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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
My Life 
26th-May-2018 05:35 pm - GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Not pleased.
It looks as if Photobucket is being a pain - so my last 3 posts won't load.

Sorry ... this happened yesterday, as well.

Hopefully it will re-load later
James - pointing finger
And, as well as competitions, there were other displays, and stands to visit ...such as ... Collapse )
26th-May-2018 04:29 pm - And Now The Competitions Increase
James - Exam time
As well as animals, that you saw yesterday, there are other competitions and displays taking place.  Groups like Young Farmers & W.I. have assorted displays, but there again, so do some of the local primary schools.

And, then again, there are just the oddities you see -
 photo DSC_0343_zps2imsqhj4.jpg

 photo DSC_0381_zpsaw5vqlza.jpg
And here are a few thingsCollapse )
25th-May-2018 04:13 pm - Devon (non)Wild Life
DJ - plaited!
Last wekk it was the local Agricultural Show .... Devon at it's best.  The only one I have ever been to was a smaller one the day DJ was born in 1999.  So it was high time I got organised.

The competition is fierce among the farmers, as you can see here.  I tokk only a few photos of the assortment of animals up for display and judging ....Trying to pick a favouriteCollapse )

And, the winning combination is ....

 photo DSC_0352_zpsrbhaidl1.jpg
24th-May-2018 03:06 pm - Only 5 Days Late
Jiffy - painting
The morning of the Royal Wedding (yes, I did watch and enjoy) I did make sure Jiffy was treated first.

It was his 12th birthday.  Both Christine and I had bought him a new toy each, and some chewy treats ... and as ever, he got to open them himself.  Not great for getting a good picture, as he was busy going from one pressie to another and seeing what he could eat before I packed them away for later!

However I did manage to get a nice photo of him, while he was waiting for a walk first thing.  The "scarf" was a pressie from Devon County Show, that I had been to the previous day ... free gift, as well.  I can't see why dogs wear them, but I wouldn't want him to not look trendy.

Happy Birthday Little Man, love you loads
23rd-May-2018 07:51 pm - Sneaks Back In
Sorry ... James
I owe replies, have had a couple of day trips, still owe you some Flanders pictures and Jiffy's birthday photos.  I have missed birthdays, and events.   But, with every day that passes I feel worse about my absence ... and so embarrasment swalows me, and I don't click my LJ icon.

So, have decided that I will be back tomorrow ... and will not try to catch up, but will carry on from now.

So, sorry everone (again), but I will be a better girl, I promise.

(Disabled comments!)
30th-Apr-2018 04:43 pm - 20 Icons
Still am sorting out holiday photos ... but got delayed so I could finish off this set of icons.  They are for Round 12 of monthlyinspo and the  theme is "Into The Woods" ... and as we were thinking of greens, I chose to do my 20 icons from M*A*S*H

So, here are my 3 teasers ...

 photo 316mashcaps505_zpswctyso55.jpg  photo 406mashcaps22_zpsc8nro4ek.jpg      photo aug15_zps2smopm1n.jpg

The full set is hereCollapse )
27th-Apr-2018 07:49 pm - Day Trip 4 - Saltram House
The final of our 4 was Saltram House, near Plymouth. We had yet another lovely day, and could have easily gone back the next day as there was so much to see .....here is a sneak previewCollapse )
27th-Apr-2018 07:32 pm - Day Trip 3 - Coleton Fishacre
And so to visit 3 ... it was immediately after Compton Castle ... we had brought sarnies, and ate in the car ... so although the weather wasn't all that great we had a lovely and full day.

This is Coleton Fishacre which is an Art Deco home .....EnjoyCollapse )
26th-Apr-2018 05:30 pm - Day Trip 2 - Compton Castle
James - Discovery Channel
So the second House we went to was Compton Castle, whose most famous owner was the half-brother of Sir Walter Raleigh ... The family logo is that of a squirrel - named after the ship that Sir Gilbert died on when it foundered on it's travel home from Newfoundland.

A step back in timeCollapse )
26th-Apr-2018 05:16 pm - Day Trip 1 - A La Ronde
James - totally fascinated
Over Easter Christine & I went to 4 different Houses.

The first of which is the 16 sided house, A La Ronde, built by 2 cousins in the 18th century to house all their collections from the European travels.
16 sides of historyCollapse )
26th-Apr-2018 12:24 pm - I Am Alive
Wine glass at sunset
Sorry folks - I had an amazing holiday ... just so full on, so much so I am all behind with my personal journal, let alone here ... but I will post some of the photos and history at some point.

As ever I am all behind with comments.  I also haven't (yet) posted the photos of my day-trips I did over Easter ... and they should be up later (fingers crossed).

I also didn't post on Monday or Wednesday - so belated wishes ...

Happy St. George's Day

Best wishes for ANZAC Day

I work with a Kiwi, so made some ANZAC biscuits to take in.

Any way if I have missed any news, please PM me, as I am disabling comments in the hope of eventually catching up ... and as I am posting more later, I don't want to be swamped ... in case there are still people out there who read my rubbish!
12th-Apr-2018 08:08 pm - Hi Folks .... Waves At You All
Yoda - Keep Calm
I am still alive ... I know that I sort of disappeared, but it is a set of vague reasons, that I can't seem to think as to where these last couple of weeks have gone.

Hope I haven't missed much ... do feel free to link me if I missed something vital. I know I have missed a few birthdays, so sorry if that was you.

Bizarrely I am going away for all of next week, as well, so I am popping in to catch up, before going into hiding again. I am actually writing this at work as I am having a weird morning. We had a full clinic, but only 3 turned up. The first was a 6 year old, who has already completed all his tests and gone; while the other 2 are both "hard work". The physiologist had trouble getting a history from them, and they keep asking me the same questions. Everything else I need to do is up to date, so while I am waiting for the next test to begin I thought I would type this on my work's email, and send it to myself, and copy and paste.

So, let me catch you up with me ... under the cut, so you can skip if you want.

Here we go ... if you want to botherCollapse )
1st-Apr-2018 09:23 pm - Happy Easter
Christ is Risen
Hallelujah - He is risen

 photo 40294-30844-cc_3crosses 2.1100w.tn 2.800w.tn_zpsbrcfpjpg.jpg
24th-Mar-2018 06:32 pm - Hip, Hip, Hooray
Cambridge won

(in fact they won all 4, but I only watch the one)
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