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1st-Apr-2015 12:15 am - Star Trek Voyager Icons
I know I have been bad at keeping up with you all ... but I am sorry.  Life is, as ever, busy ... pics to follow tomorrow (I hope).

Anyway, I had not done any art work for months, so signed up for the startrek20in20 round 64, which was an open theme.  I actually decided to "Google" Voyager, and whatever images came up I would use from my normal Star Trek site (as noted in my icon journal, d4s_icons ) ... so there are a few random, never before used scenes.

Hope you enjoy!  Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo AC 5_zpsustsww21.jpg  photo Bright_zpsluq2yt5g.jpg  photo Cat 1_zpshv2bwvtv.jpg

The set is hereCollapse )
25th-Mar-2015 09:19 pm - Wow, What Happened To Last Week?
M&D wedding
I am sorry I haven't been around, and although life is as busy as ever, I can't think of any reason for the MIA.

Dad and I have been getting on with the gardening ... and have now just about cleared this area. We are going to wait a few weeks and see what happens to the remaining ivy, etc. The plan is to lay stones where the grass/earth is so that it is easier to maintain from now on.

Dad & I busy at workCollapse )

Of course, it helped as we had our supervisor around to make sure we behaved ourselves ....Jiffy in his kingdomCollapse )

We did manage to see the sun turn moon-shaped ... but then the clouds came and we never saw it recover! It was very cold, especially as it was only 9.30am, the day hadn't actually warmed up before it got cold again -

A partial eclipseCollapse )

The weekend was memorable - Mum and Dad's 63rd wedding anniversary. Not that they did anything, but great to see that they both remembered the date, and talked of memories of that day.

Then 2 days later it was Tim & Claire's silver wedding. They had a day together, and sent me this photo -
 photo 24-03-2015_zpsjw7dy8gj.jpg

One of the reasons I have been busy is because it is the family celebration on Saturday, which I am organising, with Brenda's help.


Well other than that I can honestly say that I am mostly in a good place. The caring, etc, although hard work is now an organised routine. So, when things go wrong, at least I have my basic week planned to know what's happening.

Sadly I know that James is coming to Newcastle and I can't get to see him. I did say a couple of years ago I didn't think I would get to see him again, and it seems I am being proved correct. Still, there is good news in that he has been cast in the pilot of The Devil you know, so hopefully I will get to see him in that.

He is also recording "Ghost Story" by Jim Butcher, so that is something to look forward to ... I had tried to listen to the other version, but I just couldn't get into the characters without hearing James' version of the characters.

Well I must get on - although I am in Exeter, I have brought washing from Dad, and now need to iron to take it back tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you all.
16th-Mar-2015 08:23 pm - Can't Wait For Book 16
Harry Dresden
It's called "Peace Talks" ...... and I just can't wait.

I have just re-read Changes, Ghost Story and Cold Days .... and now am listening to Skin Game, having read it when it was first published.

It is a great story (and, yes, the narrator helped me to get into the story), but I enjoy how the characters have gradually developed, and how the stories are individual, but building to one overall epic.

So what do I want to find out about ..... under cut in case you aren"t as up to date as meCollapse )
15th-Mar-2015 07:41 pm - The Good News Is .....
Spuffy - Burning Hands (animated)
The bruises are really making good progress .... I am a lot more mobile.

The BAD news is that I burnt my arm making biscuits for Mother's Day. They tasted great, so not too bad 😄

Tim and Claire came over for afternoon tea. Tim had made some rice-crispy cakes .... they were great.

We had a nice time, including Claire and I taking Jiffy for a walk.

Now I must catch up with your comments.
12th-Mar-2015 07:37 pm - Debris Strikes Again!!
Gardening - cut the grass Avon &Vila
Last Tuesday I was doing loads of gardening as it needs doing, and we had great weather, so it was a good day.

That was until I skidded off a small wall, tried to save myself, and ended up landing on my side on the same wall .... a real acrobatic move 🙌

So I worked a half day yesterday, and ended up not working today. Nothing broken but very bruised.

