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19th-May-2015 07:41 am - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Guess who is 9 today ....

 photo DSC_0189_zpshd7qs6dk.jpg

Happy Birthday, my young man.
13th-May-2015 08:11 pm - Wow - I Managed To Do A 12th!!
Jiffy - painting
As I have my one evening off of the week, I was planning on another mini update, and realised that yesterday was the 12th ... so will do that instead.  As it was a day at Mum & Dad's it will give friends an idea of what a "non-work" day is!  Writing here and linking to monthlydiaryday means I only have to type once!!

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11th-May-2015 06:45 pm - 31 Day Meme - Day 3
Your Favourite Television Programme

Yes, I love BtVS, but have still to see Angel! I love the series, for more reasons than I can list. A great story, good characters you can love and hate ... and James Marsters!

The first series I truly loved was Blakes 7 ... the first TV series I became involved in fandom with. Reading a bit of fan-fic, as well as joining the fan club.

Avon, is my favourite character ... and maybe you can see why -

Other series I love are -
Star Trek, Voyager
Stargate SG1
Vampire Diaries

As well as some mini series, such as Wish Me Luck, Danger UXB,

James - actoring theories

Last night I had a truly mega dream.

I was with a group of friends, although none of them were people I knew. 😀

Anyway one of them, my closest friend, was living with James, and one of the others was living with Tom Hanks.

Anyway to complicate the story, the two actors were in a film.  The story was set during the filming time.  In off camera times the story was fun (very much so) .... but there again the actual film plot was unusual ....

The two of them were Greek beach-bums who, somehow, ended up in New York playing baseball, and became national stars .... who ended up marrying each other.

I really want to see this 😂

7th-May-2015 07:42 pm - Emily Pankhurst Will Be Proud
James - my name

Yes, I put my Xin it's box ... then came home and drove mum and dad down for their votes.

5th-May-2015 05:04 pm - Instagram Photos
James - pointing finger

Someone asked if I could share my photos that I have taken over the past few days, for Instagram.

so peep hereCollapse )

4th-May-2015 07:56 pm - Happy Star Wars Day
Star Wars

Just popping in to say Hi ...

Busy bank holiday, dad and I gardened this morning before the rain came.  This afternoon I took a car load of cuttings and weeds to the tip.

I have also managed to do some clarinet practice ... the lungs are doing ok, but the mouth is very sore.

Will try to catch up with comments later.

1st-May-2015 02:13 pm - At Long Last .... An Update
James - London 2011 - flashing colours

About time I hear you say !!!

Hope all is well with you and I haven't missed too much.  I seem to go from one day to another, and never get time to spend relaxed in front of my computer.  This is being done on my tablet while Mum and Dad have a snooze.  Good excuse to not do housework as I have to keep quiet 😉

So let's get up to date .....

1 - I am actually feeling a lot better .... my energy levels are up and the pain level down.  My osteopath has said that he is also pleased with progress, but still has a long way to go.  Anyway I am feeling positive, and for the first time in ages I am actually going to restart playing my clarinet.

2 - Dad is doing OK ... he still gets times when he loses himself and his vocabulary is not great.  However he is keeping busy doing gardening every day .... even when I am not around to nag!  He goes to Church with me every Sunday and takes Jiffy for a walk every day.  So all in all for a 90 year old Alzheimer's sufferer he is doing well.

3 - Mum has good days and  bad days ... for the first time yesterday she did about quarter of an hour sweeping where I was digging ... she was wiped out by the end, but it was good to see her wanting to do something.

4 - I am now on Instagram .... so if anyone else is then find me there .... Debris4spike.  My nephews nagged me, and although my phone camera is not great it is still fun.

5 - Jiffy keeps well.  The mornings I am here (4) we go for a walk ... so that's nice for us both.

6 - Now I am in a routine with cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc, life is easier.  I feel more in control of my own life again.

Well I have to get on .... certainly busy as ever, but at least now I am feeling a bit stronger life is a bit easier.

