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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
My Life 
29th-Jul-2018 01:57 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 6, Rome
I have very few memories of my first trip to Rome, back in 1981 (when I was 20) .... I fell down, head over heals, a section of the the Spanish Steps.  I was totally un-injured, despite coming down 15 steps, but logic has since pointed out, that I was probably in a slight state of shock.

There is a family picture of me in the Colloseum, but I don't remember seeing it.  I know we didn't go into the Forum as Mum was not a sight-see-er  (confused about that spelling!!) ... and said that she didn't see why we had to pay to see a load of Roman rubble!  Over the following years, whenever we went anywhere in Europe, including Greece, she would always call any temples etc "Roman Rubble" ... well, sorry Mum, but you know me ... I went ....

Looking at the rubbleCollapse )
26th-Jul-2018 05:54 pm - 10 Icons
I managed to get my 10 icons done for round 4 of icons10in20 ... only to find that there was an extension. Oh well, they are done, so I will post them anyway! As ever all are snaggable, and any credits are available on my LJ icon journal, D4S_Icons


PatrioticDistant+VibrantClose crop+B&WSummerHairpainting
 photo Patriotic_zpsfrdp6rep.png photo DistantVibrant_zps9jgv9y38.jpg photo Close up BampW_zpslyy2ycyb.jpg photo kevin-sorbo_zpsuo6gecut.jpg photo Hair painting_zpsnryvgm3j.jpg
CrossoverMonotoneFloralZzzTwo heads
 photo Crossover_zpsjk4d6rln.jpg photo Monotone_zpsyaevfqjc.jpg photo Floral_zpsui1zmn1q.jpg photo Fast Asleep_zps58vmyaos.jpg photo Two heads_zpslurfkvvh.jpg

I will admit I am not 100% happy with a couple of them (or more), but having extra shifts at work, may be good for the bank balance ... but it's murder on icon making time!!  I will o better next time!

This was originally post on Dreamwidth
21st-Jul-2018 12:22 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 5, Rome b
Deborah - Portrait of Corage
After we had left the Cistine Chapel we walked across and into St Peter's. I have been to Rome before (more about that in another post) ... but I only have a couple of memories of the city. One is the sheer height of this building, the other is the statue of St Peter that has a damaged foot ... just where people go and kiss it.

Judge for yourself what it is likeCollapse )
21st-Jul-2018 12:06 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 5 - Rome a
Closer to God
The only thing we had to pay extra for on our trip was the visit to the Cistine Chapel.  Soewhere I had wanted to visit, so  paid for the extra.  We had a guide, and although we were not allowed to take pictures in the Chapel itself, we did walk through a section of the museum.  The Pope's over the years have certainly collected a lot of artifacts.

The reason we couldn't take pictutes is actually secular, not religious.  Some years ago Fugi paid to have the paintings cleaned, and they now have copywrite on the images for 25 (I think) years)

The Chapel itself is stunning, and is used as the personal place of prayer for the Pope.  Our guide, before we entered, explained the layout of the paintings, and in doing so made me realise how the whole story flowed ... stunning

Wandering around the Pope's museumCollapse )
21st-Jul-2018 10:33 am - 20 Dr Quinn Icons
Dr Mike & Sully
Oooops - well, I think it is still possibly the 20th (just) somewhere in the world!! Actually I did ask if it was OK, as the week has yet again got away from me. However this set is for round 107 of character20n20 and I chose Dr Quinn, from the series of the same name. I like the storyline, as it is good to remind us (and especially me working in a modern hospital) that medicine has had to evolve to get where we are today.

Here are my 3 teasers
       photo Upsidedown_zps7r7g1kr5.jpg  photo AC 3_zps0u3qmsna.jpg    photo AC 5_zpsy3cnc9ft.jpg

And the 20 are hereCollapse )
I know I posted a few pictures from the Uffizzi but am going to post a load more.  The reason is that I posted a few pictures on Instagram, with a cross-post to Facebook, and a good friend of mine was actually in Florence on a day trip about the time I was (we should check if it was the same day!!).  She and her husband were celebrating their Ruby anniversary with a cruise, and had a day in Florence ... but like I said the queues were horriffic.  As they didn't have long they didn't attempt the queue.

Anyway I have known Liz over 50 years (and that is scary to type!!), and she and her father are both artists ... so am going to post a lot more of the pictures  - not ideal but a belated Ruby wedding gift.

Happy Anniversary Liz & SteveCollapse )
13th-Jul-2018 04:39 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 4, Assissi
Closer to God
On the next day of our holiday we swapped hotels, moving to Rome. However we took a very indirect route so that we could visit the town of Assissi ... the home of St Francis of Asissi, and of St Clare (who founded the Poor Clares)

A small town, with some truly beautiful buildingsCollapse )
13th-Jul-2018 03:45 pm - Hallelujah - I Don't Have Cancer
What a week .... talk about a roller-coaster.

Having started back at work this week after my holiday to Italy (yes pictures are partly up, and some more to come later) I knew the week would feel weird, especially as I had my annual update training day on Wednesday.  Working for the NHS in a large hospital there are certain things we need to re-learn every year, eg fire safety, hand hygiene, and basic life support ... so that was my Wednesady organised.

