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8th-Feb-2016 03:44 pm - Photo Friday - More History
James - totally fascinated
Exeter has other historical heritage ... namely in 2 places on these set of photos.

The first is the Cathedral Square.  The buildings around the Cathedral are still used by clergy, and the Cathedral school - and show some lovely fifteenth - sixteenth century history.

Tudor lifeCollapse )

Another are of heritage that Exeter has is Georgian.  This is one of the main streets from that time, and are now mainly solicitors, accountants, etc.

And now the GeorgiansCollapse )
8th-Feb-2016 02:52 pm - Dad
Son of a preacher man.
I wanted to share this picture I have just received.

Sadly, when Mum died and Dad had his stroke, his Alzheimer's got worse, and as you know I am unable to care for him, so he has has to go into a home. Every morning he has personal-care time for about 20 mins, and the one thing they all knows he loves doing is reading the Bible. So, every day the Bible is read to him. Whenever I go we also read the Bible, but it's nice to see that Dad, who was a preacher all his life, is still instrumental in sharing the Bible with those around.

 photo e46ba762-76a8-43b4-862a-ff64f11d0cd9_zps961vyofk.jpg
8th-Feb-2016 02:47 pm - Photo Friday - Exeter City Wall
Well I am slowly uploading my pictures, it seems as if Photobucket will only do one at a time! Maybe it's the weather that's slowing my internet, or maybe it's just Photobucket!!!

So, Exeter is a city that was settled in the early Iron Age, and was really established by the Romans ... we are lucky that much of the wall still stands, even if not all of it is the original Roman.

The Roman"s woz "ereCollapse )
Capt John - pattern in corner
Having a week off work means I have actually had some time o do some icons.  I again did a set for episodes20in20 ... and guess why I chose the episode I did!!!?  Yes, another James episode.  This time it is from Torchwood, season 2, episode 1 ... "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang"

For me (and others) it will also bring back great memories of a very wet trip to Cardiff!

Here are the teasers -

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

The full set is hereCollapse )
7th-Feb-2016 03:28 pm - Photo Friday ... Well Not Quite!
Flashing lights with my name
Even though I have had a crumby week ... not being able to breathe, at all.  I have had the best of help from the docs, as far as it goes.

I have been tested for Pulmonary Embolisms, Heart Attack, Blood disease ... but all OK.  So, in so many ways that's good news.  Still have a headache and can't breathe as well as I should, but as a great friend pointed out, I have had a physically tough 2 years and last year was very emotionally stressful, as well.  So really I just need time to chill - Thanks Deb, I think that's what I am agreeing with, and my GP said it sounded feasible.

BTW, I couldn't get hold of Tim and Claire on Monday when there was a strong possibility I would be staying in hospital, but my neighbour saw me as I was coming back from the docs, and "stole" Jiffy! He had a great time. They have a one year old, and in the afternoon they went to another town to have a walk along a beach! I think he was quite upset that I didn't have to stay in hospital!!

Anyway I had to go to the solicitors again on Friday, to sign an insurance policy for Dad's account.  So I took Jiffy in and we had a lovely long, slow walk ... so I have photos.  However, Photobucket is again being unhelpful, so I will post them when I can win the argument with my pc!!
4th-Feb-2016 04:29 pm - Daily Bible Reading
Yesterday reading Genesis 31, I was reminded of a word I grew up knowing ... MIZPAH ... It is used a lot by the Brethren, but when you read the verse you know why.

Gen 31 v 49 :"The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent from one another"

A truly lovely wish.
2nd-Feb-2016 03:46 pm - Photo Spam For Photo Friday
Sorry this post is even later ... Photobucket was down over the weekend and now it, or my computer seems to be on a go-slow!  Then yesterday I was very breathless - so much so I have spent the last couple of days in and out the hospital checking whether I had a pulmonary embolism.  However eveything is 100% OK, so just viral still.  But good to have a full MOT!

Anyway - Higher Cemetery Exeter ...Here we comeCollapse )

Jiffy and I will go back soon to find some of the other special areas, and memorials.
31st-Jan-2016 08:06 pm - Grrrrrrrr

Photobucket doesn't want to upload my stuff ... I have spent some time kicking the computer, but this virus is truly making my brain fuzzy.  I have to take tomorrow off work as I feel rough .... so will try again then.  The photos of Exeter will be up as soon as I can sort out things

I hope

30th-Jan-2016 03:15 pm - Daily Bible Reading
I have been a bit out of sequence recently as the exhaustion has hit, but am back on track again today.

