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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
My Life 
16th-Feb-2018 05:34 pm - James !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Marsters
February 16 - Who is your current celebrity crush?

Yep, still is James.

 photo JMA_preview_zpswxsaykpu.jpeg

Come on, what's not to like?
15th-Feb-2018 05:09 pm - Happy 90th
90 years ago Mum arrived at this village, and to the day Jiffy and I were there.

Mum so wanted to live longer than her mother, who died on her 90th birthday, but was only 87.  So Jiffy and I are here for a couple of days, as we are hoping to visit Auntie Mary tomorrow.  We spent some time in the village, went into the Church (where Mum was christened), then to Grandma & Granddad's graves; then to Raunds, where Granddad was born, and again to the Church (which is under major repaires as the East wall was falling off!!)

Sadly, although I have my camera, I forgot the pc cable .. so other photos will have to wait.

 photo Untitled_zpsxfnticsy.jpg

We then went to Stanwick Lakes, where I bought a snack lunch and then had a good walk. This place "didn't exist" when Mum knew the village ... but some of the water was used for a local mill, where Mum also learnt to swim.

And so back to our hotel mid-afternoon. Poor Jiffy is exhausted, which is nice to see!!! I am also being a good girl, and not over-doing things.

Also, must catch up on the February Meme -

February 14 - Who do you love?

Well, I have to say Jiffy ... we are sharing a holiday together, after all.

February 15 - Who was your first celebrity crush?

I can't remember the order, as 2 were close together ... and I still like them both.

Cary Grant -
 photo primary_EB19861201PEOPLE910239997AR_zpsqgu8rt07.jpg

Steve McQueen -
 photo MV5BMTQ3Mjk2MTU1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTA5MTkzNA._V1_UY317_CR230214317_AL__zpspvjtua7f.jpg
When I was a teen, most of the girls in my class were either Robert Redford or Paul Newman fans ... trust me to be different!
13th-Feb-2018 03:29 pm - 4th Anniversary .....
Breast Cancer
.... Claire is cancer free.

4 years ago she had a mastectomy, but didn't need chemo or radio. Since then she has had her annual check-ups on the other side and is fine.

She hasn't worked for those 4 years on the 12th Feb, and normally spends the day with Tim, but this year he couldn't get the time off work.

So, after taking Jiffy for a walk, I picked her up and we drove to Street to "Clark's village". Claire bought lunch, and then we went shopping. I was quite restrained, only buying a couple of pairs of jeans on special offer, and a present for a friend's birthday. However we did also go in the Cadbury shop (enough said!!).

On our way home we had a huge diversion, but as it wasn't bad weather it just meant longer to chat!!

So, a nice way to celebrate her anniversary - it was so lovely to see her looking so happy (while spending money!!)

But I mustn't forget the February Meme, as well.

February 12 - How old were you the first time you made love? Was it a mistake?
Ummm, not applicable!

February 13 - What do you love about yourself.
Nothing really.
Not the photos of Claire's 50th (they will come), but a couple more jigsaws I have done this year, so far.

This top one has 1,250 pieces, and took a bit longer than I expected!
 photo DSC_0004_zpszvgzlefp.jpg
This one has (only) 525 pieces ... well, actually one less!  I attempted this a couple of years back before things changed for me, and I had to pack it away ... and I lost a piece :(
 photo DSC_0053_zpsxgzk57cq.jpg

Still I got them both done ... 6 jigsaws in one month (and counting.

And, today is February 11th, so - Who was the most recent person to tell you they love you?

I suppose one of my sisters-in-law.  I know Mum used to say it to me a lot, and Dad would say he did if asked (his generation!).  My 20 year old nephew called me "his lovely Auntie" when he was leaving yesterday, so maybe that counts ... Thanks, Dan.

And, to finish ... just because I can, the little man -
 photo DSC_0007_zpsycifm3gp.jpg
10th-Feb-2018 08:29 pm - 100 Truths
Spike - face + body + my name
Snagged from kseenaa

001. Real name → Deborah
002. Nickname(s)→ Debris, Dib-Dob
003. Zodiac sign → Cancer
004. Male or female → Female
005. Age → 56
006. Dream Job → Tour guide
007. Eyes → Blue
008. Hair color → A bit of brown, with mostly "shades of grey" through it.
009. Long or short → Short
010. Loud or Quiet → One to one - Talkative. More than that number - Quiet.
011. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
012. Phone or Camera → Camera
013. Health freak → Definitly NOT!  Although I do love the gym (when I get organised!)
015. Do you have a crush on someone? → Guess who!!
016. Eat or Drink → Both!
017. Piercings → 1 in each ear
018. Tattoos → None

019. Been in an airplane → Yes
020. Had sex with someone you just met → No
021. Been in a car accident → No ... unless you count the fact I was on a bike that got run over by a taxi
022. Been in a fist fight → Do my brothers count?

