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24th-Dec-2014 12:32 pm - Merry Christmas
Christmas Tree + James
 photo christmas-7_zpsrmobbnla.gif

I hope that you all have a lovely day tomorrow, however you spend it.

I shall be at Mum & Dad's (am going in a moment), and doing the cooking for the day - Tim & Claire are coming over; and hopefully we will go there for lunch on the 27th, but it will depend on how well Mum is by then (she has C Diff).

I know that I owe replies ... but this last week totally got away from me organising all our Christmasses! I will try and get some internet access at some point ... if not, it will be a case of seeing you at some point.

I do miss you!
18th-Dec-2014 08:34 pm - Buzz Aldrin Icons
James - Moonshot, Moonshot
Round 64 of character20n20 is the only set I have managed to get done this month ... and as it was, again, James as Buzz Aldrin, I had to make the time, didn't I?

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo AC2_zps2f559417.jpg  photo EmptySpaceWholeBody_zps81cfc559.jpg    photo Cat1_zps77c0a3b8.jpg

Here is the full setCollapse )
18th-Dec-2014 03:20 pm - Still Trying To Get Organised!
Christmas Tree + James
So I have decided to borrow these dogs -

17th-Dec-2014 07:54 pm - I Am Around ... Sort Of!!
I know I haven't replied to all your good wishes, but if I don't scribble "Hi", then I never will!

Mum ended up not having surgery, but is still very week and wobbly.  She is a person who presumes that she will be 100% because she said so!  Sadly life doesn't work like that, especially at 86!

Dad didn't cope very well with her absense ... or maybe it was me looking after him!  He is still very lost, although he is trying to sort his life out, but 90 years old, with Alzheimer's is not the best combination.

Needless to say I have been struggling, although good to be able to say that even though I have only had my second osteopathic treatment today, I can honestly say that I feel a slight bit easier ... I haven't had the sudden exhaustion attacks.  I had another treatment today, and hurt!  He said that I would suffer, but as I have faith in healing, then I don't mind!

Anyway, in the last few days I have been busy getting M&D's Christmas sorted out (so they are organised, although haven't got me anything ... we shall go shopping in the new Year, I expect).  Now I am trying to get my Christmas sorted.  So, life is hectic.

I am also trying to get some icons made!

So, sorry no replies as such - but will catch up when I get a moment ... although it looks as if I will be having an early night.

Hope all is well, and I haven't missed any vital news.
Just to let you know Mum wasn't very well over the weekend, and I persuaded her to go to A&E ... and they kept her in.

I had been saying she didn't drink enough for ages and she was seriously dehydrated, and had a bowel problem that they are doing a colonoscopy on this morning.

They also need to (at long last) sort out her medication ... her doctor is the laziest woman around!

So, I am Daddy & Jiffy sitting ... and have little internet (or time)

Trying to get their Christmas cards/letters/shopping sorted ... then next week I start mine!  So like my icon I feel I am doing a lot of juggling!

Hope you are all behaving yourselves!
Miss you all
5th-Dec-2014 01:01 pm - 100 Days Of Happy - Day 77
For those who want to learn a musical instrument ... then join me in playing the clarinet.  So amazing, and silly at the same time!

Not happy, as I bought a new 2nd-hand one recently for £950!!

2nd-Dec-2014 08:14 pm - Dad's Family Birthday
On the Saturday all the family arrived to celebrate Dad's birthday.

Andrew was the first to arrive as I picked him up from the station (my brother Tim had arranged to do that, but somehow decided it would be too much, so organised me ... still it meant I got a chance for a bit of a chat with him, so that was good).  About 1/2 hour after we got back Tim & Claire arrived, and about 10 mins later Nick & Brenda and the remaining 3 boys arrived ... so all there!

Brenda and Claire had arranged the food between them ... to make things easier, although I still had the house to organise, and bought the drinks.  Claire did dinner, and Brenda puddings (home-made cheesecake and pineapple upsidedown cake ... yummy!)

Dinner is servedCollapse )

Then Dad had a snooze while some of us took Jiffy for a walk ... and so to the pressies from the N&T
 photo DSC_0426_zps06fce226.jpg

As ever when family get together it's a time of relaxation and chat ... although I know that old habits die hard and as I find myself retreating as I did when I was bullied as a teen.  I love my family dearly, but even they can make me feel on the outside.

The familyCollapse )

And so to tea.  Again, Brenda had made cakes (Joey had made brownies) and Claire had done the savouries.

Although, Mum made the actual cake - she has always made him one and despite her sight problems, still wanted to do it.

