Wars
So much for posting every day ... ooops. Anyway, here is a catch-up

December 04 → talk about television this year

I have watched quite a bit of repeats, which has been fun (I don't have to concentrate).

I have watched Dr Who this year, although I was suprised that I enjoyed it, as I wasn't sure about the female Dr (for lots of reasons, but one being that having seen the Dr and River Song and a (?) child ... I didn't think a female Dr would work)

December 05 → talk about books this year

I have read some of the graphic novels of The Dresden Files ... still waiting for Peace Talks. I have bought the short story compilation, but have yet to read it.

My nephews bought me a Star Wars Book for Christmas last year ... 49 short stories celebrating 40 years since the first film, telling the story of that film from assorted other characters. Fascinating. Star Wars, from a certain point of view

Other than that is's the normal, Bible, Regency stories and Fan Fic

December 06 → talk about food this year

Haven't really discovered anything new ... still enjoying cooking etc

December 07 → talk about music this year

And again - nothing new.

I haven't played clarinet/saxophone as much as I should have done!
3rd-Dec-2018 07:35 pm - December Meme ... Again, Days 2 & 3
December 02 → your holiday wish list

Nothing really. I am not working over the 10 days, so looking forward to spending some time doing nothing, with Jiffy.

December 03 → talk about movies this year

I haven't been to the cinema this year. I was going to go and see Solo, but my nephew (who is a mega- Star Wars fan) said I might as well wait for the DVD.
1st-Dec-2018 01:06 pm - December Meme ... Again
Flashing lights with my name
So, maybe doing the December Meme will keep me focussed on LJ ... although, at the moment I am mainly avoiding having to sit and write some Christmas cards!!

I had an early gym session this morning, which was a shock to have to set the alarm early on a Saturday, but I am glad I did it ... then this evening I have the Christmas dinner at work. The rest seemed to be super-excited when I was in on Thursday, but I am not a great one for drawn out meals (with loud music in the background) ... and certainly not a dancer. But I have been a good girl and bought a ticket, rather than be my normal hermit-self.

Anyway, the meme ....

December 01 → A photo of you taken this year

 photo AVRO 504 K 4_zpsbgy8x4xk.jpg
I know I have posted a few of me on holidays over the year - but thought this was one I had missed ... taken at The RAF Museum, Hendon. It is an AVRO 504K, used in WWI, for those who wanted to know!

The rest of the listCollapse )

I know I owe comments ... will try and catch up tomorrow (fingers crossed)
23rd-Nov-2018 04:16 pm - Stargate Icons
Stargate - Jack & Sam
I am a couple of days late, as yet again life got away from me ... but I suppose out of the 20 days, I did spend 6 in London ... so maybe I have an excuse after all.  We have been given an extension, so I suppose technically I am still on time!

This set is for Round 22 of episodes20in20 and my episode is Stargate SG1, 3.14, Foothold. I am doing a season a month at present to so through Stargate ... although may change my mind next month ... watch this space!

My 3 teasers are

 photo Cat 5_zpscpwugbuh.jpg    photo Negative Space_zpsc6dxfvcp.jpg    photo AC 5_zpssunwtrg2.jpg

The full set is hereCollapse )

23rd-Nov-2018 03:16 pm - London W/E Part 4
Riding Jaykub
For some unknown reason my computer uploaded these photos in a random order ... so they will get posted as they are!!

They are basically from 4 museums ... I tend to visit the 3 of them each time I am in London, but however many times I visit, there is always something more to see.  Sometimes because they have added new displays, sometimes because I am just more observant!!

So - welcome to The V&A, & The British MuseumCollapse )

The Wallace CollectionCollapse )

A few sights around LondonCollapse )

I stayed at a different hostel this time, and it was above a pub.  We had breakfast in the bar ... and couldn't resist taking this photo of part of their bar sign
 photo DSC_0289_zps8exe0eih.jpg
23rd-Nov-2018 12:22 pm - London W/E Part 3
WW1 Grave
Oooops, I had planned to post these on Tuesday night, and then Brenda phoned, then a friend from where I used to live phoned ... and it was bed time!  Sorry.

The first set are of 2 very special visits.

