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30th-Aug-2016 02:59 pm - A Writing Meme
Groucho Marx, Writing
To help take my mind off the limbo that my life has become, I did a meme that I had bookmarked some time ago.  Not something I can do while at home as I amm too focussed on listening for my phone, but here with Dad while he is asleep I can let myself focus elsewhere.

I snagged this from thenewbuzwuzz ... Here are the rules:

1. Pick 5 fandoms and list them in alphabetical order

2. Visit this site to find your first Random Poem Of Power. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.

My 5 fandoms in alphabetical order are -
1 Blakes 7
2 BtVS
3 Hercules
5 Stargate SG1

So here are my attempts ....Read more...Collapse )
30th-Aug-2016 02:46 pm - Just A Typical Day
Spuffy - End of days (asleep)
To help take my mind off the limbo that my life has become, I did a meme that I had bookmarked some time ago.  Not something I can do while at home as I amm too focussed on listening for my phone, but here with Dad while he is asleep I can let myself focus elsewhere.

This morning Dad and I listened to a double CD of hymns, and Dad wnted me to sing ... shows what a strong person he is if he can cope with that!!!  By then it was lunch, and they got a small amount of soup into him, as well as a small scoop of chocolate mousse.

Tim and Claire came in for 5 minutes, which was a "joy" .... I did learn that the house is exchanged, and the deposit paid, so we are letting them have a set of keys today so they can store stuff.  I have to go there this evening - and it's a Goodbye to the last family home for me.  I also have to take photos of the gas/elec/water meters, and Claire wants pictures of the empty rooms.  They were upset as they couldn't get tme off work and mentioned about the days going past .... I made the mistake of saying that I was worried about work, and they just said that I was OK to have the 3 weeks off with no questions.

About 10 mins after they left Nick arrived.  He was delayed as he had started work today, but apparantly had been called to a meeting and he is now suspended on full pay awaiting an occupational health report.  Hard for him as he has planned his lessons as from Monday, but good that the school is keeping an eye on him.  I had ordered him lunch (which had annoyed Claire), but was really glad I had when I heard this news.  He was only here a short time before he had to head off again.

This afternoon, as well as going to Mum & Dad's I have to take Jiffy to the vets.  He should have gone last week for a check up, but haven't wanted to be away from Dad ... today I just need to get him checked, as I have to take the keys there anyway.

Well as you can imagine, there's no real news.

I do want to say sorry for the lack of focus on your posts ... I hope I haven't missed anything vital.

This will be f-locked because of my Claire comment!!
26th-Aug-2016 03:37 pm - What A Day
Breast Cancer
Dad is still with us, but drifting slowly towards Heaven.  Very little response today, but still an occasional smile.  He told me a few days ago he was chatting to mum.  So great to see his mind full of happy memories at this time.

I spoke to my best friend today ... only to find out she had a breast biopsy yesterday, and din't tell me so as not to upset me.

However maybe it is good for us both to have the other one to worry about.

Yes, I owe replies - but my brain can't focus when I am with Dad as I am now.  Thank you for your love and support - it truly means more than I can say.
25th-Aug-2016 11:23 am - BtVS Icons - Season 2
Spike & Dru
While I have been sitting with Dad I have been able to make a few icons, so I could complete my set for the first round of wc20in20 .... No, Brits, WC is not what you are thinking, but it is wild card.  We had to pick a season of BtVS, and we were given the episode.  I chose season 2, and was given the episode "Suprise" ... certainly not one I would have picked for myself.

Anyway, here are the 3 teasers ....

 photo AC 1_zpsrrokzggi.jpg  photo Blood_zpsbel8ykwp.jpg      photo Cat 5_zpsgp0aybps.jpg

Here is the full setCollapse )
20th-Aug-2016 10:30 am - Happy Birthday James
Happy Birthday
Just popping in for a few seconds, to wish James a truly Happy Birthday. Hope he has a great day and it is the start of a special year.

Birthday Graphics

Even with everything else I couldn't miss writing this post, could I?
18th-Aug-2016 02:25 pm - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday


Just a fly-by post to wish a very special lady a Very Happy Birthday. kudagirl I hope that you are able to enjoy your day

Praying that the coming year will help you to be happier and more rested than this last year has been.  If only we were nearer, but that puddle of water is just too big!

*hugs* you tight
M&D wedding
I am actually sitting with dad and typing this update - the great thing about a Chromebook. Dad's home has Wi Fi, so thought I could actually do an update.

Firstly, sadly, when I said Dad is poorly, I mean that he is now drifting, having had yet another stroke. He just wants to go Home. He is very peaceful and the care is stunning so although I don't want to say Goodbye, but I know he will be going to Heaven, and I will see him again one day. He told me yesterday he wants to go Home, and that he is missing Mum. So hard to realise, but a lot of positives in such a negative time. I have had the privilege of knowing an amazing man for over 55 years, and even now is is half asleep with a beautiful smile on his face.

As I said my back had been playing up ... well my osteopath said I could look on it as good news!!!! For the last 3 years I have struggled, some days terribly, with the CFS ... yet he thinks I am doing so well that my horrific injury of 1982 is now able to become a separate entity. So looking at it that way I could see cause for celebration, and certainly nice to be able to tell dad that after he and mum have been so worried about me.

Jiffy has also been to the vets as he has a small infection in one of his anal glands. Marni has seen him 3 times now, and if there is no improvement next time then he may need a mini op. He was not great on his walk this morning. I had told him dad was poorly and I wonder if he has understood what I was saying.

