Not pleased.

Aren't Some Peope Delightful????

I have always had jobs where I work with the general public ... and really enjoy it . However every so often you meet someone who makes yoyu wonder why you do the work.

Our second patient was 25minutes late, with no apologies ... and that was the least of the problem.  He told us that he didn't want the test, the consultant was wrong to ask him to do it ... and he would stay one hour, but no more.  He couldn't see why the consultant couldn't just do the operation.  We tried pointing out that a) surgery might not be necessary, and b), even if it is then it will help to decided what the correct surgery would be.  We have certain parameters for the test, and although a few people do mumble about them, no one seemed quite as rude as this man .... he told me that I would do the test or he would just go.  I tried pointing out that we are trying to get the best results for him ... but!!!  Still, we had known from the start he would be a problem, as it took him all his time to give his date of birth when asked.  In the end I came to the conclusion he was just obnoxious ... and ironically, out of the 5, he had the least symptoms!

Oh well, at the least it made the morning memorable!

LOL - I have just seen today's question ... have I already answered it?

20. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen at your workplace?
Actually I think the 2 oddest things I have seen were back when I was an osteopath ...
       a)  One of my regular patients asked for an emergency appointment ... pretty normal, except for the fact the lady was 40 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child!  So I told her that if she promised to lie down "with her legs crossed" then I would see her!  She ended up having the baby that evening.
       b)  Another lady was chatting away to me during treatment telling me that she and her daughter were going to spend the day together.  Great, said I.  It turned out the daughter was already in labour with a first child, sitting in the car waiting, while the mum had treatment (and I have to add that we were an hour's drive from the hospital at the time)

So, overall I thik I can summerise -
There's nowt as mad as folk
James - buzz cut & name.

Nothing To Report!

Well, Autumn is certainly around today - cooler and damp.  Not raining but just very grey skies overhead ... what mum would have called a concrete sky.

clinic went well, and now I am here catching up with this, but am then going to be a good girl and go for a walk.  But, as ever, before I go -

19. If you won the lottery, do you think any of your family members would ask you to give them some of your money?
No, but I would offer some to each of them, anyway ... so it wouldn't be needed.  But I don't do the lottery!

20 Assorted Icons

This set of icons is made for Round 11 of somein30 ... with the prompt being "CROPPING" .... I have tried to doa few crops that I normally wouldn't, as I tend not to cut faces out of the image ... so it was a good challenge.

1 2 3 4 5
BF3 402mashcaps(455) 401mashcaps(807) 19(2)
6 7 8 9 10 shattered139 shattered122 normal_sg1_405_411 missn128
11 12 13 14 15
m_caps_523 m_caps_015(1) cap0325 cap0223 Jack_O'Neill(1)
16 17 18 19 20
btvs203_062 BtVS_S7_E22_07271 IMG_20211007_082405_HDR(1) 2nd_March_(3) Thewarningtriangle1

As ever, all are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated. The credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons
Yoda - Keep Calm

Monday Is Here Again

As I said, I went to Coleton Fishacre last friday .... and here are some photos








I just love these bathroom tiles


The gardens lead down to the sea -

Autumn is here -



The weekend went well - grave cleaning is certainly a full body workout! And it looks as if that is something I can, and will, be doing quite regularily. Church was also good ... so nice to be in the building, and seeing others.

Work today went OK, with some nice patients, so a good way to start the week (but does that mean that it will be downhill from now!!)

I had aimed to walk to do some shopping now, but it's chucking it down with rain, so am here first, and then there later. Even if the rain continues I will still go because I am running out of milk, and can't start tomorrow without my cuppas!

Oh well, before I do some other things, including posting another prompt for photo_scavenger, I will close with this -

18. What’s something about adult life you were never warned of or prepared for?
I think the one thing I hadn't thought about is that of not having long holidays off work ... why don't we get the 6 weeks summer break as well?
Optimist - Thumbs Up

Yay, The Weekend Is Here Again

I had a great day out yesterday, although the photos are taking a long time to upload, so may have to post them sepertly to this post, we shall see.

The day started with a visit to Heather, my parent's neighbour. Not long after her husband died she took a bit of a turn for the worst and is now 100% bed-bound. When I got there the carers were there so I spent some time talking to her middle daughter, also her live in carer. I was actually glad about that as Chrissy and I are the same age and I think it was nice for her to be able to talk without having to be careful about worries etc ... I have known the family 24 years and there are a lot of major stresses there (including another sister who stole a lot of money). So it was good to spend a couple of hours there catching up, chatting ... yes, and some laughter.