So, I return to Genesis, and Jacob marrying the love of his life and her sister.  The sister Leah has children, and a couple of the meanings jumped out at me in the first 4 children.  Not just were they named to help Leah at the time, but their names continued to mean something when these babies grew up and became heads of their tribes.

LEVI -  His name means attachment, connection.  Leah felt thet Jacob would feel connected to her again at this time.  Levi became the head of the priests ... they are the ones who helped the Jews connect, stay attached to God.

JUDAH - His name means praise.  She praised God that she had children from her marriage.  The tribe of judah is also the tribe that Jesus was born into ... the true reason to praise God.                                                               
29th-Jan-2016 03:14 pm - You Have Been Warned!
kazzy_cee has made me think (shock!!) as she is posting more things that make her happy (as a lot of us did last year).  I keep saying I am going to post more, then the virus kicks back as it has this wee (I even had to take a day off work, I felt so rough).

I have also said that I want to get some more photos done ... and slowing get back to experimenting with my camera ... so ...

I have decided to combine the two and on my Friday or Saturday day off, Jiffy and I are going to take the camera with us on our walk.

So yesterday (I know it was Thursday but I had the day off to see the doctor, so went for a walk while the sun was shining) we went to the cemetary where Mum is resting.  The photos will be up later.

Exeter Higher Cemetery

Entrance to the Higher CemeteryIt was obvious that the new cemetery would not be sufficient and on 26th May 1866. Higher Cemetery was consecrated by the former Bishop of Colombo the Right Reverend James Chapman, as Bishop Philpott's was indisposed. The turn out was poor as the weather was'very disagreeable'. Robert Veitch and Son were employed to landscape the 6 acres of cemetery, and a lodge and two chapels designed by Edward Ashworth (buried in the cemetery) were built of Heavitree stone. Four and half acres were set aside for the established church and one and a half for dissenters. Higher Cemetery contains two War Memorials, one oval shaped the First World War in front of one of the chapels and one in the North East corner of the cemetery for the Second World War. There are a number of graves of German airmen, shot down over England, as well as servicemen from Southern Rhodesia, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand and Poland. By the Long Valley Path there can be found three rows of graves of victims of the Exeter blitz on the 24th April the 4th May and the 30th December 1942. See World War Memorials for all the war memorials including those in Higher Cemetery.

Well it looks like I will have to go back as I didn't get to see all the famous sites ... watch this space!
23rd-Jan-2016 03:16 pm - Charlemagne Bolivar Icons
Charlemagne Bolivar
At last I have completed another set of 20 icons. I have made them for episodes20in20 ... and if I am going to pick an episode, then it has to be one with James in, doesn't it?

So, these are from Andromeda 2.09 Into the Labyrinth. I enjoy the early series, but this episode truly has to be the best (I wonder why?!!!)

Here are my 3 teasers -

 photo Cat 2_zpslz8tmrzd.jpg      photo Sideways_zpsydgcawod.jpg        photo Guest Star_zpsvfkge8pf.jpg

The full set is hereCollapse )
21st-Jan-2016 09:25 pm - I Did It!!!!

First time for over 2 years I managed to get 3 1/2 days of work.

Yes, I am tired, and no, every evening I did nothing and went to bed early .... but it is a huge step forward.

The clinic I was being trained to run is organized, as well .... so, all in all a very good week.

I will try and catch up tomorrow.

19th-Jan-2016 08:12 pm - Daily Bible Reading

As I continue to stroll through Genesis, I had thoughts of our family, both 20+ years ago, as well as last September.

Abraham's son, Isaac, had an arranged marriage that turned out to be a love match.  However his mother had already died, and Isaac had been close to her.  So the comment is that Rebekah moved into his mother's tent, and he was comforted.

I remember seeing Claire and then Brenda become part of our close family, and how they coped.  Then last September I saw how they both supported Nick & Tim.

The Bible speaks of the planning of this match, but reminds me how special family can be.

I am thankful to be part of a close family.

17th-Jan-2016 02:42 pm - Daily Bible Reading
I know I haven't posted daily, but have read the Bible.  As I was ill for a few days I only read a few verses then, as my brain goes fuzzy.  So not as far on as I had expected.

Anyway -

The start of Genesis 21 is a lovely reminder for me ...
"God did ... what He promised, ... at the very time God had set".

So often I wonder why things happen (or don't), but I have to remember that God sees the whole picture, not just the day I am actually thinking about.
13th-Jan-2016 09:11 pm - Now I Have Heard Everything

Back at work today, after 4 days spent in bed with a chest viral infection (again)

Anyway one of the patients, told us that he refused to take the pills he was prescribed ... he didn't like the name of them.

For someone in their 30's the reason seemed totally bizarre

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