However, before I got there, late Tuesday afternoon I had a phone call from my doctor saying my blood test from the previous Friday (to check my thyroxine, etc) was showing an ovarian marker ... I needed scans.  So, Thursday morning I phoned, and was seen an hour later ... but was told I was all clear. 

The weird thing is, for that 36 hours I didn't think who I could talk to (other than God), but my main concern overall was not how much I might miss of the future, but of how Jiffy would cope.  However all is OK, totally clear.

Today I had a stress management day at work, as well.  And one thing that they were talking about was learning to be thankful.  I have done these sorts of posts in the past, but thought I would try to do it again for a few weeks ... and hopefully that will also make me post.

The stress course was good in that it showed me how I had managed to develope depression even though I had (and have) no regrets with looking after Mum & Dad.  One thing I did get reminded was that all the bullying I had a teenager has left scars ... and medically scars do fade, but never disappear.  So I realise that I must accept that the hurt of years ago will always shape my life.

Sorry for scribbling, but as I realised today (and this week) I have let a lot continue to drift, and no longer have Mum & Dad to ground me, so scribbling here is a way of letter go of some of the tension of the week.
12th-Jul-2018 06:23 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 3, Arezzo
DJ - plaited!
This town I had never heard of is the place where I was actually staying ... Arezzo

It may have been unknown before I went, but I really enjoyed the visit

Arezzo"Collapse )
10th-Jul-2018 07:52 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 2, Florence
And, so on Day 2 we went to Florence ... one place I have always wanted to visit (as had Dad), and I wasn't disappointed.

My only moan would be the terrible organisation of getting into the Uffizi. The queue was very long, and security so, so, so slow. Considering we had pre-booked tickets, as well, it made it even more annoying, but am glad I went.

Impossible to sum up in a few photosCollapse )

I think, overall, Florence was my favourite city of the trip.
10th-Jul-2018 05:23 pm - Italy 2018 - Day 1, Siena
Well I have warned you that there would be photos ... and there are! Not many compared with how many I took, but just to try and give an idea of the beauty of Central Italy ... and, more importantly, the history & heritage.

For day 1 I was in the city of Siena ....

hot & beautifulCollapse )

One thing I didn't photograph was the actual specific Contradas .... I have decided I must have beed Sienese in a previous life, as one of the 17 groups is named for the giraffes ... my favourite animal

Typical Tuscany
 photo First views of Tuscany from the coach 4_zpstnfuhwjf.jpg
7th-Jul-2018 11:26 am - The Other Day For My Birthday!
James - Discovery Channel
The day before my birthday, my great friend Christine, and I, went to Cotehele Stately Home. This has the advantage that the family didn't live ibn it much for a couple of centuries, so is still as it would have been in "days gone bye".  So it is basically a Tudor home, although it still has a working water mill, and quayside, to increase the interests.

We had been about 10 years ago, but at that time only part of the house was open and it was especially to show the ravages of time, tourists, bugs, cleaning, etc of fabrics of places.

Now we get a chance to see a Tudor HouseCollapse )
7th-Jul-2018 11:20 am - Sorry Folks .... More Photos
Deborah - Portrait of Corage
I honestly don't know whether people want to see photos any more.  I suppose it doesn't help that I have been a bit of an intermittant LJer this year.  However I shall post a few from my 2 day birthday weekend.  If you don't want to see them, just feel free to skip.

My actual birthday was spent with Brenda ... we had a truly great day at Stourhead Stately Home. In "English" calenders the lake at Stourhead is often pictured, and it was certainly beautiful.  The house is stunning, as well ... as was the view we had from King Alfred's Tower (after climbing the 205 steps!!)

Thanks for giving me a great birthday, BrendaCollapse )
5th-Jul-2018 03:17 pm - WWI ... # 4
WW1 Grave
And so the cemeteries continueCollapse )

As part of the trip we went to a lot of museums, including Hooge Crater Museum.  Hard to realise how much these show of everyday life.  Every year to this day, farmers still dig up live incendury, and bodies, in field they have used every year since 1919.
LookingCollapse )

The Christmas Truce - famous, for the football match that took place ... and we went to it's location.
 photo Christmas Truce 2_zpskndwqxe4.jpg

Easier for me to stand in these trenches, than for Granddad 101 years agoCollapse )

This is where Granddad spent much of the battle of Passchendale
 photo Glencourse Wood ... 10th August 1917 2_zpsfwfwidsb.jpg
5th-Jul-2018 03:00 pm - WWI ... # 3
James - thinky thoughts
And here we are at the middle day - the battle of Lens was one of the few that actually went OK.  The people in charge made good use of the ancient tunnels under the town (that had been built as the rock was being excavated) .  These were extended, and so the armies didn't have the problems of no-man's land on day 1.  Sadly the generals didn't believe it would be as good as it was, so failed to bring up the support the men needed.

I went through a small part of the New Zealand tunnels.

Going UndergroundCollapse )

One thing that has been special in Belgium is the sounding of the Last Post, every night, at the Menin Gate, Ypres.  That was how our first day finished.  To me it was doubly poignant, because Tim had learnt trumpet, and when he first brought his home Granddad picked it up, at age 81, and played the Last Post on it.  His only comment was that it wasn't the first time he had done that.

A moving momentCollapse )

The only German War Cemetery in BelgiumCollapse )

And, finally another Canadian memorial - this time for those who died in the first gas attack.
 photo Canadian Gas Memorial 2_zpscl9h6lho.jpg
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