And some people wonder how I got my nickname
4th-Mar-2015 07:51 pm - Does The Camera Lie?
Spike - Blow me away
I am actually (so far) having the evening off, as I went to see my osteopath this afternoon, so have asked Mum & Dad to please "behave" ... so far, so good!

Anyway I am doing some icons, and sorting some photos out on my camera (hope to get the Plymouth ones sorted soon).  However have got as far as Mum's birthday, and this one made me laugh ... always knew Mum was a bit of a dragon!

Mum, the magic dragon?Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2015 09:09 pm - 1/6 Of The Year Gone
Spike - Touched
.... Where did it go?

The last couple of weeks has been as hectic as ever. Mum and Dad seem as muddled as ever. As lost as ever. It's hard to see them like this. Mum is sure every day is Saturday, neither of them can remember how to use a phone (luckily their neighbours are great), they forget pills, etc

So hard to deal with, and harder to know they are my parents.

I spend 2 1/2 days at work, but only one night at my place, so I don't get much chance to even turn on my pc (I am so glad that I have my tablet) .... I have signed up for one set of icons, but whether I shall get a chance to complete them.

As well as the "normal" things I do ... I have added extra gardening for him, cleaning brass and silver, as it's Tim and Claire's Silver Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month. They invited themselves, Nick and family, for a day .... so, surprise, surprise, more for me.

Hope all is well with you all.
24th-Feb-2015 07:35 pm - At Last More Good News
Breast Cancer
Mum had another breast cancer check up today .... and was told that the lump is continuing to reduce in both size and texture.

So great news.

Also, last month Claire had a mammogram on her remaining breast, and all is OK. She is now a year cancer free.

So, good news, all round.
21st-Feb-2015 09:41 pm - Guess Where I Ended Up Today
Ow - Cap'n John bandaging hand
Lol ... had to take mum to hospital again. She had injured her thumb and it had become infected so she had to have it lanced, and the blood drained around the area. They haven't put her on antibiotics as they hope it will now heal, but I have to keep a check on it.

Poor mum ... she is having a tough year.

Anyway more gardening this morning .... as you can see here is dad carrying on when I came in to cook lunch. Here is mum, sorting out the chaos that I had apparently caused in the airing cupboard.

Mum and DadCollapse )
20th-Feb-2015 08:19 pm - Busy, Busy, Busy.
Spike - Punked on the Tube
What a busy few days .... sorry I didn't update when I came back from Plymouth.

Christine and I had a great day ... the weather was lovely, and we walked miles. I took loads of photos, so will try to share at some point.

I did a day and a half work ... then took mum for a chest x-ray. Today it's been busy ... doing some shopping for mum, gave Jiffy a shower, then dad and I did gardening ... an hour in the morning, then lunch, then another hour this afternoon. Then did the weekly shop, made tea and now watching TV with mum and dad ... an episode of The Waltons.

So life is busy ... but trying to keep in touch with you all

17th-Feb-2015 08:35 am - I Am A Liar!
Oooops - Cap'n John

I told you I would update ... and didn't... sorry😱

Things were as ever busy as I ended up having a weird suprize double filling at the dentizt.

I also had to take Jiffy to the vets, take dad shopping ... and then organise for mums birthday on Sunday.

Tim and Claire came for the afternoon and tea ... so had a good time.

Yesterday I had to leave work early but instead of a snooze then had to go to town as my phone totally died.

Today I am aching and tired ... but off for the day out with my friend Christine ... having just sorted out meals.

I will try to post pics later .. and poss do the meme I have spotted on friends pages ... I will also try to catch up with those posts.

Off to catch a train 🙋
13th-Feb-2015 08:39 am - Only Me
Thanks again for the amazing love ... the hugs are really reaching me.

Thank you especially kudagirl .... you reminded me of a very simple fact ... however tired I get, whatever I feel like moaning, in the future I will be able to say I tried my best. I don't want to have regrets ... they are hard to live with. I just hope my brothers and families will feel the same.