023. First piercing → Got my ears pierced when I was 17
024. First best friend → Steffanie (when I was 3) ... but we moved when I was almost 6. We met briefly at 18 and the connection was still there
025. First award → Probably a Sunday School prise at 7
026. First crush → Toby, when I was 8
027. First time → Never
028. First big vacation → We always had summer vacations every year

029. Last person you talked to → Jiffy
030. Last person you texted → Brenda
031. Last person you watched a movie with → Jiffy!!!!!
034. Last song you listened to → Whichever the last song on the new Ghost of the Robot CD is ... had it on earlier
035. Last thing you bought → A new giraffe mug, off the internet
036. Last person you hugged → The 8 of the family when they left this afternoon

037. Food → Prefer savoury ... especially tomatoes
038. Drink → White wine, tea, water
039. Clothing → Depends on what I am doing
040. Flower → Inside - Chrysanthemums Outside - Roses
041. Books → Bible, history, regency-romance, fan-fics
043. Movies → 40's, 50's
044. Subjects → History and travel

IN 2018, I'VE ALREADY...
045. Kissed someone → All the family when they came, and when they went today
046. Celebrated Halloween → No, it's just February (and I didn't last year either)
047. Had your heart broken → No
048. Went over the minutes on your cell phone → No
049. Questioned someone’s sexual orientation → No
050. Came out of the closet → Don't need to
051. Got pregnant → No
052. Had an abortion → No
053. Did something you regretted → No
054. Broke a promise → No
055. Hid a secret → No
056. Pretended to be happy → No
057. Met someone who changed your life → No
058. Pretended to be sick → No
059. Left the country → No
060. Tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it → No
061. Cried over the silliest thing → No
062. Ran a mile → No
063. Went to the beach with your best friend(s) → No
064. Got into an argument with your friends → No
065. Hated someone → No
066. Done something good for someone else → Hopefully, yes

067. Eating → No
068. Drinking → End of the wine from lunch
069. I’m about to → Do some more icons
070. Listening to → TV
071. Plans for today → Go to bed soon and hopefully finish my book
072. Waiting for → Nothing special

073. Want kids? → Too old now
074. Want to get married? → Possibly, at some point
075. Careers in mind → I like what I do

076. Lips or eyes → Eyes
077. Shorter or taller? → Taller
078. Romantic or spontaneous → Both
079. Nice ass or tits → Either
080. Sensitive or loud → Depends on the mood
081. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship
082. Troublemaker or hesitant → Hesitant

083. Lost glasses/contacts lenses → Oh yes - only the lenses. I am now in glasses and have to wear them all the time, so can't lose them!
084. Ran away from home → No
085. Hold a gun/knife for self-defence → No
086. Killed somebody → No
087. Broken someone’s heart → Shouldn't think so
088. Rejected someone’s call on purpose → Yes
089. Cried when someone died → Yes

090. Yourself → No
091. Miracles → Yes
092. Love at first sight → Yes
093. Heaven → YES
094. Santa Claus → Yes
095. Sex on the first date → Probably not
096. Kiss on the first date → Yes

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → No
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → Yes, although I wish I felt better
099. Do you believe in God? → YES
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people → If anyone feels like they want to, have a go
10th-Feb-2018 08:00 pm - Busy, Busy
Wine glass at sunset
It's been a busy couple of days ... I had to clean the house, for one thing!

It was Claire's 50th birthday last week and so I had invited them to lunch today. However, unknown to them, I had also invited Nick, Brenda & the 4 boys as well. So, cooking for 9 (and the 4 boys all have "hollow legs") ... hard to decide what to do.

I chose a chicken casserole (on the stove), cheesy mash (in the oven) and frozen beans. Then for pudding a made Dutch Apple Cake, Pineapple Upside-down Cake, and Treacle Tart.

Then we had a walk, and Brenda had made a birthday cake ... and 3 lots of biscuits/cakes that I had made.

