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22nd-Jul-2016 05:24 pm - Clacton Trip Photos 3
Sword of Sacrifice
On the Saturday morning Auntie Joyce took Jiffy and I to the front again.  This time near the pier.

There are a few themed gardens ... such as the Rememberance Gardens, and the Rose Gardens.  However the most stunning was the garden around the War Memorial, truly special.

The beautiful gardens along the sea-front at ClactonCollapse )

And what would be a sea-side without amusements ....This way to playtimeCollapse )

And, of course, Jiffy signs were everywhere -
 photo DSC_0164_zpsw46ztuxf.jpg
20th-Jul-2016 06:58 pm - Clacton Trip Phptos 2
Ocean Waves
When I was younger we used to come to Clacton to visit the family, and a few times even had a dip in the sea.

Not this time .... but Auntie Joyce did take Jiffy and I to the beach, so we could see the area again, and also enjoy a walk.

Oh, I do like to be beside the sea-sideCollapse )
19th-Jul-2016 08:39 pm - Clacton Trip Photos 1
Essex Girl
As I said in my last post we had a great trip. For the observant, I bought a new car .... I needed a new car as my last one was Mum & Dad's and the gear box was going.  On both the way there and back, we stopped twice, and here it is tea time on the way there.

 photo DSC_0130_zpsrx2w7thq.jpg

My Aunt has never moved out of Essex, but was living in Barking until the early 70's when she and my grandparents moved to Clacton on the coast.  This is where she moved tohereCollapse )

We went to see Grandma and Granddad's grave.  Granddad had a stroke when he was 65 and was ill for those 10 years, not knowing anyone during that time.

 photo DSC_0144_zpsruvu9n2q.jpg

We went into the town to sight-see and enjoy the sun ... as well as buying some postcards.  Here is Auntie Joyce, who is 2 years younger than Dad but is keeping well ... in fact she still drives.  And, of course, our intrepid explorer was also enjoying himself.

 photo DSC_0146_zpswqyqvtsv.jpg

A couple of photos of Clacton High StreetCollapse )

Some of the flowers in Auntie Joyces gardenCollapse )
19th-Jul-2016 10:41 am - I Iz Back
Eternal Refuge gif + my name
Yep, I had a great trip with Auntie Joyce.  Jiffy was such a good boy, both on the journey and over the weekend, including going to a coffee morning/prayer group.

The great news is, after 4 years my muscles coped with the journey, 278 miles each way - an answer to prayer, exercise and the support you have given ... Thank you.

I did take loads of photos (as you would expect from me), so they are uploading as I go to see Dad.  I am working later, so will try and catch up with you later, and post some photos.

If you had any excitement, please aim me in that direction ... till later *hugs*
13th-Jul-2016 07:49 pm - Off For A Few Days
Essex Girl

Jiffy and I are going to Essex for a few days.  Dad's sister, who is two years younger than him, lives in Clacton.  I haven't seen her for quite a few years, and I have wanted to make the trip for a long time .... but it has been impossible as Mum was always very jealous of my time.

With the CFS I am aiming to really concentrate how my body is coping with the drive.

So off tomorrow, back late Sunday .... and no internet during that time.

Hope you all that have a good weekend

10th-Jul-2016 03:34 pm - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Birthday Graphics singedbylife

Hope you are having a good day - and have a wonderful year ahead
9th-Jul-2016 07:54 pm - My Daddy
Son of a preacher man.

Today Dad's Home had a BBQ for family and friends .... Nick didn't want to go, and he wanted to visit on the Friday, so that suited me ... a BBQ with Dad, and a great walk yesterday with Jiffy.

I got there soon after it started and arrived to be told Dad had already downed his glass of Pimms!! We then both had one!!! Dad had a special burger ordered, and we had a our dinner together. Tim & Claire arrived later, so that we could spend some time together before Dad went upstairs to rest.