I am going to catch up today ... I hope 😐 ... but as ever the days sneak away from me

On an annoying note ... it's raining and I have a dentist appointment this morning 😬
10th-Feb-2015 02:43 pm - Yes ... I Can Keep In Touch
OK - James
I am starting this at the dentist while I wait for mum.

I know that I am being used ....THANK YOU to all those who have pointed that out ...but sadly if I don't do the caring no one will as ...."mum can manage" ... it's always been the fact that as I have always been single and always lived with them for weekends .... so I suppose I have created my problems. Sadly for anyone else she is "fine!" When Tim came for half hour last week and he was so pleased she is well ... so I think whatever I say or do they will just say I am exaggerating.

Still even though I am frustrated I do feel sorry as while in hospital she broke a tooth and has had to have the root removed ... so added to everything else it does seem unfair😱

As for the decs one or two bits are down ... so I suppose I can say I am getting there. I will get back to my place about 9pm so will do some more

Oh well looks like mum is ready so will send this later ... it is great to be able to play now I have the tablet.... and have got hold of the internet codes.

To show I am playing ... let me share ...
8th-Feb-2015 09:53 pm - I Have A New Toy
Kindle Readers (7 & the doctor)
Brilliant to get to Church this morning although weird to be prayed for while there. Weird but nice. Everyone has been very thoughtful .... as they have seen my year of struggle and have seen me having to stand during services as the seats cause my legs to cramp . They also know about Dads Alzheimer's so know part of what I am going through. Sadly there are others at Church who are suffering... 3 with on going cancer and 2 of the ladies have recently had hip replacements after breaking them

When I got back I made lunch although that ended up delayed as Dad got stuck in the bath and I had to lift him out!!

After dinner I did the washing-up while Mum and Dad had a snooze then I took Jiffy for a walk.


The overall good news is that I have treated myself to a small tablet so I am writing this so that I can post it when I get internet .... I still have to register it .... so will do it when I get home tonight. I hope it/ helps me to keep up with LJ ....although I have to try to get the codes for Dads internet router. I keep the code of mine on the bottom of the connector.

I won't have time to get to answer your previous comments although they were amazing and really mean so much. Your love and support has truly meant so much .... THANK YOU more than I can
5th-Feb-2015 07:16 pm - At Long Last I Get A Few Minutes!
Spike - Always Alone
I am on Dad's pc writing this, but can't always get a signal as his router is not all that great ... until this last few weeks it wasn't worth replacing as Dad no longer uses the pc at all.  So that's why with all the time at M&D's I don't often get the internet when I actually have the time to sit down for a few minutes.

Sadly mum is not really coping ... very tired and depressed ... but wont get help, as she wont have people "telling her what to do" . She is upset with me as I spent last night in Exeter as I had treatment ...I needed to sleep after treatment, but that was not popular, however I persevered ... even though it meant she hadn't taken any tablets this morning. She has taken some for years but now there are less she wont take them, even though I have bought a weekly pot for her.  She is also finding herself with less tolerance for Dad's Alzheimer's ... and to make matters worse he has had a bad few days.  I think he relaxed when she came home, but relaxed too much!

Tim popped in to see them this afternoon for 1/2 hour, and Mum was so pleased to see him.  She was very foccussed and animated .. sad to say I find that very hard to cope with as it's good to know she is happy, but hard to be the one left to pick up the pieces.  He doesn't realise (neither does Nick) how tough life has been.  I am sure if I attempted to say anything, as well as the tears from me, there would be a disbelief and a protest of exageration from them.

Sorry to have that mini rant but I need to tell someone - and a few of you have been so supportive of me ... that has truly meant more than you can imagine.

I managed to go to work for a couple of days this week - although I commuted from here, so tired, but at least I got a few hours of "sanity"!

So, my house is a tip ... and I still have the Christmas Decs up as I just haven't had the time - by the time I have a moment it will be ready to re-decorate for next Christmas! Maybe I could start a new fashion!

Oh well I had better get back into the living room - mum moans that she is lonely.

Hope you are all keeping well - have I missed any vital news?  I do hope I can get back to regular LJ time soon.

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