So lots of cooking and cleaning ... but the day went well. I will post a couple of photos at some point.

And that explains the lack of posting yesterday, or catching up with you all over the last couple of days. So ....

February 9 - What is your love language?


February 10 - Who was the first person you told you loved them?

Dad .... I know that as Mum reminded me over the years how jealous she was!
8th-Feb-2018 04:58 pm - Oooops, Missed Yesterday
Happy Birthday
Let me start by wishing scripsi a Happy Birthday - have a lovely day, and best wishes for the coming year.

Birthday Graphics

February 7 - What’s your favourite current song?

I don't think I have one at present.

February 8 - What do you love

I love the fact that I am now off week for a work.  Yes, I love work, and need the money (I don't get paid if I don't work); but have great plans for next week ... so looking forward to that.
6th-Feb-2018 03:35 pm - February Progresses Rapidly!
Nothing much happening here - although I am meant to be cleaning the house, as I have all the family coming for Saturday lunch. But, as ever, procrastination is ruling!

I have decided to cross-post my writing scribbles to AO3. Mostly it is to hope that in re-visiting the work I will get inspired to start scribbling again. Mind you, I have mostly written Spuffy, and although I still love those I have been reading quite a few Stargate fics (I ship Jack/Sam). So really need to re-watch BtVS again.

Well onwards I must head ... so will do my February meme ...

February 6 - Do doctors make you nervous?

They had better not!! I worked as an osteopath for 28 years, running my own business; and now work as a nurse in a large hospital. I suppose most worry about the diagnosis. But I am a great believer in the faster you get an answer, the faster you can get results ... and hopefully the better the outcome.

We do get people who are scared - more than I realised.

Anyway as a final thought I snagged this from enigmaticblues:

The problem with LJ/DW: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your journal and find out what people don't know about you.
5th-Feb-2018 03:21 pm - Making Sure I Keep Going!
James - Exam time
February 4 - Who do you want to win the super bowl?

I only ever watch one British sort - the Oxford/Cambridge boat race (I am a Cambridge supporter). So I definitely don't get involved in American sports!!

February 5 - Have you ever successfully completed a MOOC? What was it about?

I had to look up what MOOC meant!

I haven't done any serious study since I trained to be an osteopath at college. However I have done small on-line (non Harvard) courses, over the years. I love history, but am not great at remembering facts & figures, so enjoy the courses.

I would love to study more, but am not great at focussing at present ... maybe one day!
3rd-Feb-2018 02:38 pm - Saturday ...
Spike - face + body + my name
... Yep great, as it means Chicken & Chips for tea tonight!!

Will admit I had a really lazy morning (especially as I had planned to go to the gym!!). I didn't set the alarm, and when I woke up I stayed in bed and read my book for some time.


Jiffy was equally happy as he had a busy afternoon yesterday. It was his 6 weekly haircut. He loves going to see Jackie, but this week one of his regular doggy friends who he sees there was in season. Even though he has had his op (!!), he still was alert, and apparently even weed on the side of the caging she was sleeping him!! Marking his property!!

Typical man!

Oh well ... I am slowly continuing with the boxes in my spare room as I promised myself, so that is making me happy. It will take ages, and I doubt it will be done by Easter as I set myself here, but at least I am continuing on. So that's the main thing.

Well I had better do day 3 of the meme that I am doing. (The full list is here) ...

Feb 3 - Have you done any art this year?

Yes! I have made one set of icons of Hercules; am half way through a set for monthlyinspo and started a set of icons of Jack O'Neill (from Stargate SG!)
2nd-Feb-2018 06:22 pm - A Random Thought
I am just wondering - whenever I am at the gym I notice something really weird (well, it is to me). People leave the changing rooms, and some leave the locker wide open ... so if you are not looking and you bend down you can bash your head? Why? I empty my locker then push the door closed ... Huh! People are weird.

Anyway, on a less random vein, I will do the next day of my meme ...

February 2 - Are you superstitious?


(However), Mum had a clock that she had inherited from her grandfather when he died back in 1953. Dad always wound it every Friday evening. When granddad died in 1978 the clock stopped, and it took dad a couple of weeks to start it again. The same when grandma died. (Not the other grandparents though!). A few years before mum died she was very poorly, and her first question was ... is the clock still working!

So, no explanation at all ... but it does make you wonder.