Tea"Collapse )

And sadly soon time to head home ... well, it was eventually.  Nicks diesel car had a flat battery, so Tim went and bought jump leads from an all night garage ... and plugged it onto my car

 photo DSC_0474_zps3ba1ee42.jpg

A good day - and another one that Dad enjoyed.


For the observant - there was a bunch of flowers on the table.

When Dad went out to buy the paper he came back with them.  He knew he wanted to buy them, but couldn't (sadly) remember why.  Well, Mum & Dad moved in together 18 months after their marriage ... the week of dad's birthday, and since then on the Saturday after his birthday he has always bought her a plant or flowers.  So sad he had forgotten the reason, but lovely to see the thought was still there.
2nd-Dec-2014 06:00 pm - Dad's Birthday Pictures
Son of a preacher man.
As you all know, it was Dad's 90th birthday last week.  Although we were all looking forward to the event I was also slightly worried that he would find things too much, with his Alzheimers, and Mum woukd also end up overwhelmed as she has very little vision, and has been unwell much of this last year.

However Dad said that he had a great time - one of the best birthdays.

On the Thursday I arrived not long before lunch, and he opened his "90" badge!  Then off to lunch - a local carvery.  Although he wore a jacket, the badge peeped through, so a lot of people wished him a happy birthday ... which was really nice for him.  His mother was in no way maternal, and then it was the depression, so birthdays as a kid would have been low-key ... so nice that he had a lot of fuss from those he met.

However, he has this one picture that is dated 11 weeks old -
 photo Dad-11weeksold_zps51d0fb93.jpg

So, a good lunch.  Then back to open his cards and pressies.  Just as he finished a couple from our Church came round, so I took Jiffy for his walk.

Mum and Dad had a snooze before a late-ish tea ... and then one of Dad's favourite films on DVD - "Some Like It Hot" ... he may be 90, but Marilyn Monroe in "those" dresses finished off his day well for him!

The birthday boy, with Mum, Jiffy, and MeCollapse )
2nd-Dec-2014 03:53 pm - 100 Days Of Happy - Day 76
B&W swirls
I haven't worked today ... but have, so far, had a good day.

One thing I am happy about is that, at long last, I got to my Dementia & Delerium training.  I was worried how I would cope with it because of Dad, but it's compulsary.  In actual fact it made me realise that Dad is doing OK and so am I!

I then went shopping in Exeter as I had to go to the bank ... I think I found the largest Christmas bauble ever ... and that also made me happy!

Exeter looking festiveCollapse )
1st-Dec-2014 08:29 pm - 100 Days Of Happy - Day 75
Yay, I managed to stay my full shift at work!

(I know it's only 7 1/2 hours, but was still a great feeling to do it!)
27th-Nov-2014 08:40 am - 100 Days Of Happy - Day 74
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Daddy - 90 years old today.

You are one very special man, and I love you dearly ... only 10 years to go to get you telegram for the Queen!


I had planned to write a post about how special he is, but ran out of time ... I'm off to Torquay soon, so it will have to wait till next week, as will comments etc I owe ... sorry.

See you next week!
27th-Nov-2014 08:23 am - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Birthday Graphics

Thank you for being a great friend - your support has always meant a lot, but especially over this past year.

Hope that you have a wonderful birthday ... and that the coming year will be a very special one for you, and those you love.
27th-Nov-2014 08:19 am - Happy Thanksgiving
Hoping that you all have a wonderful day of celebration and thanksgiving ... a day spent with those you love (if not in actual fact, then in the memories you share)

God Bless you today and always

Thanksgiving Images

PS - don't forget to tie Spike to a chair!

25th-Nov-2014 08:38 pm - 100 Days Of Happy - Day 73
As I said when I updated earlier it was a day off today ... and I am truly happy with the amount I got done ... and managed (I hope) to not over-do things in the process!
25th-Nov-2014 10:51 am - Happy Birthday ... Times 2
Happy Birthday
Today is a special day for 2 special people ....

petzipellepingo ... thank you so much for all the links you give, I often wish I had more time to read everything, rather than dipping in and out.

I hope that you have a wonderful day, getting spoilt by those who are special to you.

Birthday Graphics

Wishing you a special year ahead ... where you will be able to have days of wonder, and that some of your dreams will come true (not all, as it gives you something more to look forward to!)

And, jaded_jamie ... I hope that you are having a lovely day - I know that this last couple of years has been so hard for you, but I pray that the new house, and the new year will bring you health, happiness and peace.

Birthday Graphics

God bless you - I continue to keep you in my prayers ... wishing you a special year ahead.
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