I then drove to the town centre to pick up Christine and we went to Coleton Fishacre - an art deco house, built in 1926, by the D'Oyley Carte family. It is a relaxing place, and many of the rooms had items of clothing, shoes, drinks etc lying around as if the family had just popped out for a walk. There was also jazz music playing. So, the photos will be up on Monday, as the computer is on a go slow again!

This afternoon I am going to another Exeter cemetery to meet up with a selection of volunteers to clean some of the war graves there ... luckily it is brightening up, so hopefully the rain won't suddenly turn up!

Tomorrow is, as ever, Sunday ... so as I said, it will be Monday before I return - enjoy your weekend, but ...

15. What is one thing you've realized or discovered lately?
That I am slowly getting my life back - Hoorah ... Hallelujah

16. Which family member did you inherit your hair color from?

Mum - Dad's hair never truly went grey

17. What’s the average length of a shower for you?

3 - 5 minutes
Chocolate + Earth

I Thought We Were Meant To Be Saving The Planet ....

... but I have just got back from collecting my prescription. I have been taking Thyroxine for about 10 years, and todays boxes are a lot bigger than the normal ones. Just a small piece of cardboard, I know, but multiply that by many thousands ... and that is a lot of extra paper.

Oh well - at least I have the treament I need, so on a scale of one to ten, that's the important fact ... thank you NHS

As I don't really have any news I thought I would post a few icons from posts where they had to be entered secretly. .... As ever, they are all snaggable, and the credits are mostly over on my icon journal, d4s_icons

itsabattlefield Big Battle : 22

Outside_1 Outside_2   Outside_3 Outside_4 Outside_5

Inside_1 Inside_2 Inside_3 Inside_4 Inside_5

All from Stargate SG1

moviefilmstills  Challenge 168 – 5 icons of one actor
Anyone who knows me, knows that I will make icons of James Marsters -

A_New_Life Lord_Piccolo_(James_Marsters) 19_(2) m_caps_015 James17

A New Life
Dragonball Evolution
High Plains Invader
PS I Love You

Challenge 158 - Your Comfort Movie
I know it is corny ... but it has to be "Sound of Music"

 photo 1_zpsdovbcgpc.jpg  photo 2_zpsjggh9yko.jpg  photo 3_zpsc0oppbbb.jpg  photo 4_zps5gzjtunl.jpg  photo 5_zpsp80f2snl.jpg

perioddrama_ic  Challenge 43

Friendly Persuasion.  A US Civil War film about Quakers, and how they cope (or not) with a local battle -

4(6) 3(7) 2(6) 1(9)

So, there we go - enjoy.  Now before I make some more ...

14. Have you ever raked leaves, and then played in them?
Hasn't everyone?
Actually I suppose mostly it was dad who did the raking, and I did the playing!!
Pine Cone

And So The Week Spins Past ...

... and I still haven't caught up with you all.  And, the reason for that is .... ummmm .... still trying to think up a brilliant excuse, but can't find one.

Work has been fine, ankle treatment continues (and is still sore) ... but other than that news is pretty short in this corner of the world.

Just got back from a walk to the chemist to collect my prescription, only to find that only 1/2 of it was there.  Still, as I left the house I got to chat to my neighbour ... I don't often see him, so it was nice to chat to him.  They had hoped to put an extension up but it was turned down as it would ruin the line of the road!  Huh ... they have a single story extension already and wanted to make it 2 story, as have the neighbours about 6 houses up.  So, as ever, it looks as if they don't "know the right people"

Well, looks as if my no-news is even more non existant than ever ... but before I ramble any more, I will close ... well, I will do the questions before I o that -

12. Do you like the picture on your ID?
Work ID - no, but it is getting faded so you can hardly see it now. 
Passport photo - looks as if I am a murderer on death row (someone else's description) ... so, no, no, no

13. Is there someone you pretend to like but you really don't like?
No - although I did work with someone for a few years that I had to be nice (& polite) to ... but wanted to strangle her most of the time!
Closer to God

Back To Church Week

Yay - our first day back at our Church for over 18 months.  We have been doing things on-line, and our return was delayed as we had building work done ... a new entrance foyer, refurb of the loos, new office space etc. Here are some photos taken last month if you want to see what I mean

Our first hymn was a modern one -

Even though it was one that Mum & Dad never even heard, it is one that actually reminds me of them. The last verse -

And on that day
When my strength is failing
The end draws near
And my time has come
Still my soul will
Sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years
And then forevermore

Mum spent much of her last few months singing hymns, and the last couple of days dad was alive, Tim, Claire & I (as well as one of his carers) sang a few hymns with him. So, yes, those words are very poinant for me.

It was lovely to be back, and see a few people that I have only "seen" online over the last 18+ months.