Anyway, on a brighter note, here are the photos of Glastonbury Tor I promised you ... we had a great day for the walk as the view was amazing.

Well worth the climbCollapse )

Dad's asleep at present so I will try to get some more bits done, but doubt I will be focused enough to go through my f-list ... sorry
13th-Aug-2016 12:12 pm - MIA

A bad back meant I didn't sit to go online

Now sitting with Dad who is poorly

Quick update but only have my phone with me
9th-Aug-2016 02:29 pm - 100 Truths
James - thinky thoughts
Procrastination taking over again!!  I am meant to be doing some housework, but instead I have snagged a meme from marishna

Spent some time with Dad today who has had another mini stroke yesterday.  He is very tired, but fortunately can still eat and drink OK.  Nick was saying that he thinks Dad is beginning to feel he has had enough, as he has been more quieter recently.  But he srill knows us all, although forgets we have been within 5 minutes.  We know he is happy and well cared for, so ultimately that is the important thing.

Well I had better get on and do some sorting out.  Will post the Tor pictures this evening, and get round to answering comments from the last few posts.  Enjoy you day.

100 TruthsCollapse )
8th-Aug-2016 07:58 pm - Glastonbury Abbey
Sorry I didn't post these yesterday, but I was watching M*A*S*H on TV, and as it was the last episode, I ended up watching it without stopping. When it was first shown here it was just after I left college and it really poignant. Spending 4 years together with friends, yet I knew I wouldn't see many of them ever again. It still reminds me of those days studying to be an osteopath and the great people I was with then.

Anyway, I continue with my trip to Glastonbury.

We went to the Abbey. Like many Abbeys in England it was destroyed by Henry VIII. The building remains are beautiful, as are the couple of the smaller buildings that are still fairly undamaged. We managed to miss the rain, and enjoyed the walk. Plenty of excuses to dig out the camera!

And so to a look around The AbbeyCollapse )

Glastonbury Tor is on it's way!
7th-Aug-2016 07:48 pm - Another Friday, Another Trip
Stone sculpture
Last Friday Christine and I went to Glastonbury ... 55 1/2 miles each way.  The great news is that almost 4 years ago, coming back from Nicks, we came via Glastonbury (as normal), but I had to stop to take Codeine, and to walk round the car .... a few times.  That was my last trip as the CFS set in.  Going though Glastonbury on a regular basis I had always wanted to visit.  It turned out that Christine had never been either, so great to explore together.

The town has a huge history to explore.  It is believed to be the last resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, the first Church is believed to be set up by Joseph of Arimathea and his disciples.  The area was first settled in the Bronze Age.

To begin with we wandered around the town, saw the Church, saw some of the many shops, as well as some 11th Century Alms Houses and a medieval merchant's house,

So thought I would share some photos
of the townCollapse )

More photos to follow
James - buzz cut & name.
Happy Birthday jen_nsync_landl ... hope you are having a good day.

Yesterday Brenda sent me a link to this photo .... her 5 boys, she said.  They are on holiday, so it seems as if they are enjoying family time together.

 photo FB_20160802_22_18_08_Saved_Picture_zpsdbtgigjn.jpg
Nick, Dan, Andrew, Joe & Tom

This morning I had to go to Mum & Dad's to meet the gas engineer to service the boiler, and then the people who are doing the final empty and clean of Mum & Dad's.  It'a the start of the end, and yet it still hasn't sunk in.  This last year has passed over me, yet somehow I can't come to terms with things.

Dad is ok, although a bit low emotionally and finding this warmer weather harder to cope with.  But the staff are monitoring him, and I have managed to get in 5 days a week.  I ususally take Jiffy about every 10 days.  Dad loves seeing "the boy" as he always calls him, and he livens up the staff no end.

Speaking of Jiffy I also took him back to the vets this morning.  He had an infection in his right anal gland.  I have been having to apply warm compresses to him, and it's getting batter.  If it hadn't improved it would have meant surgery, so that's good news.

Once we had seen Marni we went for a walk locally to her ...Brunel WoodsCollapse )

Oh well, back to work tomorrow ... but only for the day, then out again with Christine on Friday.

Hope you are all having fun x
3rd-Aug-2016 12:35 pm - Jiffy Is Super Clever!!!
Jiffy - one ear up
This morning I was getting organised, cleaned my glasses, handcream on ... and smeared my glasses.

I said "Blow"

And Jiffy sneezed!!!!

One clever boy!
2nd-Aug-2016 01:14 pm - Knightshayes, Again
James - Discovery Channel
I posted a couple of pictures of the house, and some of the gardens yesterday. So here is "indoors". The house was decorated originally by a friend of Pugin (who did the Houses of Parliament). However the owners then thought it was over the top, so covered much of the decorations with plaster, etc. So when the last owners had no family they left the place to The National Trust, who have restored some of the rooms to their original design.

A stroll around insideCollapse )
1st-Aug-2016 05:36 pm - Day Trip, Last Friday
Last Friday (so I am late posting the pictures, but they still count as a Friday post) Christine and I went out for the day tp Knightshayes Tiverton. It took us about 40 mins to get there, and although the weather wasn't 100% we had a great time, and didn't really get wet either.

A Victorian Gothic MansionCollapse )

Both before and after strolling through the house we enjoyed the grounds.

Enjoying a strollCollapse )

So hope you enjoyed ... I have some indoor photos to share later.
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