The first set are of the Cenotaph ... although on the actual day it was so crouded that I was unable to see anything at all.  However I am so, so pleased that I was there.  Any of you who know me personally will know that I love my jewellery - and for this weekend I was wearing a couple of special items.  The first was my Grandfather's wedding ring.  They were married in 1920, but he is the man who I knew, and whose footsteps I followed when I went to France and Belgium earlier in the year ... so I had to take him to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of that war.  The other was my great-uncle's watch chain.  Another man I knew, although I was only 11 when he died.  He had been badly gassed, but shtill lived to be in his mid 80's.  His watch-chain, however was one that he had taken off the body of a dead German officer ... All soldiers worked on burial detail when not actually "at the front"

Anyway, I was glad I was there, and ironically the lady I spoke to had also been there, so a pity we didn't meet up ... but we were two of literally thousands, and thousands.

I went back the following morning to actually look at the cenotaph and the wreaths.

Pause and rememberCollapse )

The second place I went that was amazing was to see The Shrouds of the Somme - the first time I had seen part of this was July 2016, when he made 19, 260 shrouds to commemorate all those who died on the first day of the battle of the Somme ... my Grandfather had gone over the top on that day.

This time he had made more to total it up to 72,600 ... the number of names ofn The Thiepville memorial ... those who died on The Somme, but have no known grave.

72000 bodies, one battlefieldCollapse )
23rd-Nov-2018 11:48 am - OOOOOOooooooops
.... How could I have forgotten to tie Spike to a chair yesterday???

Sorry - hope all that celebrated had a lovely and thankful time.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving
17th-Nov-2018 06:14 pm - London W/E Part 2
Poppy Wreath
On Day 2 I started off by visiting the assorted memorials at Hyde Park Corner ... British, Oz, NZ, and Indian.  They are really lovely, lifelike images, and interesting ideas to represent the specific countries, etc.

Wandering around Hyde Park Corner ... a huge roundaboutCollapse )

For many years I used to travel up to attend the dedication of the Field of Remembarnce.  This year I didn't go to the ceremony, but went later in the day.
The field of RemembranceCollapse )

And to get to and from the grounds of St Margaret's, I had to walk across Parliament Square ... and saw the statues.
Here are a coupleCollapse )

The Underground Signs
 photo DSC_0217_zpsi73bjwnw.jpg
17th-Nov-2018 05:53 pm - London W/E Part 1
I am going to get a few photos up today - and these were from Day 1.

I went to The Imperial War Museum, which I have been to before - but they did have some of the Poppy Display there ... so am glad I got there to see that, as I had missed it when it was at the Tower.  However I did go to see the beacons at The Tower.  I wasn't 100% impressed, but I think it didn't help as I got pushed doen a small step by the crowds, which screwed up my back and knee for the holiday (Pain killers are great)

The Tower of London - the beacons at duskCollapse )

As I said, I am glad that I got to see the Poppies ... they are amazing.

The Imperial War MuseumCollapse )

A couple of weeks ago I was watching TV and they were filming something at the RAF museum, and I realised I had never been ... so Day 2 saw me travelling to Hendon, and the planes

RAF Museum, HendonCollapse )
14th-Nov-2018 07:52 pm - Pistols At Dawn????
First - I'm back, and yes, I had a great trip.  I haven't had a chance to sort photos yet ... but will do ASAP (probably over the weekend).

Anyway - why this title?

Well, I heard a story from history this morning while I was having breakfast.  So, whether  you are Brexit, or not.  Whether you are a Teresa May, or a Jeremy Corbin fan.  It doesn't matter.  There is a perfect answer, that has already occurred in history when the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition ended up having a duel.  True.  William Pitt, the Younger and George Tierney, fought a duel on Sunday May 27th, 1798.

So, maybe that's all we need from now on ... Simple. End of all Parliamentary debates!!  Just head to Putney Heath, and there is the answer.
6th-Nov-2018 09:07 pm - Off On My Travels Again
London - Dr Who (+ James lyrics)
... Yep, I'm off to London early tomorrow for 5 days. 

Three main reasons -
1)  To be at The Cenotaph on the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI
2)  Museums, etc
3)  Meeting up with deborahw37 ... she has had to change her plans around to do that ... a wonderful friend.

Anyway, I haven't replied to comments, as had a "tired" couple of days ... so will catch up next week, as I won't be taking a lap-top, or iPad with me.

Enjoy yourselves ... see you on the flip side xx
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