At present it is upstairs and needs a service before I hang it back up ... so will let you know!!
1st-Feb-2018 05:56 pm - February Already
James - thinky thoughts
So much for keeping LJing ... I did so well for the first week, but then it all "fell apart" again! So I thought I would try to be better in February by snagging a meme from zhelana and will try to keep going (although not actually guaranteeing things!

I actually went to the doctors this afternoon. Yes I still have bad days. Having started these bugs back in September, and am still struggling to stop coughing, and to actually not have to have time in bed. So the doc suggested I try a steroid spray, and an anti-histamine for the next 6-8 weeks and see how things are then. At least I have something positive I can do.

Well I don't have any real news other than that. So will finish with this picture taken 11 years ago - too cute, isn't he?

Our map-reader, and only 6 months old!!
 photo Jiffy map reading_zps0zv1op85.jpg

February's QuestionsCollapse )

February 1st - Thing you are most looking forward to this month

Jiffy & I are going to Northamptonshire for a couple of days to give a suprise visit to Auntie Mary.
25th-Jan-2018 07:59 pm - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Birthday Graphics

And, yet again, let me both thank you slaymesoftly for your constant writing ... but more importantly wish you a very Happy Birthday ... and a great year to come
25th-Jan-2018 07:29 pm - Catch Up Time
At least the viral bugs are easing ... and the pain from the salivary gland infection is almost gone ... so am feeling more positive.  So much so I made some lemon biscuits today (which are rapidly disappearing!!)

I haven't gone to Auntie Joyce's today - both with me not feeling like pushing it, and having to do the drive; but also she is not feeling great.  When I spoke to her earlier this week we agreed that I would go up there in another months time.

I don't know if others in England have been watching the Michael Portillo American train show, well I have really enjoyed the last few days as he has been travelling to Boston, Salem, etc ... So bringing back great good memories of the last week of the holiday last July.  As most of you didn't see my blog, I thought I would share a couple of photos -

Salem -
 photo DSC_0124_zps09bnca5w.jpg
Plymouth Rock (it is inside the building)
 photo DSC_0890_zpszwl43fue.jpg
Plimouth Plantation
 photo DSC_0870_zpsqsiokicc.jpg
Boston (Tea Party)
 photo DSC_0646_zps13giwxsn.jpg
Boston ... and, yes, that is gold!
 photo DSC_0536_zpso4s3rcei.jpg
18th-Jan-2018 03:05 pm - Icon Meme
Spike - Punked on the Tube
As most of you have found out, I do make icons .... some successful, some not! However this is something that was flying around a couple of years back.

You get to talk about 3 icons that someone has picked out for you ... if you want to play you only have to say "ME TOO" in the comments and I will pick 3 of yours.

However I am adding something else - if you want to look at my icons and ask about one or more of mine, then just ask.

Anyway, I have asked 2 of my friends to pick some icons .... so, here we go.

First off I asked teragramm, who picked these:-

Oh I had forgotten about this one.  It's what I think has happened ... common sense is truly missing, isn't it?  I really must re-use.

When I watched Star Trek Voyager from the first time, I had 2 "pairings" that I thought were interesting.  B'Elanna & Tom Paris was a really interesting story, that followed through the full 7 seasons.  The classic popular boy v. the touchy girl who didn't feel she was worth much.  So, nice to make an icon with a bland background to use whatever the storyline.

This is one that one of my friends used to use a lot.  I use it when life is confusing, distracting, etc.  So it seems to get used a lot!!

And then it was kazzy_cee's turn .. and this is her selection:-

This is one that I so rarely get to use ... some years ago so much of my LJ was horse related, and I was linked to this image that I love.  I do use it for the classic tiredness comments, although I have others as well.  But I also use it for boring, or blah-blah comments.

I am old enough to have watched the early Dr Who from behind a friends sofa (before we had TV) ... and yes, daleks were scary.  A few years on, one of the playground games was that of putting both arms in the one sleeve and running round yelling "Exterminate" in dalek-like voice.  Daleks are scarey, and take over, don't they ... and so does procrastination ... or it does for me.  So (sadly) I use it a lot!

This icon was peronalised for me, when I saw a post. liked it, and wasn't yet doing art.  I tend to use it, not often, but is one of those that gets used when I don't have any others that are appropriate for what I am writing.  And, anyway, you can't have too many James/Spike icons, can you?

So, if you want to play - let me know.
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