Work today was very slow-going.  Nice patients but 4 of the 5 seemed to take forever to need a wee, so I ended up back home late ... However the physiologist I was working with paid me for the extra time, so in the end it worked out better.

Now I need to get some Spuffy icons made, otherwise my seasonal_spuffy day will be here and I won't be ready.  Having made loads over the years it sometimes takes my brain some tme to try to think of a new vision of the same pairing.

Well, I must get on ... and ...

11. Do you still take hot showers when it’s hot out?
Yes, although possibly a bit cooler than I would in mid winter

I will try and catch up with yo all later today, and to answer your comments etc

What A Fun Way To Spend A Day

Yesterday I decided I would walk into Exeter in the morning as I needed to take some photos, mainly to try to catch up on photo_scavenger, but also to get the PhotoFriday done.  So started a fun morning ... on my way I stopped for a slurp of water and decided to text Claire to see if she fancied meeting me for a cuppa (she doen't work Fridays), and yes, she said ... great.  However it would be in the afternoon.  So I decided to agree and spend some time in Exeter, just being "me".  It is something I realise I have to work on, as it is something I have never really done before.

my first stop was to walk to the cathedral as one of the prompts was "stone", and you can't get better that the ceiling built of stone, in the 1250 - 1260 era.  So, as ever I pottered round the cathedral for a bit and then heard there was going to be a free guided tour so decided to join it.  It was fun, and over the hour I learnt a lot of interesting and fun facts, most of which I hadn't already learnt!  Here are a few pictures of the cathedral -

They have cleaned the North Door
And, here is the longest unsupported medieval ceiling

Although this is a 14th century carving, it does look like someone using a phone ... and this is the dog of the same mason -

The newest part of the cathedral is where the bomb remains are ... 1941, the first Baedeker raid destroyed part of the cathedral ..... and part of the funding was done with a charity rugby match, and they are honoured by the new mason -

Ooooops - 2 left feet for this lady
One of the earliest graves from a 14th century bishop
.... and a 15th century one
The font .... however in the seventeenth century it was not used for one of the christening.  King Charles I daughter was born in Exeter while the family (not the King) were fleeing to France ... however a special gold bowl was crafted for the service instead!

I then headed for a late lunch, a panini, and some crisps!  So almost healthy!  Then I pottered round M&S and managed to get the boots I wanted, before heading to where I was meant to meet Claire for our cuppa, only to find it was ("Covid")closed, so text her and we met somewhere we had been before - and, as you can see, we didn't quite have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, as we had planned!

Well there were raspberries in the drink - so, very healthy!

We then met Tim from work and walked home ... about 1/2 way is where we split, so it was good to catch up with them both yesterday afternoon.

So, yes a fun day!

Now we have a weekend again.  I have just popped to the local supermarket as I only needed a couple of things, and met my neighbour (opposite)'s puppy ... he had always been a friend to Jiffy, so it was nice to see the baby.

Well it seems as if this is going to me a mega-post, so will close here, and do the questions before signing off until Monday

8. Have you ever boycotted anything?
Never officially
I have refused to go to some Church services for personal reasons.

9. Do you have any embarrassing usernames?
Debris4spike is my username everwhere ... and Debris was a nickname I had for years before that, so no

10. Have you ever did well on a test when you didn’t study?
Not that I can remember.  I was well "brung-up" ... tests & exams mean revision!

Well hope you are all OK - and that you have a great weekend ... see you Monday x
Mum - lake Bled

Mum's Rose Bush Is So Stunning

It may have travelled around the country, winter may be coming ... and Mum remembered it from before the war ... yet it still looks, and smells, stunning.  So glad I collected it before we sold their house ... and certainly happy it survived it's 7th move of location.
For those of you who wonder about the icon, it's actually a photo of Mum that Dad took ... it was a couple of years after they married, so she would have been about 26 ... I have always loved the photo, so it's nice to be able to use the image

Work was hectic today - no real reason, and in fact I wasn't home late in the emd, so all in all I was kept out of mischief, so that was the main thing.
Yesterday I had a day off, and enjoyed a stroll into Exeter (despite rubbing a big blister!).  I have never actually had a day off that I had actually just spent pottering away from home.  It was fun (despite the sore foot).  The ankle is doing well, both for the walk, as well as a busy clinic.  It is strapped until tomorrow, so will have to see how that goes once the ankle is "naked" again!
Now I have ironing to do.  It's a job I actually like doing, as it is one of those things that you can see a positive result from immediately.  But, before I head downstaires -

6. Have you ever locked yourself out of your car?

7. What’s your favorite kind of cheese?
Strong Cheddar