Dad and his homeCollapse )

9th-Jul-2016 07:34 pm - Friday Photos Again
K9 & Cyberman
Yesterday I had a really good day, well almost.

I had to go for a check-up at the dentist, which showed that the infection has gone and the mouth is slowly beginning to heal.

I also had to take Jiffy for his haircut ... he goes about every 6 or 7 weeks.  As you can see he is looking a bit "fluffy".  The last few days he has been a bit sluggish, so he really was more than ready for his appointment.

 photo DSC_0104_zpsxn3961rt.jpg

When I had eaten, and picked up Jiffy (he still goes to his same hairdresser), we then went and picked up Christine and headed back to Stover Woods.  A lovely local park that I have shown you before ... anyway here are todays pictures ....Clickity clickCollapse )
5th-Jul-2016 04:52 pm - Day Off Work, Today
I normally work Tuesday afternoons, so it's good to take off a few hours yet have the whole day.

I have actually been quite productive .... this morning Jiffy and I went to Mum's cemetery. It was always a place that we have walked through as it is lovely, so this way it's a nice walk, as well as checking Mum's grave .... and used the camera on my phone to take some pictures, so you can see what I mean,by clicking hereCollapse )

Once back I dropped Jiffy off and went to see Dad. He was looking very chipper today, and as I had taken my chromebook in we looked through some photos from LJ.

Then lunch, and then i actually spent an hour painting my fence, and then another half hour painting a couple of garden chairs ... a lovely bright pink! So now I'm showered and LJing, as well as writing a couple of letters I owe.

So a good day - I hope your day is going as well.
2nd-Jul-2016 04:48 pm - Northernhay Gardens
K9 & Cyberman
Jiffy and I enjoyed our step into history ... in fact he was incredibly good and just walked quietly by my side, no sniffing, weeing ... so I took him into the other half of the land so he could have a sniff and (as Mum would have said) a shufty.

A chance to look at the scenery, doggy styleCollapse )
2nd-Jul-2016 04:43 pm - The Somme Comes To Exeter
WW1 Grave
Further to my post of the 30th June, Jiffy and I went into Exeter on the bus this morning (he loves that!).  We went to The Somme 19240 display. It is in the Northernhay Park, and only there for the week, so we were lucky the weather was great this morning.

The display has taken over 3 years, and is of 19240 twelve inch dolls sewn into a shroud. Over the day the names of those 19240 men is read out, with their regiment and age ... and, yes, this was the number of Commonwealth deaths on that July 1st 1926. Even seeing it this morning, it is hard to visualize that many men ... but here are a few photos for you to look at ....The Somme comes to ExeterCollapse )
30th-Jun-2016 09:17 pm - Happy Birthdays ....
Happy Birthday
Someone mentioned that June is a popular month for birthdays ... and today is no exception.  I am going to wish you all the same wish ... that you have had/will have a lovely day ... but more importantly that it will be the beginning of a lovely year ahead.  A year that sees dreams coming true ....




30th-Jun-2016 08:46 pm - Lest We Forget
WW1 Grave
I will admit this post is very much "copy and paste" from a link that Tim sent me.  Our Grandfather was one of those thousands who, 100 years ago tomorrow, went over the top at the First Day Of The Battle Of The Somme.

 photo DSC_0252_zpsxkxnemoa.jpg

For on July 1, 1916, following a seven-day British bombardment, some 120,000 men clambered from their trenches and went ‘over the top’ — to be met by a hail of German machine-gun fire that mowed down half of them. With 20,000 dead and 40,000 wounded, it was the bloodiest single day in British military history.

Relaxing before the carnage: Heartbreaking photos of our troops on the eve of the Somme 100 years ago shortly before they went 'over the top' on the bloodiest single day in British military history. The weeks leading up to the bloodiest battle in British history were gentle, compared with the horror that followed.