Will try to keep up better.  But I know I am a bad girl, so make no promises 😄

25th-Apr-2015 07:47 pm - ANZAC Day 100
Poppy Wreath

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them
23rd-Apr-2015 12:58 pm - Happy St. George's Day
St Georges Day

It may not be a day that we all remember, but it's good to be proud of the country you are born in.  When I went into work this morning I wished everyone a Happy St George's Day.  Only 2 people knew what I was talking about ... and one of those is a Kiwi (so I wished him a Happy Anzac Day for 2 days time).

Henry V, act III

Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'
22nd-Apr-2015 08:41 pm - 31 Day Meme - Day 2
James - Moonshot, Moonshot

Another very hard choice, as I have loads of favourites, and a lot depends on what mood I am in.  I love 40/50's films ... musicals especially.  And I have favourite actors like Cary Grant, Doris Day, Danny Kaye,etc. I do also love Will Hay films and The Marx Brothers films ... yes, I'm a bit mad!

Some of my favourite films are -
Guys and Dolls
Arsenic and Old Lace.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
Fiddler on the Roof.
Carry on ... Up The Khybur/Screaming/Cleo
Passport to Pimlico

And, of course, one actor I must mention is James Marsters.  I love all his work, but am especially fond of Moonshot, as I remember standing in our back garden watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon!  (I do also love Appollo 13, which never fails to grip me with the story)

20th-Apr-2015 06:11 pm - 31 Day Meme - Day 1
James - London 2010 - double image

I suppose my favourite sone changes with what mood I am in. However, as you can guess my ring-tone on my phone is set ... And has been for years (despite changing phones) -

London City, by James Marsters

I am a great fan of the 60's, loving The Beatles, The Seekers and The Beach Boys, especially. It's good to hear a slightly different song style, so love this, by The Beach Boys -
15th-Apr-2015 06:21 pm - Torbay Photos
Ocean Waves
Last week on Tuesday Christine and I got the bus to Goodrington and walked back to Torquay.  As we got back, and stopped for a cuppa (and a cake!), my phone registered that we had done 1,000 steps on our walk.

It was great exercise, but more especially nice to spend the time with a good friend chatting.

I have a few photos, although Andrew has borrowed my camera, so this was on Mum's.  I am not used to looking at the back of a small camera, so am pleased with how things came out.

Here be photosCollapse )

Thanks Christine for a great afternoon.
15th-Apr-2015 06:05 pm - Hi
James - buzz cut & name.
I have been very bad at keeping up to date, haven't I? No excuses as I now have the small tablet, and the fact that I am beginning to feel a bit better, which considering how much stress I have at home is great news. The Cranial treatments are really helping me to feel stronger, more focussed, and less tired.

Still I have been bad, so have decided to snag the month's meme from teragramm ... although I know it wont get done everyday, at least I will "have to" get more organised.

The meme questionsCollapse )

I have also made a couple more icons for historamedy365 ... with the theme "hug"

 photo cygnus102_zpsdistdipm.jpg  photo btvs301_065sd_zpsxtculngm.jpg

I didn't work this afternoon, so have actually got some housework done at my house. Sorted out my shed, as well. As a treat I do get myself a Chinese take-away on a Wednesday ... always the same ... Chicken & cashew nut, with egg-fried rice. Once I have had that I shall return to the pc and try to get some more stuff done, es[ecially the comments I need to reply to.

9th-Apr-2015 01:12 pm - 2 BtVS & 2 Blakes 7 Icons
As I said, I was going to make a few icons for historamedy365 ... whenever I could. So I managed 2 themes (as they are changed every day), I shall post here as I do them.

Hurt -
 photo Hurt_zps2gpxcyl0.jpg  photo after125_zpsxzydsbmq.jpg

Board -
 photo Board1_zpszsxqcpgv.jpg  photo Board d_zpsomwwvx1w.jpg
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