Rolling countryside north of River Somme was home to more than a million British servicemen, mainly volunteers. Haunting photographs from 100 years ago show the men relaxing, released to mark the centenary of the WWI battle. But the lush, green, springtime lands would shortly be turned into a muddy moonscape by the horrifying conflict.


 photo 1_zpsvhc5foyr.jpg
A welcome rest: Exhausted soldiers of the 9th Rifle Brigade take a break — and a chance to have a smoke — in a field away from the front line. From left, Second Lieutenant Walter Elliott, who was killed on November 20, 1916, Second Lieutenant Roger Kirkpatrick, wounded (date unknown), Captain Herbert Garton, who was killed on September 15, 1916, Lieutenant Evelyn Southwell, killed on September 15, 1916, and Second Lieutenant Herman Kiek, wounded on April 27, 1918. Southwell told his mother in a letter he was so tired he fell asleep while marching

 photo 2_zpsdfauncit.jpg
A chance to wash: Officers of the 9th Rifle Brigade bathing in a stream behind the lines are (from left, excluding obscured faces): Captain Arthur Mckinstry — wounded, Second Lieutenant William Hesseltine, killed August 21, 1916, Captain William Purvis, wounded September 15, 1916, Second Lieutenant Joseph Buckley, killed December 23, 1917, Lieutenant Morris Heycock, wounded August 22, 1916, Captain Eric Parsons, killed September 15, 1916, Second Lieutenant Sidney Smith (in background) killed August 25, 1916, and Second Lieutenant Walter Elliott, killed November 20, 1916

 photo 3_zpslrymkosz.jpg
Knee-deep in mud: Wading through a trench on the Somme are Major Beauchamp Magrath (left) of the 8th East Lancashire Regiment, killed on June 2, 1916, and Captain Paul Hammond, right, who died on February 25, 1916. The other two soldiers are not identified.

As you can see here, the water and mud were horrific - Granddad was lucky to survive with both his legs.

 photo 4_zpszgsbk51j.jpg
Captain William Johnson, of the 18th Manchester Regiment, was photographed by a friend on the afternoon of July 1, 1916, walking along a captured German trench. He was killed six hours later

For more photos and information, here is the full article

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, or the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them.

As a PS - here are Grandma and Granddad on their wedding day in December 1920
 photo img015_zpsk0yptxhs.jpg

And this is their Golden Wedding Anniversary ... and yes, that's the rest of the family in 1970! (I was 9)
 photo img008_zpsuzvbpr5l.jpg

Mum, Tim, Me (!), Grandma, Granddad, Nick, Dad
29th-Jun-2016 12:11 pm - At Long Last .....
Ow - look of shock on face
.... I have my new router so can try to keep up to date from now on (*fingers crossed*)

Well that's the good news .... the bad news is OUCH .....

As you know, I have been battling the tooth problem from Easter, and last week had the tooth taken out.  End of problem, HA HA.  Apparantly 1 : 10,000 extractions give something called a "dry socket" ; in other words the hole refuses to heal.  So I had the socket cleaned and packed yesterday and started on penocillin, and have to return for more treatment in a couple of days.  They think it may take up to 6 months to heal :(

I asked "Why?"; and was told there was absolutely no reason .... so I pointed out that my last extraction went the same way.  Apparantly all that proves is that I am incredibly unlucky ... so, for those who wonder how I got the name Debris, you can see why!!!

Also saw the doctor today as my thyroid has decided to pack up.  The good news is that I now get free prescriptions, the bad news is that it makes my tiredness worse ... so not good to go with the CFS!!

Well must get lunch and head into work.

Will try and catch up with some of those back comments this evening.
22nd-Jun-2016 08:37 pm - In Or Out .... Decision Day Today!!!

Can you remember I broke a front tooth at Easter .... well I had the root filling done, and it then started hurting .... antibiotics, leaving it, etc ... and today was decision day.

I was still getting the intermittent pain .... so I had to have the root removed. 

So the answer for me was out 😊

On another point, I love my Chromebook, however my router has died .... so I am fated to not catch up easily.

Hope everyone else is having a better week than me 😉

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